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Source: Republic of Greece – Foreign Affairs

Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Miltiadis Varvitsiotis discussed Turkey’s illegal drilling in the Mediterranean and the results of the Berlin Conference in an interview today on ANT1 TV’s ‘Kalimera Ellada’, with journalist Giorgos Papadakis.

Regarding Turkey’s illegal drilling, and commenting on Turkey’s stance on Greece, Mr. Varvitsiotis noted that the Turkish President has recently shown increased nervousness in his statements, which is rarely seen in a head of state. Meanwhile, he said, Greece is trying to maintain its composure and serve as a stabilising factor in the region, adding that our country exports security, while Turkey is playing a destabilising role.

Regarding the results of the Berlin Conference, Mr. Varvitsiotis highlighted that Greece demonstrated an intense resolution in the way with which it acted and showed that it cannot be excluded from any developments, underscoring that the Greek government intends to participate actively in any process launched in the future.

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