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Tobacco or Alcohol Business Is Welcome to Use the TAIWAN PAY (Credit Card) Payment New Option to Realize Fees Payments

The National Treasury Administration of the Ministry of Finance announces that for tobacco and alcohol producers and importers to realize fees payments such as the examination fee, the certificate issuance fee, and the annual permission fee more conveniently, it has introduced the Taiwan Pay (Credit Card) mobile payment option, beginning September 25, 2020, in addition to other currently-used options such as cash payments at bank, post office, or convenience store counters, automatic teller machines, online banks, online ATMs, e-bill transfer, Taiwan Pay (Debit Card), etc.  The producers and importers are welcome to utilize this new option.

For the first time use of the Taiwan Pay (Credit Card) mobile payment option, a payer shall firstly download the Taiwan Pay App (website address https:// into his/her mobile phone, consult the issuing financial institute of the credit card and complete the related settings, then download the payment bill from the Payment System for Tobacco and Alcohol Business on the Administration’s website, scan the QR Code on the front side of the bill with the mobile phone, and finish the transaction; there is no need to input the due sum amount or beneficiary account number.  The payer enjoys free processing fees as well as the benefits of a given credit.  Applicants of the tobacco and alcohol business may click onto the Payment System for Tobacco and Alcohol Business at the Administration’s website, or, to download the above mentioned fee bills after registration.


Contact Person: Mr. Stefan LIN, Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division, National Treasury Administration, Ministry of Finance.

Telephone: (02)2322-8000 ext. 7465

Issued:National Treasury Administration Release date:2020-09-26 Last updated:2020-09-26 Click times:50

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