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Source: US State of Missouri

Familiar legislation returns to committee in the Missouri Senate. Among these is a measure that returns from a few years ago. Senator David Sater of Cassville sponsors Senate Bill 524, which would require the Missouri Department of Social Services to apply for a global waiver for MO HealthNet

“The last two years, I have not, because I wasn’t getting the right signals from the federal government,” Sen. Sater said. “That they would be acceptable for this particular type of program. But, now they are.”

But, some Missouri senators still have questions about the proposal. During the committee hearing, Sen. Jill Schupp of Creve Coeur mentions how thousands of Missourians have been cut from Medicaid

“Think we can do those things under the current system,” Sen. Schupp said. “I’m not sure how the block grant moves us forward, in terms of healthy outcomes.”

The Missouri Senate Seniors, Families and Children Committee has not yet taken action on Senate Bill 524.