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Since the beginning of the year, volunteers have delivered 1.3 tons of food and over 1200 packages of medicines to Muscovites.

This year, volunteers of the #WeTogether campaign continued to help the townspeople who observe the home regime. Starting from January 2, they delivered food and medicine, congratulated Muscovites and medical workers on the holidays. Since the beginning of the year, volunteers have completed more than three thousand applications.

In January, volunteers delivered over 710 kilograms of vegetables, 420 kilograms of fruit, over 360 kilograms of meat and fish, as well as over 320 packages of sweets for tea – cookies, sweets, cakes and pastries. The volunteers visited medical institutions 193 times to obtain prescriptions for medicines and brought 1248 packages of medicines to the applicants. In addition, during Epiphany Christmas Eve, participants in the action brought Epiphany water from churches to everyone.

Maria Privezentseva: Good deeds have a wonderful property – they come back

Maria is a first-year graduate student at the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism and has time to teach sports ballroom dancing to children. The girl joined the #WeTogether campaign at the end of September.

Despite her studies and work, Maria can close three applications per day. With the implementation of difficult calls, the girl is helped by her boyfriend. Together they have walked tens of kilometers to their applicants.

The usual grocery list that volunteers visit at the store usually consists of dairy products, fruits, vegetables and baked goods. But on New Year’s Eve, another important item was added to it – the calendar.

“Grandparents very often asked me to buy calendars for the next year in the store for them. They always specified in detail what they needed: on the wall, tear-off, with large numbers, with the image of a bull or a cow. Not in every grocery store you could find them, there is a shortage, – the volunteer laughs. “I had to stop by either large supermarkets or bookstores”.

The girl has repeatedly congratulated her applicants on their birthday or even anniversary. Warm words, a kind smile and delicious chocolate are a small sign of attention that everyone is pleased to receive.

“A desire to help lives in me, it constantly pushes me to new actions that can make the world a little better. In addition, good deeds have a wonderful property – they return. If it is in your power to make someone’s life better, then it will simply be ugly to stay away, ”Maria shared.

Andrey Afanasyev: I try to do good

Entrepreneur Andrey Afanasyev is a car volunteer. He deliberately restructured his schedule in order to manage to fulfill as many requests as possible. On his car, he often fulfills orders where it is necessary to travel long distances. Over the past year, while participating in the #WeVre Together campaign, he drove over 10 thousand kilometers in his car.

“I decided to join the #WeTogether campaign, because it is very important for me to help others. I often remember my grandfather, a veteran who fought for our Motherland. I want him not to be ashamed of me, and I try to do good, ”Andrey shared.

The car helps the volunteer not only to take long-distance orders, but also to deliver heavy loads. During the New Year holidays, he delivered 16 food packages. Apart from groceries, they also contained toys, stationery and other surprises for children. The total weight of the delivery was 80 kilograms.

The volunteer already has regular applicants in his area. Andrey knows in advance which store he will need to visit and what to buy. Sometimes, in order to cheer up his wards, he tries to add something that is not in the grocery basket, such as candy or some kind of gift set.

Stanislav Gevorkyan: Sincere gratitude from recipients gives strength to do even more good deeds

It happens that volunteers come to the aid of their colleagues. Recently, Alena contacted the #WeVeTogether hotline, who in spring and autumn managed to complete about 40 applications herself as a volunteer for the action. Now she follows a home regimen as prescribed by a doctor and needed help in purchasing medicines.

Volunteer Stanislav Gevorkyan responded to the girl’s application. He joined a kind marathon in the capital in the fall and has already managed to establish himself as a responsible volunteer who is very attentive to requests. From the store, he always calls recipients and, if there is no product from the list, offers to replace it with something. Knowing that he can get into a difficult situation with the delivery of drugs necessary for a person, the volunteer tries to rationally allocate his time. Now Stanislav is studying at the RANEPA, works and combines with the #WeV Together campaign, completing at least two applications a day.

“It is important for me to be a participant in the #WeTogether campaign, I myself have a grandfather, and I understand how much the older generation needs support now. Sincere gratitude to the recipients, their smiling eyes give strength and positive emotions to do even more good deeds, ”the volunteer shared.

How to take part in the action #WeTogether

In 2020, the #WeTogether campaign was supported by over 23 thousand people, they completed more than 45 thousand applications. The Marathon of Mutual Aid in the capital began at the end of March 2020. In the summer, when the main restrictions were lifted, the promotion was temporarily suspended. Due to the epidemiological situation in the city, it was resumed on September 28.

Any caring resident of Moscow aged 18 to 49 can take part in the action. To do this, you need to go to the official website of the action we are together.mosvolonter.rf and select the section “Become a volunteer”. You will be redirected to the website, where you can apply for volunteer assistance to older residents in the delivery of the necessary food and medicine.

All volunteers of the action undergo initial distance learning, and then face-to-face briefing at the headquarters of the #WeVotag action on the basis of the Mosvolonter flagship center at 9 Tverskaya Street.

During the briefing, volunteers will be told about the procedure for volunteering, how to protect themselves and others and avoid mistakes when communicating with applicants. Participants will also receive safety training.

Before leaving for the execution of applications, volunteers are measured temperature, given individual badges, masks, gloves and an antiseptic.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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