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Why women choose the military profession and how is their service — in the material

Today celebrate the Day of defender of the Fatherland. Traditionally, February 23, congratulations to all men. However in the army a lot of women, who also bear all the hardships of service, and serve in hot spots. talked with a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, a party fighting a Marina Krasnoy-Earth. She started a military career in the military in Lithuania, and in 28 years, traveled to Kabul to work in the Secretariat of the military Council of the 40th army. The heroine is told, how was the service and how the military profession has an impact on female character.

Not just a woman, a soldier

I graduated from several institutions, and later Academy under the President of Russia (Ranepa. — Approx. I, the child of the teacher’s family, became a military man? Everyone in life is chance and coincidence that do not fit under some reasonable explanation. By chance I was in Lithuania, and the only place I could work was the recruiting office — all correspondence there was conducted in Russian. Discipline is strict and exact observance of order and rules me, born and raised in the Kuban, was like. In the Soviet army we were taught to first think about Home, about friends, about loved ones.

In Sretensky district military registration and enlistment office saw me and sent to the military Commissariat of the Lithuanian SSR assistant chief of the first division, and then was invited to become head of Department in one of the military divisions in Vilnius. The decision of the division commander, I was sent to Riga to teach at one of the military specialties, then seconded to the 40th army, which was stationed in Afghanistan. There I began serving in the Secretariat of the military Council of General Boris Gromov.

During the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan I working documents of the army, was transferred to the advisers. We, 24 EA, remained in Kabul for the implementation of contacts between the Afghan and Soviet sides. Lived in the city center, without protection.

In Kabul, when it withdrew troops, even the Embassy was not women. When we went there, some of the leaders saw me in the window and said, “I do not understand why a woman here?” He replied that it was not just a woman, and soldier.

In Afghanistan during the service I saw only one female Colonel, and the rest were employees of the Soviet army, not the military. But I hardly ever talked due to the large workload. Noticed that much friends people from one city or region, regardless of rank and position, gender and appearance.

I have a male character and habits

As for men, in the army, they are perceived as classmates. Even in school, we may fall in love with some boy from a parallel class, but not from your. Here the situation is the same. You perceive his officers, with whom every day see each other as brothers, relatives.

After Afghanistan — Moscow, marriage with Sergei Earthy — referent of Secretariat of the Central Committee of the CPSU. He was my grandmother’s student, I was in love with him in high school, we grew up in the same yard. Despite my and his characters, we are each other’s perfect fit. We have always had a love, which is associated not only with childhood.

Husband died of cancer 10 years ago. Before that, we had to take two girls from the orphanage — Marina and Catherine.

On the upbringing of children probably reflected in my military history. For example, the youngest daughter always wrote me when her classes ended, I kept any rules. Now, when the girls grew a little, I believe that children need to give more freedom.

Before marriage under my tutelage was the daughter of my very close friend. She, too, became a soldier, serving in the Krasnodar region. Went in my footsteps, you might say, was hard service in Chechnya.

Many people think that I’m soft and feminine, but I have a male character and habits. I love to work with wood, making repairs. Probably at me has also been influenced by the early death of his father, who with me, the oldest child, building a house and making furniture.

The defender of the Fatherland day I always celebrate, mostly to meet friends. Here in Moscow, my boss, Colonel Yuri Ryazantsev, we came out of Kabul among those of 24 people. He’s an older man, sick, but meeting him is always like a breath of fresh air.

On 23 February, which used to be called day of the Soviet army and Navy, became the defender of the Fatherland Day. It is perceived as a male feast and you start to congratulate the boys at school. But this is the professional holiday. I think he also for military families, where, as a rule, worry more about a close person than himself. Sometimes people think in stereotypes, the defender of the Fatherland Day — a holiday of men. I think this is due to the fact that the Russian army is not so much the girls.

Now I also participate in the project “Moscow longevity”. I learned about it from the staff of the center of social service. I was invited to speak, I thought I would talk about the Afghanistan war. Later it turned out that we had to sing or dance at the contest “come on, grandmother.” And I had to participate because I already promised. Whenever possible, try to attend events “Moscow longevity”, the project involves people who have worked, raised children, bright and wise, active and positive people who you can learn a lot.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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