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Source: Labour List UK

Forward Momentum candidates have swept to victory by winning all member representative seats in Momentum internal elections that saw co-founder Jon Lansman step down.

Forward Momentum put forward one of the two main slates in the contest. The group pitched itself as ‘anti-continuity’ with a focus on democratising the organisation, and held open primaries to select candidates.

Momentum Renewal was the rival platform, more closely associated with Lansman. It stressed the importance of “left unity” within Labour and being “rooted in working-class communities”.

FM candidates won all 20 places in the members’ section, which gives them a majority on the NCG. Renewal candidates were elected by MPs and councillors to the four office holder posts.

A Momentum spokesperson said: “This election is the start of a new era for Momentum. Our members have elected a talented, diverse team who will unite our movement and take us forward.

“We will proudly champion radical policies like the Green New Deal 2030 and push the leadership to support the Black Lives Matter movement and lay out a bold plan for after the pandemic.

“Now our elections are over, it’s time to get on with the hard work of building a socialist mass movement together.”

Reacting to the results, Forward Momentum candidate and new Momentum NCG member Gaya Sriskanthan said: “These results could not be clearer: Momentum members in every corner of the country want a fresh start and a new direction.

“This means rebuilding our organisation from the ground up, placing members at the centre and developing a strategy for winning in the Labour Party and campaigning in communities.

“This starts today, and our message to Momentum members, however they voted, is that we can only achieve this with the involvement of everyone.

“Socialism holds the answers to many of the problems we face today, and we must do everything in our collective power to make sure it’s at the heart of everything the Labour Party does.”

Jon Trickett MP, and councillors Emina Ibrahim, Sarah Doyle and Leigh Drennan beat Nadia Whittome MP, mayor Jamie Driscoll, councillors Christine Howard and Barrie Margetts to the ‘public office holder’ seats.

Labour MPs such as Ian Lavery, Paula Barker, Sam Tarry and Charlotte Nichols, plus Tribune‘s Ronan Burtenshaw and Novara Media‘s Aaron Bastani, had all signed up to back the Renewal initiative.

But the candidates selected by FM – said to include key workers, shop stewards and community organisers – were described by the campaign as “representing a break with the current leadership faction”.

Founder and then chair Jon Lansman used a LabourList comment piece in May to announce that he would not be standing in the internal elections of the Corbynite organisation.

Momentum members chose from 57 candidates between ballots opening on June 16th and closing on June 30th. The new NCG will decide who replaces Lansman as chair and who sits on the officers group in the coming days.

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