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Source: Republic of Greece – Foreign Affairs

“A dynamic foreign policy in a new international normalcy” Greece has recently faced major challenges and responded to them effectively. The unforeseen global pandemic and the situation that took shape in Evros shortly before the arrival of Covid-19, with Turkey’s exploitation of human misery to exert pressure on Greece and Europe, were unprecedented challenges. But we handled them successfully. Thanks to its methodical response, Greece is now seen as a model for management of difficult situations and crises, and as a factor for stability and security for Europe and our wider region. Our country’s improved image is the best passport for promoting Greece’s positions in European and international fora. The pandemic and its repercussions, migration flows and the restructuring of the international economy are issues that require solutions on a global level. Solutions that Greek diplomacy is trying to help shape in collaboration with our partners in the EU, both on the global stage and in the context of all the international organizations in which we participate. With its burnished international image, and cultivating alliances and relations of trust, Greece is picking up where it left off before the pandemic. We are endeavouring to further deepen our cooperation with our European family and our relations with all of the member states of the UN Security Council. And we are also working to further promote our already excellent relations with the Balkans, our immediate neighbourhood, the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Gulf, excluding no one. Greece has always believed in a peaceful and collectively beneficially global order. It champions the added value created by cooperation and rejects the short-sighted outlook of zero-sum relations. Tomorrow, in a new normalcy, with new challenges already emerging, Greece aspires – in full awareness of its capabilities – to an even more dynamic and constructive presence on the international stage.

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