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By 2035 in the New areas will live for about 1.6 million people. Why attract new County residents — in the material

Exactly eight years ago, Moscow grew almost 2.5 times the area of the capital increased by 148 thousand hectares. 1 Jul 2012 part of the metropolis has added two new administrative areas, Troitsky and Novomoskovsky. They joined the city of Troitsk and Shcherbinka, and also 19 settlements that have been part of the Moscow region.

The accession of new territories to the capital has become a powerful impetus for their development during these eight years. For example, in those areas, and extended Sokolnicheskaya and Solntsevskaya metro line. It is symbolic that the red line has come the acquisition of territory first. She was the first in the Metropolitan subway — the area between the “Komsomol” and “culture Park” earned 15 may 1935.

Except the metro, in New building more comfortable housing, opened new schools, hospitals and kindergartens. For the quality of infrastructure reached here, and residents. For eight years, the population of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas has increased 2.5 times — up to 573 thousand people. And by 2035, experts predict, it will accommodate up to 1.6 million people.

“Such a significant influx of population is due primarily to the fact that the standard of living in the new territories came close to mos-cow. The County was literally covered with infrastructure: over 80 new social facilities, more than 18.4 million square meters of property, more than 210 kilometers of roads, eight metro stations, 125 public transport routes, created more than 170.5 thousand new jobs, completed 19 of landscaped parks and squares,” — said the head of the development Department of new territories of Moscow Vladimir Zhidkin.

According to him, the development of New invested more than 1.7 trillion rubles. Of these, more than a trillion extra — budgetary funds. “You can make a confident conclusion that the strategy chosen earlier, fully justified. District develop evenly balanced,” — said the head of Department.

That is already built in the new territories, and what the future holds for residents — in the material

By metro or car. Transport development

Since 2012 in those areas, and actively developing the transport system. Residents of new districts it was important to provide the ability to quickly and comfortably get to other parts of the city. In 2016 opened a station on the Sokolnicheskaya line of the metro station “Rumyantsevo” and “Salarievo”, and in 2018 took its first passengers “Rasskazovka” and Govorovo Solntsevskaya line. In 2019 on the red line earned “Filatov Lug”, Prokshino, “alder” and “Kommunarka”.

In future metro will come in Troitsk there last Communard line. Metro within walking distance will receive more than 400 thousand people.

In addition, in the future, the Kiev direction of the Moscow railway (MZHD) will be part of the fourth Moscow Central diameter “Kyiv-Gorkovskaya”. End stations will be Aprelevka Kiev direction of the Railway and of the Gorky direction of Moscow railway.

Next stop, “Troitsk”. How is the subway in NewThe metro station “Vnukovo” will be decorated with images of planes and portraits of aircraft

After the annexation of districts, it became apparent that the need to develop backbone network. In mid-2012 in the new territories was 598 kilometers of roads, now their total length is more than 810 miles.

Have reconstructed two major New highways — the Kiev and Kaluga highway. They built bridges, viaducts and tunnels, pedestrian crossings. Opened two sections of road Solntsevo — Butovo — Warsaw highway. The track was a stand-in South-Western and southern part of ring road and one of the key parts of the transport network in the new districts. In was composed of the first combined road and metrotonnel (at the intersection with the Kaluga highway). Only until 2024 at the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas will be built and rekonstruiruet around 492 miles of highways.

In the spring of 2019 earned a transport interchange hub “Salarievo”. Residents of these areas can come here by bus, taxi or private car, transfer to Sokolnicheskaya metro line and after half an hour to be in the center of Moscow. Convenient location made it possible to create a bus station that can serve up to 250 commuter and intercity trains a day.

Comfortable housing and school near by

The new territories became the impetus for developers. Housing in promising areas, and has become attractive due to lower prices compared to other areas of the capital, and also due to the active development of infrastructure. Near the house you can always find everything you need for a comfortable life, — playgrounds, shops, post and Bank branches, beauty salons. There’s plenty of places for walks: in those areas, and 19 landscaped parks. And the forest occupies half of the new territories — about 75 thousand hectares.

