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Source: Republic of Greece – Foreign Affairs

In today’s meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council we had a detailed discussion of Libya. I had the opportunity to express the Greek government’s stance and to characterize the Berlin Conclusions as an initial positive step. Positive because it confirms the will of all sides to seek a political solution, and positive because it reiterates the need to impose the embargo on arms entering Libya. Of course, it is only a first step. The outcome is still to be seen.

I also had the opportunity to express the Greek side’s dismay, not only at its not being invited to take part in this process, but also – and mainly – because the conclusions did not include express reference to the unanimous decision made by the European Council in December. A decision that is binding for all of us. Especially when the leaders of all the European institutions were present in Berlin. The EU High Representative, Mr. Borrell, assured me that the European Union’s position remains the same: that the memoranda are illegal and that these memoranda are void of content. But I must say that Greece is awaiting the rest of this whole process and expects to be included in the next stages of the Berlin Process.

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