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Wenzhou city in China’s eastern Zhejiang province has become the first stop for the country’s 2020 internet international communication series, as was announced at the opening ceremony of the event on Friday.
The event, called “Daka China,” brings together social media influencers from abroad to present their experiences of China to the world in a comprehensive and multifaceted way.

The term “daka” has become trending on Chinese social media over the past few years. Meaning “punching a card” in Chinese, it refers to the fashion of internet celebrities’ taking short, quick trips to a series of popular places, and then posting pictures and anecdotes on social media to show others what they did there.

More than 40 enthusiasts of Chinese culture and language from over 20 countries were invited to Wenzhou for the two-day city tour.

The opening ceremony showcased a total of 44 attractions for daka trips in Wenzhou city. These involved visits to areas of natural beauty in the countryside, urban landmarks, and places where various types of traditional culture and folklore originated.

“As an open and self-assured country, China looks forward to communicating and interacting with netizens around the world in a sincere manner,” said Yang Xiaowei, deputy head of the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) at the opening ceremony.
The history of Wenzhou can be traced back to over 2,200 years ago. The city has always been a bustling multicultural hub of migrants from the Central Plain, southeast coast, and mountainous regions. It is also the birthplace of China’s evocative and poetic Nanxi opera as well as the country’s mercantile economics.

The city also has a long history of trade with the outside world since becoming a foreign port as early as the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). 

As one of the birthplaces of China’s market economy, Wenzhou has reported a high-rate growth in its private enterprises, industrial output, foreign trade exports, and new employment over the years. Its regional GDP in 2019 amounted to 660.61 billion yuan, up 8.2% year on year and ranking the 30th highest in China.

In addition, it has consistently ranked as one of China’s most livable cities thanks to its climate as well as one of “China’s Top Ten Happiest Cities.” Tourist attractions in the city account for a quarter of its total land area, with forests covering 60% of its land.

The two-day daka trip will take participants to tourist attractions such as Jiangxin Island, Wuma Historical and Cultural District, Lishui Street, as well as other established institutions like the Wenzhou-Kean University and the Wenzhou Planning Exhibition Center.

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