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Source: Small Island Developing States

The South Asia Regional Resilience Dialogue will be held on the theme: Fostering Adaptation and Resilience for a Post Covid-19, 1.5 Degree Future.

The event will highlight and discuss the regional needs, priorities and existing solutions, and will focus on ways to address climate change by scaling up local actions to adaptation and resilience supported by appropriate finance, knowledge and capacity.

The dialogue aims to:

  • highlight the role and priorities of grassroots organizations and local communities in building a climate resilient future in the region;
  • explore various models and approaches for mobilizing finance to effectively support adaptation and resilience actions in the region;
  • illustrate the importance of capacity building and knowledge co-creation for fostering adaptation and building resilience to climate change in the region; and
  • recommend to the High Level Champions, Champions Team and the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, on how to advance these ambitious actions in South Asia.

This dialogue is part of a series of regional dialogues convened with non-party stakeholders, organized by the Global Resilience Partnership together with the Climate Resilience Network of the UNFCCC Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action with the support of the Chile and UK High Level Champions, Gonzalo Muñoz and Nigel Topping.

The South Asia Regional Dialogue is being co-organized by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) and Huairou Commission.

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date: 17 September 2020
location: virtual

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