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Source: European Parliament

Purse seine vessel owners and the Chair of the Kavala prefectural purse seine fishery organisation have registered complaints regarding the lack of any control over the activities and methods of Turkish fishermen and the rules followed by them. For example, while Greek fishermen use 800-metre nets in line with EU legislation, the nets used by Turkish fishermen are generally 1 900 metres in length. Furthermore, they are fishing in waters situated three to four miles off the Greek island coasts, including the coast of Thasos, using nets with a 4 mm mesh that do not allow fry to escape and indiscriminately reducing northern Aegean fish stocks year by year as a result. In other words, Turkish fishermen are comprehensively infringing EU maritime protection provisions.

 In view of this:

Can the Commission say what action the EU will take to protect the northern Aegean marine heritage and ensure compliance with European maritime protection provisions?

What measures will the Commission take to protect Greek fishermen and conserve the northern Aegean from unregulated fishing activities by Turkey?

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