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Source: European Parliament

The organisation Open Doors reports that the persecution of Christians around the world reached alarming levels in 2019.

This is mainly due to Islamic oppression, under which anybody born into an Islamic family who then subsequently converts to Christianity becomes a second-class citizen and a target for discrimination and violence. The situation is even worse for women.

India figures for the first time among the 10 countries where Christians are most at risk. Hindus carrying out attacks in India are not punished. China has also risen up the list, having restricted religious rights yet again. Lastly, Vietnam, Myanmar, China and North Korea all exercise extremely strict controls over freedom of worship. 

That said, in view of the Commission’s pro-Islam attitude, can it answer the following questions:

What is the rationale for this integration, to the detriment of our Christian roots (the abolition of the word ‘Christmas’ from Parliament’s website is symptomatic)?

Will it take steps, and of what sort, to protect Christians in Europe and worldwide?

How does it plan to ensure that a balance is struck between integration and freedom of worship?

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