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Dear Abulaziz Hafizovic,

Mr Bakhtier Anvarovich,

Dear friends,

First of all a happy New year.

Very happy to be here today at the event, which is held in the context of the opening of a branch of the University in the capital of Uzbekistan. I am pleased to speak to students, faculty members, headed by a graduate of our Institute B. A. Islamov. It is clear that the opening of the branch, MGIMO is a very important step in our foreign policy cooperation in the field of education, the coordination of our actions. It also reflects the growing and actively supported by the President of Uzbekistan sh. M. Mirzieev the interest in the Russian language and education. As I understand it, you now have eight branches of Russian universities. This is not the limit. Today in the course of our conversation, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan sh. M. Mirziyoev said that plans to open several more branches of Russian universities. We will be very actively cooperate in these endeavors.

Last year, the University celebrated the 75th anniversary. During these three quarters of a century he had been a formed a truly unique scientific and pedagogical school. I am sure that you will continue the glorious traditions of preparing highly qualified international specialists on a wide range of sectors, primarily of course for the diplomatic service, but not only for her, because MGIMO graduates are in demand in other areas of government activity, and private business.

Efforts to train such specialists are especially in demand, as today the value of diplomacy, the ability to negotiate increases dramatically. I would like to remind you that in the modern world is undergoing tectonic processes that are associated with the continuing redistribution of the global balance of power and the formation of a fundamentally new, more democratic and pluralistic multipolar world order. There are new centers of economic growth, financial power, political influence in the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America and Africa, which is called the continent of the future, whose potential has not even begun to use. I am sure that this is a long historical era, which will take time, but it is an objective process and can not stop it.

Western countries – as they say, the “historical West” dominated the world for probably at least five centuries. This era is a thing of the past. Need to share power and influence, we need to agree with the new strong players. Unfortunately, our Western colleagues are trying to slow down these processes, trying to preserve their dominant position, but life forces still act according to the objective tendencies of world development, and not based on any one-sided geopolitical units. Today, simultaneously with these processes, and the need to develop forms of collaboration and communication increases the need for a qualitatively new level of trust and coordination in all of these leading global players to respond to the most urgent challenges and threats today are of a transboundary nature. They are not to hide in the national boundaries, not walls no fence: terrorism, drug trafficking and other forms of organized crime, kiberprestupniki, which now requires the development of new innovative approaches in order not to allow it to cause enormous damage to all countries of the world, not to mention that the traditional question of how the risk of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. By the way, these threats and risks is added the problem of climate change. To solve all this can only collectively and under a “single roof” of the UN, on the solid basis of its Charter and other universally applicable international law.

From a position of respect for each other, equality, seeking a balance of interests, develop a culture of compromise and consensus working enterprises involving Russian Federation, Uzbekistan is the CIS and the SCO. From the same position Russia is in BRICS and in the triangle of Russia, India and China, which we called RICK. In the same row and referred to the “Group of twenty”, which a few years ago and the formation of the mechanism of its summits reflected the understanding of the West need to abandon attempts to impose its will in the global economy and to negotiate with the new centres of power. As you know, in the “Group of twenty” is presented by “Group of seven” that tried to single-handedly lead the global economic and financial processes, the BRICS countries and a number of other growing economies of the developing world, which on matters of principle, are the supporters of the five BRICS. Of course, the Group of twenty increasingly becoming a forum for political debate, allowing him to bring large influential countries, which are currently not included in the UN security Council.

The need for political coordination improved and improved, of course, is obvious, in the conditions when, unfortunately, reckless, directly call them, our American colleagues and their immediate allies has led to disastrous consequences in the middle East. Destroyed Iraq, who are now struggling to restore his integrity and ability to establish in this country a normal life. Was destroyed Libya. There is far more to the statehood of this country was restored. The same attempt was made in Syria. But in response to the request of the legitimate Government of the SAR, the Russian Federation provided, I believe, very effective assistance to the Syrian people in combating the threat of global terrorism, which is now withdrawn. Remains to solve some of the more particular problems. We helped the Syrian people to defend its statehood. I think it should be a good example of how in future to prevent such aggressive, reckless attempts to decide the fate of entire regions of the ocean, and from any other place on Earth.

Significant damage to strategic stability causes the situation around Iran, which reached crisis proportions after unilateral and arbitrary U.S. withdrawal from the Joint comprehensive plan of action to resolve the Iranian nuclear program (SVPD) and from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty), which became, in fact, the reason for the collapse of this important document in the sphere of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and created a very tense situation in the context of arms control, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and arms control, especially nuclear.

We also see how attempts to use methods of unfair competition – it is in the economic sphere. Beyond the group of twenty, world Trade Organization (WTO), Washington is still trying to impose their approaches. It inhibits the activities of the WTO, where the US position could not operate the mechanism for resolving disputes. Meanwhile, our American colleagues are trying bilaterally to impose their solutions to world problems, do not hesitate to actively use protectionism, unilateral and illegitimate economic sanctions, openly abusing the status of the dollar.

It seems to me that after all the future is not these methods of shopping and other wars, including direct “hot war”, and for methods of establishing cooperation in the rejection of the dictates and threats, from games with zero sum. As I said, you need to foster the values of dialogue, consensus and mutual respect. The only way to move on the path of search for a truly sustainable, rather than short-term, designed for some political events and electoral cycles, solutions to global problems.

