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Visitors of the zoo can watch the newly made parents and baby on the territory of the exposition “the Night world” in the pavilion “House of primates”.

In the Moscow zoo first born cub of rare Bolivian mirikini. This species is listed in the International Red book. Over the last ten years the number of animals continues to decline steadily.

Bolivian night monkey appeared in the Metropolitan zoo in may last year. Nine-year-old male and females are four and two years old was brought from Riga. Previously, this species was not represented in the collection of the Moscow zoo. The animals were placed in a spacious enclosure of the exposition “the Night world”, located on the lower tier of the pavilion “House of primates”. In the aviary, dimmed lights, simulating dusk. In such conditions the night monkeys feel comfortable and secure.

Offspring with mirikini was born in mid-December, but the zoologists for a long time couldn’t see it: caring parents hid the baby, cradling him to her.

“It’s only been six months since Bolivian monkeys moved to the Moscow zoo, but our experts managed to create for them comfortable conditions and to obtain the first offspring. According to our experts, the cub weighs about 200 grams. However, to examine it is not yet possible, as it may cause a lot of stress as the baby and his parents. Visitors to the zoo can already observe the development of a baby in the territory of the exposition “the Night world”. Most of the time he spends on the back of his father. A curious fact about the Bolivian mirikini: the main concern for the offspring of these apes, it falls on the male. The father cares for kids, wear them myself, and the mother only returns at feeding time,” — said Svetlana Akulov, General Director of the Moscow zoo.

At the Bolivian night monkeys are European stud book. Metropolitan zoo now participates in its completion.

Bolivian mirikini monogamous, they form a pair for life. If one partner dies, the other may take time to grieve and even refuse to eat. Usually these animals live in small groups of four to eight individuals. Among them is a breeding pair and their offspring of different ages. The baby, who was born to a pair of miritini in the future will go to one of the leading foreign zoos and become part of the reserve populations of the species.

In the nature of the Bolivian night monkeys can be found in the tropical forests of Peru, Brazil and Bolivia. Minikini unusual appearance: tiny ears, huge eyes, small nose and a long fluffy tail. The eyes occupy a large part of the muzzle, they allow you to see well in the dark. In addition, to focus in night monkeys helps thin the hearing. They rely on him during the hunt.

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Mirikini only active in the evening and at night. In the morning and during the day they prefer to sleep, sitting in tree holes or other shelters. Thanks to night lifestyle mirikini can avoid tropical predators such as ocelots and jaguars. Primates of other species living in the neighbourhood, sleep at night, so mirikini usually no competitors in search of food. However, they are often harassed by the larger Capuchins that make mirikini to leave the trees with ripe fruits. But even from this situation, tricky monkeys figured out that in order to stay ahead of the competition, many of the fruits they eat are still green. Primates also gladly eat small lizards, insects, bird eggs.

The size of the adult reaches 29 to 40 inches in length, and the weight rarely exceeds one kilogram. Luxurious tail monkeys may be longer than the body and reach 45 inches. It helps the animals to balance when jumping. The fur colour of primates can range from silvery grey to brown. Face adults always covered with white fur, and on his forehead there is a dark wedge-shaped pattern.

Bolivian night monkey can produce a multitude of sounds, like a cat meowing, dog barking or even growling Jaguar. To vary voice range allows animals Gular pouch is extended and the trachea.

The number of Bolivian mirikini reduced due to the destruction of tropical forests. Monkeys often become victims of poachers: because of the unusual appearance fans of exotic I want to make these animals Pets. However mirikini bad tamed.

Last year in the Moscow zoo were born more than one thousand young. Among them Kaffir horned crows, serophene trumpeters, the Humboldt penguin, dikdik Kirk, East European lynx, Dagestan goat, crocodile newts and other animals. The kids have also emerged from the Sumatran orangutans, blue sheep, Mexican Dosumov, seals, and linkworthy macaques.

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