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Ecological action will take place in 10 parks and reserves.

On 18 and 19 January specialists Mospeada will hold the winter waterfowl on the ponds in Moscow the all-Russian action “a Grey Neck — 2020”. Her goal is to see what types of birds winter in the capital, to collect data on changes in their population and habitats. This is one of the indicators of ecological situation in the city and state of water bodies.

Count the remaining for wintering waterfowl on the ponds natural areas specialists will work together with representatives of public organizations, volunteers and students. Everyone will be able to help the ornithologists to collect data on the number of birds, as well as to get acquainted with the avifauna of the Moscow parks and take photos and sketches.

To comfortably watch birds and keep a record, you need to dress comfortably and for the weather, bring a camera, binoculars (if available), soft pencil and a Notepad. Participants will need to record the following data:

— date, time and place of the observations, including the address and the name of the reservoir

— the beginning and end of the route

— the weather on the day of observation

— the area of the reservoir, the length and width of the section of the river

— ice conditions

— the number and location of birds of different species, number of males and females

— the behavior of the birds, their relationship to the person

— name and surname of the observer, email address or telephone number.

The results of the accounting will summarize and send to the organizers of the action “a Grey Neck — 2020”.

Where and when will the winter bird census

18 Jan

Natural area “Kuzminki-Lublin”

10:00 experts will be the route from the Bottom Lublin pond through the Upper Lyublinsky pond, the floodplain of the river Korelichi, Sibaisky pond Pike pond, Lower and Upper Kuzminki ponds. The gathering place — at metro station “Volga”, the output from the first carriage from the center in Krasnodonskaya street. Detailed information can be obtained by phone: 7 (499) 557-03-48. The event is recommended for adults and children older than five years.

The landscape reserve “Teply Stan”

Participants will count birds on the Big Troparevsky pond. Gathering at the entrance to the reserve (street of Academician Vinogradova, 12). Additional information can be obtained by phone: 7 (495) 336-35-38. To participate in the event is adults and children over six years.

19 Jan

Natural area “the Valley of the river Setun”

The census of wintering waterfowl on the river Setun will be held at 08:30. The gathering place — Ryabinovaya street, the house 8, building 1, next to the bus stop “the 93rd district Kuntsevo”. Can participate everyone, regardless of age.

The landscape reserve “the Valley of the Skhodnya river in Kurkino”

Here are the winter records will be held at 09:00. Everyone experts Mospeada will have to wait at: Novogorskie street, building 37. Detailed information can be obtained by phone: 7 (499) 557-03-48. The event is recommended for adults and children older than five years.

Natural-historical Park “Ostankino”

The event will start at 10:00 at the rotunda on the Yauza. The gathering place — at home 40 on the street Menzhinsky. Get detailed information and register for the event by phone: 7 (499) 477-11-97. Everyone can participate over the age of seven.

Natural territory “Bittsevsky wood”

At 10:00 a.m. participants will meet at the outside Top of the sign of the pond (36th kilometer of the Moscow ring road) and going along the route of the Bitsa river. Look for birds will be at the Top of the sign, the Mill, the Big Znamensky ponds, the pond an Old Bitsa, and Kachalovsky ponds. Information can be obtained by phone: 7 (499) 452-00-22. The event is recommended for children older than seven years.

Natural-historical Park “Kosinsky”

The participants will gather to count birds at 10:00 on the bridge over the river Rudnivka, (in front of the house 10 on the street Medvedev).

Natural-historical Park “Izmailovo”

The winter allowance will begin at 10:00. Meeting place — Big Kupavensky travel, bus stop “ulitsa Magnitogorskaya” from the Izmailovo Park.

Kryukovsky forest Park

A journey along the river Skhodnya will begin at 10:00. Participants will gather at the housing 1201 in 12-m microdistrict of Zelenograd. Additional information can be obtained by phone: 7 (499) 735-55-56. The event is recommended for adults and children older than five years.

Natural area “Moskvoretsky”

Environmental event will begin at 11:00. The campaign will be a tour in the Strogino Cape, staff Mospeada tell about animal life in winter. The meeting place is the street Isakovsky (opposite building 33, at the monument to “self-propelled gun SU-100”). Will be able to participate, adults and children older than three years.

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