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Source: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – Report:

President Ashraf Ghani met with Niels Annen, the German State Minister at the Federal Foreign Office today evening at the Presidential Palace.

President Ghani thanked Germany for its political and military support as well as the German development institutions assistances including GTZ. The president paid tribute to the sacrifices of German forces in Afghanistan within the framework of Resolute Support mission and expressed gratitude to Germany for playing a significant role in Afghanistan peace process and facilitation of dialogues.

Minister Niels Annen said the German delegation is in Afghanistan to get a clear picture of the overall situation, peace process and other developments in Afghanistan and to renew Germany’s commitment to support and cooperate with Afghanistan.

President Ghani articulated that the Afghan government is pursuing a national and comprehensive peace plan and said all Afghan demographics including Ullama – Islamic clerics – women and youth have consensus on ending conflict and achieving a dignified and sustainable peace.”

The president stressed an Afghan-led and owned peace process and said peace is the top priority and a milestone of the government and people of Afghanistan.  He underlined that dialogue, direct negotiations between the Government and the Taliban and ceasefire are the essential components of peace process.

The president said various factors such as dealing with terrorists safe havens in the region, disconnecting ties between Taliban and other terrorist networks as well as countering narcotics and illicit economy can contribute to establishing peace in Afghanistan, underlining that the government is working with the countries in the region to build regional consensus on peace.

The president said the Afghan government is working closely with the United States, Germany and other allies to put an end to the four-decade conflict in the country.

President Ghani said terrorism still threatens Afghanistan, the region and the world and underscored that the Afghan Defense and Security forces have paid sacrifices not only for the security of Afghanistan, but that of the entire world.

He called narcotics a big menace not only for Afghanistan, but the world and said Afghanistan remains committed to fighting terrorism and continues to counter the phenomenon together with its allies.

President Ashraf Ghani iterated that the Afghan forces capability have broken the stalemate and shifted to an offensive posture.

Minister Niels Annen attached importance to the role women can play in the peace process and expressed satisfaction over the progress that Afghanistan has made. He once again expressed his country’s support for peace, reforms and democratic processes in Afghanistan.

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