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British born saw the world in black and white, but with the help of implanted antennas learned to hear color.

Open lecture of the world’s first officially recognized human cyborg Neil Harbisson, “I hear the colors” was held in the Assembly “Healthy Moscow”. The hall was full: Muscovites and guests of the capital lined up, wanting to see the man of the future implanted in the head antenna.

British artist and activist was born with a disease because of which he could distinguish only shades of gray. However, he was able to expand its capacity of perception of the world. The young man implanted in the brain is an antenna, through which it has the ability to hear colors.

Neil Harbisson shared with people the story of how became the most famous cyborg in the world. He was able to get permission to be photographed on the passport with the antenna in the head and proved that he could not live without her.

“Even if you are color-blind, you can’t ignore them. Ordinary people constantly mention them in everyday life: yellow pages, Red cross, green tea, brown sugar, pink Panther, blue cheese. Is Greenland that is “green country”, and in Moscow — Red square. The color is mentioned in so many combinations that it is impossible to ignore,” said Neil Harbisson.

In search of a solution to your problem young man became interested in the theory of Newton that every shade has its own frequency of vibration as sound.

“But the Newton was not a technology that can recognize the vibration of colors. So 16 years ago I decided to create a system that would hear them. In 2003-2004 it was a webcam, which determined vibration of colors, the computer slowed down and I could hear them through the headphones”, he said.

Neil Harbisson learned the sound of each color, then decided to go beyond the visible spectrum and also to distinguish between the invisible ultraviolet and infrared radiation. As a result, when he built his system of perception of the world, decided to create a new organ implanted in the skull antenna, which would allow me to hear colours. The operation was conducted an anonymous surgeon.

Antenna Harbisson gives a really unique opportunity. The implant is connected to the Internet and cyborg can get colors from other parts of the world, even from space. In 2014, Harbisson was connected to the ISS and heard the look of the space. In the future this technology could allow, for example, to explore outer space without physical human presence on orbit.

“In the near future, in 2020-ies, the Internet will be used not only as a system of communication, but also as an opportunity to expand sensory perception,” — said Neil Harbisson.

Now the young man doesn’t know the difference between your brain and the software and therefore identificeret himself as a cyborg. He considers himself a product of technology, cross-species creature. In 2010, Neil Harbisson became one of the founders of Cyborg Foundation, which aims to help everyone to become cyborgs, to protect their rights and promote their art.

The lecture Neil Harbisson also told about the fundamental rights, which, in his opinion, should have people-cyborgs. The first is the right to freedom of morphology. Everyone has the right to decide what feelings and of the technologies themselves to implement. The second organic right to naturalization. People need to understand that, for example, the antenna is the body part of the body. Third — freedom from attempts by others to remove the implant. This should be regarded not as property damage, and as the infliction of bodily harm. Fourth — the right to protection from hacking.

“Connecting to the Internet means anyone can hack in and send to color without my permission. If someone will do it, I’ll be physically hacked. Once I got hacked, and I even liked it, but there should be laws that protect us from physical and hacker attacks,” explained Harbisson.

And finally, the right to equality of men and cyborgs. No one should have superiority over others.

Neil Harbisson convinced that the development of new implants will help to make a breakthrough in medicine and will give people the opportunity to restore some body functions. For example, already have development in the form of the tooth, which helps to communicate with Morse code. It can help to communicate paralyzed people, who have not lost the mobility of the jaws.

At the Assembly of “Healthy Moscow” was awarded the best young doctorsMoscow will soon be equipped with portable ultrasound machines

Assembly “Healthy Moscow” from 16 to 19 January in pavilion 75 VDNH. To take part in it are the specialists, and residents and guests of the capital. The detailed program can be found on the website “Healthy Moscow”. Participation is free, but need pre-registration.

The Assembly will take place over 90 discussions and expert sessions, 14 public lectures and meetings with international experts. The program covers almost all areas of modern medicine.

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