Local residents can obtain all social services. In those areas, and developed system of social protection of the population. Provide public services in six departments of social protection of the population, there are three social service centres and three branch offices, which provide social assistance to residents of preferential categories, 13 client services, created to provide comprehensive services for residents in remote settlements, as well as Trinity rehabilitation-educational center “the Sun” and “My social center” in Saposcol. The offices of the “My documents” opened in Troitsk, settlement Moscow, Sosenskiy and Pervomaisk. To play sports and work in special schools and cultural institutions.

For eight years, Tina has built and commissioned 18.4 million square meters of real estate, of which 14.1 million — housing.

Together with housing in those areas, and build modern hospitals, schools and kindergartens. Developed social infrastructure is another important factor for potential home buyers. In eight years there has opened 47 kindergartens and 19 schools.

“From 2020 to 2022 we expect to double the number of new social facilities. From January 2020, introduced the three objects of education, and before the end of the year plans to introduce 16 kindergartens and 11 schools”, — said Vladimir Zhidkin.

One of the key approaches of the city’s education — every child has the right to a good school close to home. Metropolitan school receive funding regardless of the district in which they are located. So the quality of the teaching district schools are not inferior educational sites in any other part of Moscow.

But in terms of equipping new schools can even give odds to others. For example, in a school with 1100 students, the newly opened in Sosenskiy there’s a media center with an interactive learning space for intellectual games and develop creativity, a hall for theater arts, Studio of painting and choreography. A new school in the project, which also will go 1100 students in addition to classrooms, includes specialized classrooms and workshops. On campus are situated a stadium, a classroom for the great outdoors, greenhouse and orchard. By the way, this project became a laureate of the prestigious international contest Build School Project and received the diploma of the Union of architects of Russia.

To develop talents and gain valuable professional skills of young Muscovites can not only at school. In Troitsk for them open door kids It-Technopark “Baltic”. After becoming a part of the capital city has preserved its uniqueness and originality — third of its territory continues to be occupied by research institutes. In Technopark children are taught programming, robotics, 3D modeling, computer animation and other innovative technologies.

World-class medicine

One of the iconic projects built in these areas, is a multi — profile clinical hospital in Kommunarka. The project clinic was a finalist for the prestigious award in the field of real estate and urban development MIPIM Awards. Medical complex in Kommunarka — the most functional, it is equipped with the most modern equipment.

Construction of the first four buildings of the hospital was completed in December 2019. And in early March, the clinic was closed for admission of patients with COVID-19. Hospital in Kommunarka became known throughout the country: it is one of the first to accept patients with coronavirus.

Another symbol of the fight against the pandemic in the capital — the Moscow clinical center of infectious diseases “Raven”. It was built in record time — almost for the month. A new hospital is not a temporary hospital and major clinic that will last several decades.

The hospital has 800 beds, if necessary, the number of seats can be increased to 900. The hospital has purchased modern equipment, furniture and protective suits for personnel. On site, equipped with three helipads for emergency cases. With the start of the pandemic and had more than 1,100 patients, and in the future in Voronovo will be a modern hospital for infectious diseases.

Less ambitious but very important for the residents the project is implemented in the chip. Here will soon open a children’s and adult polyclinic for 750 visits per shift.

In those areas, and is actively working with medical aviation. Given the size of the districts, to deliver the patients to the hospitals with helicopters much faster. Anywhere in these areas, the technique can on average to fly for 15-20 minutes. In 2019, the specialists of the Center of emergency medical aid and the Moscow aviation center made more than 800 flights. Medics evacuated the injured patients injured in road traffic accidents, people with heart attack, stroke and other serious diseases.

More than a thousand lives saved a year how does air ambulanceOn the ground and in the sky: one day at the Moscow aviation center

12 years ago, Moscow has also annexed the territory, which houses the innovative centre “SKOLKOVO”. Here is International medical cluster. The total area of its objects will amount to about 420 thousand square meters. By 2029 it will work 10-15 clinics, which annually will be able to help about 300 thousand people. First opened a diagnostic center in the Israeli clinic Hadassah, the agreement was signed with the Korean hospital Bondan and French Group orpea stock.

“We have everything for treatment of severe pathologies”: how to construct a new clinical center in VoronovoBuilt for the month infectious disease hospital in the New areas began to receive patients

Such large-scale projects and successful infrastructure, active construction of housing and roads give confidence that the annexed to Moscow in 2012, site will continue to grow steadily and efficiently, attracting people to buy housing, employment, education, treatment and rest.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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