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The UK’s national statistical office is collaborating with city authorities and academics in the city of Bristol to provide data for monitoring the SDGs. Through a localized version of the ‘Open SDG’ platform, the project aims to help local authorities access data and report on the SDGs at the local level, and to provide insight into sub-national progress towards the SDGs in the UK.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has data for 78% of the SDG indicators, and reports progress through the Open SDG data platform, which is used by 18 countries, cities, and regions around the world. However, sub-national governments face an ongoing challenge with producing and accessing local-level data. 

This project, announced by the University of Bristol on 30 July 2020, is piloting a city version of Open SDG to make local data “more accessible and meaningful” for local authorities and citizens in the UK. The project aims to “lower the bar for local authorities to engage with the SDGs.” As a result, it will be easier to identify disparities between localities, which can lead to better targeted approaches to achieve the SDGs.

Bristol was the first UK city to produce a voluntary local review (VLR), which it presented to the UN in 2019. The University of Bristol produced the VLR in partnership with the City of Bristol’s ‘OneCity’ Office. [University of Bristol Press Release] [Open SDG platform]

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