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A scene from the movie “Proxima”. Directors Alice Vinokur. 2019

Chris Evans raises a rebellion in dystopian train Director “Parasites”, Eva green is preparing to go into space, and Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are mired on a terrible island.

Fans movie discuss the nomination for “Oscar”, which was announced a few days ago. Most of them are from “the Joker” Todd Phillips, in his back breathing “1917”, “Irish” and “One day in Hollywood…”. The “Lighthouse” Robert Eggers nominations less, but this subtle psychological horror can be viewed on the big screen today. Also in hire leaves a film about a strong woman astronaut with Eva green, the film makers of “1 1” about the teenage autistic and a magnificent dystopia PON Joon-Ho snow piercer. Fans of family sitcoms is to see “Little miss Doolittle” on the adventures of a redheaded girl.

“Lighthouse”, Director Robert Eggers (2019). Canada, USA, 18

The action takes place in the late nineteenth century. Two men are on watch at the lighthouse, located on a deserted island. Former lumberjack Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson) is here as the inspector’s assistant, so he gets all the dirty work. Trained guy more experienced lame and bearded Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe). The more time passes, the worse it gets the heroes: they are slowly killing themselves with alcohol and gradually go crazy, and on the island of strange things are happening.

Robert Eggers is known for the horror film “the Witch,” friendship with Ari Aster (another master of horror films) and a special style. In his films the action is very slow, pulling the nerves to the limit, and good with a little psychiatry. This is what “the lighthouse”, which attracted queues at the Cannes film festival and nominated for “Oscar” for the best work of the operator (Jarin Blaschke). The painting is distinguished by the bright formal solutions such as black-and-white photography and frame format — almost square frame, characteristic strips of the 1920s- early 1930s years.

“Proxima”, directed by Alice Vinokur (2019). France, Germany, 16

Alice Vinokur chose the original way to make a film on the theme of space. The main character, astronaut Sara (Eva green) never falls into the Universe for 107 minutes of screen time, but diligently preparing for the mission “Proxima” at the Baikonur cosmodrome. By the way, the crew has really been to the spaceport and talked to these astronauts.

In parallel with the preparations for the flight Sarah tries to devote time to his beloved daughter, who remained in the care of the father, but comes to visit her mother. The picture, of course, feminist: a female astronaut is not only going to the stars, but in the end is freed from the guilt of the daughter, remaining on the ground, and the girl, in turn, becomes independent and takes the first steps on the path of growing up. Men in the film, too, is — the head of the crew (Matt Dillon) or a Russian cosmonaut, but they are secondary. Appears in the frame and lovely Sandra Hyuller (“Toni Erdmann”). And also a lot of Russian speech, which is actually logical for strips about space. In Russian several times says even Eva green, but with a French accent.

“Special” Directors Olivier nakache and Eric Toledano (2019). France, 12

A couple of Nakache and Toledano gave the world “1 1”, funny, witty and touching story on a difficult topic. This time, they tackle more complicated material and talked about children and adolescents with autism. The main characters in the movie Bruno (Vincent Cassel) and Malik (Reda Kateb) many years working with these guys for many have become the last hope. Nakache and Toledano have paid attention not only to specific heroes, but also social workers, volunteers and doctors in General. The film starred a lot of non-professional actors, including adolescents with autism.

Difficult and sad subject, the filmmakers reveal the humor, so even impressionable viewers have nothing to fear. The picture closed the Cannes film festival and is loved by many critics.

“Through the snow”, Director Pont Chung Ho (2013). South Korea, Czech Republic, 18

“Parasites” pona Joon Ho won the Cannes, millions of viewers and has received six nominations for “Oscar”, including “Best film, Best Director and Best original screenplay”. Meanwhile, before the Russian finally got another audacious and witty film is a brilliant Korean — “Through the snow”.

In the near future — in 2031 — because of the technogenic catastrophe the Earth has entered a new ice age. Survivor was in a long train, which repeatedly sweeps around the planet. Gathered here are women, men, children, traitors, fanatics, scoundrels and heroes. Passengers are distributed on the train the tickets already purchased elite in the head, behind them, middling, and tail of the gathered the most poor. Among them — the bearded Curtis (Chris Evans), who with a few brave souls rise up and will break through the endless train to the illusory justice. The film also starred ed Harris, Tilda Swinton, Jamie bell, Octavia Spencer and one of my favorite actors Pont Zhong Ho song Kang-Ho (“Parasites”, “memories of murder”). In the ribbon-based on the eponymous graphic novel, which the Director has read voraciously and decided to film really changed.

“Little miss Doolittle”, directed by Joachim Masannek (2018). Germany, 6

Family Comedy German Joachim Masannek talks about a red-haired cheerful girl with an unusual gift. Lillian can communicate with animals. Sometimes this communication is for animals to fall problems, and good Lillian promises not to use your gift. But when the girl learns that the animals from a local zoo in danger, she breaks the floor and rushes to their aid. And then — a lot of adventures, dangers and victories. The film will appeal not only to children but also for adults, who are anxious to return to childhood for a while.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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