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Source: Channel Islands – Jersey

Eligible Islanders will benefit from a 13.8% increase to the Community Costs Bonus from this October. In its last sitting, the States Assembly voted to increase the Bonus and continue it for the next three years to support Islanders.

The Community Costs Bonus replaces the Food Costs Bonus, which replaced the GST Bonus Regulations, which were originally launched in 2008 after the introduction of GST.

The change in title reflects the recognition by the States Assembly that the Bonus now has a wider base than just food costs. 

The increase of 13.8% was agreed by the States Assembly following an amendment to the Government Plan lodged by the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel. The increase reflects the Retail Price Index (RPI) for 2014-2019. 

The eligibility criteria have not changed. Islanders can apply for the Community Costs Bonus if they have lived in Jersey for 5 years, are not eligible for Income Tax, and do not claim Income Support. Eligible Islanders can apply for the benefit from October each year.

Minister for Social Security, Deputy Judy Martin said: “This Bonus has been supporting Islanders since it was introduced in 2008.  The new annual payment of £258.25 will provide a boost to household budgets.

“We know that many Islanders appreciate the Bonus, and the newly-renamed Community Costs Bonus will continue to support eligible Islanders with a wide range of costs.” 

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