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Read the article for why the heads of public service centers themselves are in the common room, what principles of work they adhere to and what the future holds for the sphere.

It is a reality for Muscovites to receive or issue documents and not waste time in line. In public service centers, it takes a few minutes for a visitor to wait for an appointment. Citizens are greeted by an open reception and smiles of employees, convenient services and quality service.

There are 132 My Documents centers in the capital, including five flagship offices and the Palace of Public Services at VDNKh. Two offices in the Eastern Administrative District and the Southern Eastern Administrative District were recently opened. The leaders of the new flagships told about their work, the principles of openness and plans for the future.

Oleg Shakin: We are ready to listen and hear people

Head of the flagship office “My Documents” in VAO

– I always give my best at work. Naturally, flagship offices are the responsibility of the district level. But every hour we try to meet the expectations of Muscovites and do our best for the applicant to resolve his issue.

All public service centers meet the same requirements. But the feature of flagship offices is in additional services and services. For example, we can register a vehicle, put it on record and get a driver’s license on the day of application (upon expiration, loss of a document, change of personal data). Also, our employees will help you register as an individual entrepreneur and legal entity.

Each public service center has a friendly atmosphere. But the flagship has additional comfort zones – soft, cozy sofas with sockets for charging the phone and portable lamps, where, for example, you can fill out an application, as well as a large play area for children with interactive games. We have a really convenient cafe, with the help of the My Photo service you can take a photo for documents or beautifully arrange souvenirs, check your health or purchase a voucher (the My Travel service from Mosgortur, experts help you choose a country camp for a child or family tours around Russia and abroad, book excursions and hotels – note

The feature of our flagship is two anthropomorphic robots, which are only here. Trainees Alex and Dasha advise residents, they are able to imitate human emotions. Alex talks about the social projects “Sports Weekend” and “Moscow Longevity”, and Dasha advises on a number of services: how to register an individual entrepreneur, how to arrange an electronic diary. Although advanced technologies are aimed at facilitating the routine work of an employee, if necessary, they will never completely replace him. You cannot put into a robot what a person possesses: feelings and warmth that people often need.

The space in the HLW flagship is open, and the executive’s office is with glass partitions. I see employees and applicants, and they see me. But I try to spend almost all the time in the hall in order to understand what is happening, hear the applicants and help if necessary. Even just offer a glass of water. Nothing can be done from the cabinet. Only by being close to people can you be in the center of all the events that take place in the office.

Employees are trained in the training center to resolve various issues of visitors and effectively help them. They work through difficult situations and consider the effectiveness of different approaches. Personal example is also important. In any difficult situation, I immediately find myself next to a specialist and help. When employees see how the manager himself handles such cases, they learn from me. You always need to grasp the essence of the issue, be able to listen and understand. Even if this is not our competence, we should try to help and advise as much as possible.

I have been in government services since 2013. Before that, I had a bad experience of receiving government services. From five in the morning we stood in line to take a new electronic queue. He filled out applications for extracts himself, no one could suggest anything, they just pointed a finger at the information stand. Then I wanted to help develop a system of public services in our city, in which there are no queues, but ready to listen and hear people, help them. Our employees help citizens to understand all the documents, for some of the services they even fill out applications, the visitor can only read and sign it. All this simplified the process so much. This is a real breakthrough.

It is still fresh in my memory when the centers just started issuing birth certificates. From 08:00 to 20:00, seven days a week, in parallel with the registry office. It was an achievement then. There are more and more services ahead that we can provide. Now we are issuing driver’s licenses, in some centers we have installed cryptobiocabinets, which allow us to accept documents for the registration of a new passport.

Sergei Sobyanin opened the My Documents flagship center in the east of MoscowSergei Sobyanin opened the fifth flagship center of public services “My Documents”

Yulia Rumyantseva: The flagship center is the face of the district

Head of the flagship office “My Documents” in the SEAD

– The flagship center is the face of the district. Of course, all offices have the same standard of work, but the flagships have a larger list of services and additional services. And we work from 10:00 to 22:00, which is very convenient for residents.

Every employee of My Documents knows and observes the rules of the Moscow standard of public services. You need to help with pleasure and pride, to save the client’s time and be personally responsible for the quality of work. It is important to remember that the visitor needs to be listened to, understand, hear his need and help him. The main thing in work is professionalism, but friendliness and friendliness are the same indispensable qualities for working in our field. Public services should be accessible and convenient.

By the way, you can learn this. We conduct trainings, act out possible non-standard situations. It is important for the employee to be able to understand the applicant, to be as client-oriented as possible, polite and attentive, to anticipate the expectations of the visitor. Additionally inform about related services that may interest a specific person. For example, if this is a family with children, then be sure to tell about all the payments and benefits due.

Some workers required additional training prior to moving to the flagship. Consular legalization of documents has become a unique service of our office. This procedure confirms the authenticity of an official document (signature, status, seal of the official who issued it) of one state for its recognition in another state. The state service is provided by the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Also, in a pilot mode, we provide registration records at the place of residence and at the place of stay for residents of the entire SEAD.

At the entrance, together with the administrator-assistants, the visitors are met by a diagnostic robot. He smiles and winks with big digital eyes. Its main function is to help the townspeople check their baseline health. The robot is always ready to conduct an initial examination: it can measure blood pressure, oxygen and blood sugar levels, give advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and just chat with a guest.

Managers constantly monitor the quality of services. We spend most of the working time in the hall, seeing and hearing how employees work, what they do, how they communicate with applicants. Of course, we also listen to feedback. We see the reaction of Muscovites, we can promptly respond to any proposals. For example, in the center of public services, where I worked before, after the appeal of Muscovites, we moved the self-service area with payment terminals closer to the reception. So it is more convenient for residents to contact administrators if they have any questions.

My work is my life. Every minute spent at work evokes a lot of positive emotions. We help people. These results are inspiring. When townspeople leave the center with a smile and gratitude, this is the highest award.

I have been working in the field of public services for over six years and I see how the field is developing. It’s nice to see people’s reaction to this dynamic too. The list of services and the number of centers are increasing. Residents are comfortable that all the necessary services can be obtained near the house.

Our main pride is our employees. They put a piece of their soul into providing government services. I think that the sphere will continue to develop towards a sincere service and more and more convenient services will appear.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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