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A group of correctional officers has composed five songs and compiled them into a commemorative album titled A Century of Passion to celebrate the centenary of the Correctional Services Department.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the department. Initially known as the Prisons Department, it started to manage all prison facilities in Hong Kong after formally separating from Police in 1920.

Commissioner of Correctional Services Woo Ying-ming said in a special message in the commemorative album that the department officially undertook the mission of upholding the last element for society a century ago.

He pointed out that in all eras there are criminals violating law and order in society, including those using violence or abusing drugs as well as teenagers who have gone astray.

A safe and harmonious society is upheld with the presence of correctional officers who strive to perform their duties through thick and thin, and spare no effort to look after and provide guidance to those in custody.

When rehabilitated offenders lead a new life, the numbers of victims and families affected are subsequently reduced, Mr Woo added.

Noting that society has become more complicated, he said correctional work has become more diverse to cater for the needs of an ever-changing society.

Mr Woo added that he is devoted to leading the department into a new era in the aspects of safe custody, rehabilitation work and community education, adding his team will work together to uphold the rule of law with courage and dedication.

The commemorative album depicts the department’s contributions to society over the past 100 years, as well as correctional officers’ mission as the last element of the criminal justice system with its dual role in ensuring safe custody and rehabilitation.

In addition to the five songs on the album, the production team has specially produced exclusive music videos and musical accompaniment versions to present the five songs in visual, instrumental and singing versions.

Different versions of the five songs have been uploaded to the department’s 100th anniversary website.

It has also launched an official Facebook page to enhance communication with the public through social media.

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