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Source: Hong Kong Information Services

Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Patrick Nip today visited the Islamic Union of Hong Kong and explained the Government’s anti-epidemic measures to ethnic minorities from the union.

Mr Nip also briefed union representatives on the latest infection situation in the city and related health information.

He listened to how the epidemic has impacted their daily lives and handed out leaflets on health education and surgical masks to them.

Mr Nip said that due to the epidemic, members of the public have had difficulties in sourcing masks and noted that the Government has been sending masks donated by various sectors to non-governmental organisations for distribution to underprivileged groups.

He added that the Government will continue to increase the overall supply of surgical masks through a multi-pronged approach.

Additionally, Mr Nip introduced to union representatives a thematic website set up by the Government to enhance the dissemination of epidemic information.

He explained that the website integrates news updates from relevant bureaus and departments and provides the latest updates on COVID-19.

To keep ethnic minorities updated on the latest information, some of the website’s content has been translated into different languages, including Hindi, Nepali, Urdu, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog, Sinhala, Bengali and Vietnamese.

They can also make use of interpretation services provided by the Centre for Harmony & Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents to obtain health information.

Mr Nip said the Government would keep up its efforts in disseminating anti-epidemic information to ethnic minorities and appealed to them to stand together with the Government to fight the epidemic.

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