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Source: European Parliament

In 2018, Italy decreed in a ministerial decree that the Snam compressor station is of public utility and urged its construction on a 12 hectare site in Sulmona (1) .

The municipality is asking for the Apennine sections of the ‘Adriatic network’ to be authorised, for the issue of the integrated environmental authorisation (IEA) for the compression plant’s operation to be refused, for a new environmental impact assessment (EIA) on the Apennine sections of the compression plant and its mega-gas pipeline on the grounds that a EIA without an expiry date is unthinkable, and for the whole project to be subjected to a strategic environmental assessment (SEA).

In Case C-295/10, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that a piece of legislation which provides for automatic variants to a plan without their first being subjected to a SEA is contrary to Directive 2001/42/EC.

The gas pipeline will cross sites of Community interest (SCIs IT7110097, IT5210067, IT5210059, IT5210046 – SPAIT7110128) and is located within a 2 000 metre radius of other SCIs and SPAs. Furthermore, the pipeline’s route takes in three seismic craters, was the scene of fires in 2017 and has been affected by marked changes in the hydro-geographical system.

Can the Commission answer the following questions:

Does it believe a new EIA is necessary, pursuant to Directive 2011/92/EU?

Does it believe the project should be subjected to an SEA (Directive 2001/42/EC)?

Does it believe compliance with the protection guidelines laid down in Directive 92/43/EEC needs to be verified?

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