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The latest rescue equipment submariner “SSP-M” has no analogues in the world, used in the ostentatious training of divers in scientific research Institute of rescue and submarines Military Training and Research Center of the Navy in Lomonosov, in the framework of the events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of this important structural institution of the Russian Navy.

The equipment has no analogues in the world, and are designed to provide an independent exit of divers from the emergency compartments of the submarine. The equipment of “SSP-M”. it has been successfully tested in laboratory and sea conditions, “SSP-M” allows to provide rescue from depths up to 200 meters by the method of free ascent.

The specialists of the Scientific research Institute of rescue and undersea technologies in the Russian Navy during the flashy workout was developed element of the exit through the torpedo tube of a submarine the experimental group of the Institute using the latest rescue equipment submariner “SSP-M” and other types of equipment.

“SSP-M” is designed for self-rescue of personnel from emergency submarine with the method of free ascent, exit buerau as well as by means of the search and rescue operations of the Navy from depths up to 200 meters.

Advantage of the new rescue equipment “SSP-M” on the existing equipment of “SSP” is the ability to use the equipment without breathing apparatus at the exit from emergency submarine with a complete set of “SSP-M” hermetically sealed “hood”.

The new equipment of “SSP-M” no parachute system, which was previously provided by the deceleration of a free ascent of the submariner, and has impressive dimensions. Safety rescue diver is provided by the increase in the rate of compression (increase of pressure) and the speed of free ascent, which minimizes the time spent saving under increased pressure.

“SSP-M” is a completely domestic development. It was developed by Moscow enterprise “CAMPO” and has superiority over the foreign analogues. The equipment allows to leave the emergency submarine not only through the escape hatch, but also through other gateway device, torpedo tubes and a sound control room of the submarine. In the “SSP-M” submariners can be rescued from the compartments of the submarine, which is under high pressure.

Specialists of the research Institute of rescue and undersea technologies, which in January celebrates 75 years, take an active part in works on creation of new equipment, the implementation of deep-sea diving and salvage work, interact with other Federal Executive authorities and the enterprises of the industry.

With the direct participation of the personnel of the Institute have developed a rescue and deep-sea remotely operated vehicles

The Institute developed and implemented for raising sunken objects. With the use of the new lifting and transport pontoons secured the navigation of ships of new projects on the Volga-Baltic canal.

Under the direct supervision of the Institute created the safety equipment of the submarine of new generation “SSP-M” has no analogues in the world, allowing for the rescue of personnel from depths up to 200 meters.

Specialists of the Institute shall supervise the modernization of the deep-sea rescue vehicles project “Bester” and “Priz”. Work continues on the creation of the rescue device submarines of the 4th generation.

The Institute takes an active part in the programs of international military cooperation on search and rescue activities and assistance at liquidation of accidents and disasters.

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