We now introduce such forms of multilateral diplomacy, as the Astana process. Russia, Turkey and Iran are actively engaged in the settlement of the Syrian crisis, and not only from the point of view of stabilization of the situation on the ground, but in terms of launching the political process. Started to work of the constitutional Committee. This work is ongoing. It is no coincidence that the Astana process attracts the attention of other countries. States such as Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon are observers in this multilateral structure. Thus, when we appeal to the Syrian, the Libyan or any other international issue, we do not force anyone to do anything against the will and never not imposing anything on anybody.

We conduct a foreign policy that is focused on pragmatism, on the search for realistic solutions, not on the nomination of the loud initiative of focusing on the immediate propaganda effect, but not bearing the specific steps for a particular solution to a given situation. Our initiatives aim at uniting the efforts and capabilities of various States. For example, in this direction is the initiative of forming a “Big Eurasian partnerships”, which the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin put forward at the summit Russia-ASEAN in may 2016. It is expected that this partnership should integrate the capabilities of member countries of the EAEU, SCO and ASEAN. Similarly, we proposed a collective approach to the harmonization of General principles of strengthening non-proliferation regimes for nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. In this area there are also many problems associated with the attempts of our Western colleagues to “crush” any verification procedures, and their unwillingness to transparently consider the issues in these areas arise.

Of course, we, like any other normal country, want to have a friendly external environment, good neighborliness and constructive cooperation with all foreign partners in all formats and in all geographical areas, with the understanding that the part of our colleagues there is a counter desire.

We are therefore very satisfied with the way that Russia and the Central Asian countries are bound by relations of Alliance and strategic partnership based on the principles of international law, respect and consideration of each other’s interests, the search of balance of interests in considering any issues.

This, of course, fully applies to our Alliance and strategic partnership with Uzbekistan. We have a steadily growing turnover. Our leaders have set the task to reach the level of 10 billion dollars.USA. We are now probably reached somewhere half that amount. Upcoming events, including a meeting of the intergovernmental Commission on economic cooperation, designed to outline specific steps to accomplish the presidents objectives.

We have large joint projects in power engineering, including nuclear, to engineering. The total volume of Russian investments in the economy of Uzbekistan now exceeds $ 9 billion.USA, employs more than 1,700 enterprises with participation of Russian capital.

We work closely in various multilateral platforms, including the UN, CIS, which is now Uzbekistan currently chairs the SCO. These relationships are really deep and very effective.

We believe that the CIS fully justifies its purpose as a structure on the post-Soviet space, where new States can discuss any questions. I believe that the unifying potential of the Commonwealth as yet not fully disclosed. We share the designated priorities of Uzbekistan in the framework of its chairmanship in the CIS this year. Ready to render assistance in the implementation of these priorities.

We attach great importance to the joint work within the SCO. Advocate for active cooperation between Uzbekistan and such entities as the EAEC and the CSTO. Today we talked about this with President of Uzbekistan sh. M. Mirzieev and my colleague, foreign Minister A. H. Kamilov.

The Eurasian economic Union is developing quite rapidly and successfully. Created common markets of goods, services, capital and labour. Increasing international contacts with third countries. Have signed Agreements on free trade zone with Vietnam, Singapore, Serbia. Signed Agreements with Iran and China. Negotiations with Israel, Egypt and many other countries, including from Latin America, and international integration associations, including ASEAN. We are strengthening ties between the SCO and the EAEC.

We are in useful dialogue with Uzbek friends about the forms in which it would be possible effectively to establish practical cooperation with the EAEU.

Dear friends,

This year we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war. Our people shoulder to shoulder fought against fascism, together with other peoples of the Soviet Union made a decisive contribution to the liberation of Europe and the world from the horrors of fascism. The victory laid the foundations for the modern architecture of international security, including the establishment of the United Nations. The principles of the Charter of the Organization intact. Any, and there will be many, reform of international organizations and relations with all the innovations must inevitably rely on these principles, which have universal value and are recognized by all countries of the world.

We must cherish the memory of the heroism of our fathers and grandfathers, not to let anyone rewrite history, to question the results of world war II and, especially, to justify the crimes of the Nazis and their accomplices. Of course, you should not attempt to revise the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal. Such active enough attempts we are now seeing in a number of countries, including, unfortunately, in the countries of the European Union, who constantly present themselves as a model of democracy. The trend is very dangerous, it is necessary to fight and hinder it.

We are waiting for our dear guests to the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war on may 9 of this year. Of course, waiting for our friends from Uzbekistan. I am sure that this Great Feast will be celebrated in Moscow, Tashkent and other cities of our countries. I know that now in Tashkent recreated Victory Park. I hope that we will be able to participate in the opening ceremony.

In conclusion, I would like to wish the students success in their studies. You have to ensure the continuity of our foreign policy cooperation, first of all, the foreign policy of the state and, of course, I hope to participate in the formation, deepening, development of the agenda of the Russian-Uzbek Alliance. I hope that the knowledge, experience and skills that you will acquire the branch of the University, will help you in all your endeavours.

Thank you very much. Ready to answer your questions.

To be continued…

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