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Photo: Press service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow. Maxim Mishin

In 2019 in Moscow adopted a new standard clinics. After modernization, the Muscovites will receive quality medical care in modern facilities, and doctors — to work in a comfortable environment. About immediate changes in the material

Bright doctors ‘ offices and more open space, modern equipment for diagnostics and the most demanded professionals — such will be the outpatient clinics after the introduction of the new Moscow standard. Until the end of 2023 will be repaired 135 buildings of clinics. The fixation of the first 50 will be held in the period from 2020 to 2022.

Primary health care will be affordable and better, and the establishments themselves — more comfortable for both patients and doctors. find out what will change for patients in clinics, modernized in accordance with the new standard.

Sergei Sobyanin: Moscow is launching an ambitious program of modernization of health clinics

No. 1: the most demanded professionals — from the therapist to infectious diseases

In developing the new standard, experts have analyzed huge amount of data, in particular stored in the Unified medical information management system (UMIAS) and find out which doctors are most needed, where not enough specialists. It was made up of a single standard physicians for all outpatient clinics.

After the upgrade at each branch will work the doctors of eight of the most popular specialties. This list is the General practitioners (internists), cardiologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, urologists, otolaryngologists and surgeons. All main buildings of the clinics are also taking specialists five narrow areas of allergists-immunologists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, the Coloproctology and infectious disease specialists.

To do this, decided to recruit over 500 doctors in popular specialties.

Get professional help everyone can do, regardless of which area she lives and whether maintained in the Central or branch building.

No. 2: diagnosis according to world standards

The important point of the new standard is the availability of modern diagnostic equipment already at the initial stage of medical care. In the branches of the polyclinic specialists will be able to conduct research with the help of mammography, x-ray, the ultrasound and functional diagnostics. This will allow to diagnose patients in the same medical organization and that is especially important for the elderly, within walking distance.

Moreover, the main buildings are apparatuses and magnetic resonance tomography, bone-density scanner for the study of bone tissue, ultrasound expert class. There will be equipment for monitoring the condition of patients with ischemic heart disease after a heart attack or surgery on the blood vessels of the heart and endoscopic equipment.

No. 3: digitization in hospitals

Today, patients can appreciate the convenience of digitalization in the capital’s healthcare. They can to attach to the clinic and just to see the doctor online. In June the Muscovites unable to test results and also CT scans and MRI email.

A new standard of outpatient clinics includes the expansion of digital opportunities for patients to provide permanent access to their electronic medical records with labs and research. On 14 January the patients of the Moscow clinics in test mode got access to their electronic health records on

Another promising possibility is the introduction of a system to support medical decision — making. One of its elements — batch assignment tests and laboratory tests. When you select a diagnosis, the system offers the physician a minimum package of research that can be expanded. The system can also ensure that the research was conducted within the prescribed period, and to record the patient for examination on a priority basis. In December, 2019 in the four Metropolitan clinics has launched a pilot project on the use of batch appointments.

No. 4: convenient layout and ergonomics

A new standard for Moscow outpatient clinics is not only a modern approach to treatment. Modern is the interior, xenons, zoning. Main principle: the less time for services and a greater flow of patients, the lower floor. On the lower floors will be located the most popular classrooms: duty doctors, blood donation and tests, the issue of sick-lists

Another important point: the routing of patients will be configured in such a way as to divide the flow of healthy and sick people.

In doctors ‘ offices will supply ergonomic furniture for comfortable work chairs, cabinets, tables and chairs. By the way, it was chosen by doctors as the designs.

In clinics will have more open spaces with modern, comfortable furniture in the waiting area will be brighter, and navigation is intuitive. A new approach to zoning in clinics will make it more comfortable and finding patients and doctors.

By the way, in Bibirevo in branch No. 3 of the diagnostic center № 5 exhibition “New Moscow standard clinics”. Her life-size presented to the clinics of General practitioners, handling, waiting area, hallway. The first months to visit the exhibition could health workers, and in March the exposition will be opened to visit in organized groups.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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