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Source: Hong Kong Information Services

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The Hospital Authority today said a man under quarantine who sought medical treatment at Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital (PYNEH) and a Tuen Mun Hospital patient care assistant have preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19.

Its Chief Manager (Patient Safety & Risk Management) Dr Sara Ho explained at a press briefing this afternoon that the man, aged over 80, who was under quarantine at the Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre felt unwell yesterday and was sent to PYNEH.

He left the hospital without permission while waiting for admission to a medical ward. Staff successfully contacted him after about an hour and found him at a bus stop nearby.

Dr Ho said the man preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19 and no staff are identified as close contacts.

She added that the hospital’s security measures will be enhanced.

“We have reminded frontline security staff to pay additional attention to patients’ movement and at the same time, we have deployed additional security staff to the emergency room.

“In case there is any need, we will report to Police for further assistance.”

For the Tuen Mun Hospital case, the care assistant attended its accident and emergency department yesterday and her preliminary result was positive. She is now in an isolation ward in a stable condition.

The assistant had worked in an isolation ward since late November and was equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment. She was deployed back to the medicine and geriatrics (M&G) ward on December 29 and was responsible for feeding patients and cleaning.

Six patients at the M&G ward who were fed by the assistant are classified as close contacts and required to undergo quarantine for 14 days.

A nurse and three other assistants are also listed as close contacts as they had a meal with her or did not wear a face shield when cleaning a washroom.

Additionally, the authority was informed that a person who had donated blood on December 17 has tested positive for COVID-19.

Some of the donated blood was given to a Queen Elizabeth Hospital patient on December 20 who passed away the next day.

“For the Queen Elizabeth Hospital patient who unfortunately passed away, in fact he had serious underlying disease. That is why he needed the platelet transfusion.

“The cause of death is likely related to his underlying disease. The case was already referred to the Coroner and the Coroner will conduct the relevant investigation,” Dr Ho noted.

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