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Source: Traditional Unionist Voice – Northern Ireland

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The pitch invasion following Sunday’s GAA match and the total disregard for public health advice displayed by the fans of Dungannon Thomas Clarke should concern us all – particularly given that it was broadcast on the BBC and therefore reached a province wide audience. What were the stewarding arrangements for the game and why did they so spectacularly fail? In light of the reduction in numbers permitted to attend sporting events it is inexcusable that this took place.

“Were police present in the ground to ensure that limits on attendance were adhered to and order maintained? It should have been clear before the game that both at the ground and in the towns of the two clubs playing – Trillick and Dungannon – there was the potential for large numbers to congregate and for the restrictions which have been put in place to combat the pandemic to be flouted. That clearly happened in the streets of Dungannon and I understand that Trillick was exceptionally busy on Sunday night as well. A few weeks ago the PSNI Chief Constable toured public houses in Belfast with the chief medical officer. Were his officers doing the same in the pubs of Dungannon and Trillick last night?

“I have written to the Chief Constable raising this issue.”

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