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Source: European Parliament

In 2011, EU pre-accession funding totalling of EUR 3 600 000 was channelled into a sewerage system for the Rânca tourist resort located close to Novaci and Baia de Fier in the Romanian county of Gorj. However, the project, which was completed seven years ago, has failed to function from day one. Notwithstanding the serious problems encountered in the course of the works, the sewerage system was delivered and signed for in 2011 without an environmental permit having been issued and without any formal agreement with local residents regarding terms of use. Drain covers have been destroyed and wrongly assembled pipes have become clogged up. The sewage treatment plant is not functioning at all and any incoming effluent is simply discharged into the forest without any form of direct filtration. As a result, a project that appears on paper to be a success is in reality an ecological disaster.

What action can the Commission take to ensure compliance by a Member State with European law in cases where individual citizens are not in a position to initiate legal proceedings or where national authorities refuse to cooperate with OLAF investigations into the misuse of European funding?

What assistance can the Commission provide for European citizens seeking to take action regarding EU-funded projects that fail to function? What reforms will the Commission introduce when it comes to monitoring the correct use of European funding?

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