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Photo by M. Mishin. Press Service of the Mayor and the Moscow Government

During the trip, users will get acquainted with the history of the districts, see architectural monuments and sights, as well as landscaped parks, squares and embankments.

You can find out how the outskirts of Moscow looked in the 16th century, what Red Book flowers grow in the Lianozovsky nursery and where the Dolgorukovs’ bathing house was located, during virtual walks along the northeastern part of the capital and Zelenograd. Area guides Bibirevo and Savelki published on the “Know Moscow” portal.

During the online travel, the townspeople will get acquainted with the history of the districts, study architectural monuments and iconic sights. You can also see parks, squares and embankments that have recently been landscaped within the framework of the capital’s program “My District”.

“Netizens will find out where the famous actress Yanina Zheimo lived, who played the role of Cinderella in the Soviet film, how beavers are related to the origin of the name of the Bibirevo region, and in which part of Saveloki you can find a Mediterranean corner with a waterfall and cypresses. Other online travel guides are available on the Discover Moscow portal, for example, to the Preobrazhenskoye, Kurkino, Nagatinsky Zaton and Otradnoye districts. You don’t have to leave your home to make a trip: you just need to click on any point on the interactive map, view a photo and read the certificate, ”said Sergey Shakryl, curator of IT projects in the field of culture and business of the Moscow Department of Information Technologies.

Beavers and actress Janina Zheimo

The excursion route along Bibirev includes eight stops. The walk begins at the Bibirevo metro station. It will be about its architectural design. Also, visitors of the portal will be told the history of the region. The village of the same name arose on the territory of modern Bibirev in the 16th century. According to one version, the name of the settlement was formed from the non-canonical name Biber, which means “beaver”. The fact is that these rodents often settled near local water bodies. The origin of the name of the area is reminiscent of a sculpture located in the Park of Light. This is a bronze monument of a family of beavers resting on the shore.

Users will also be told the history of the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh (Kostromskaya Street, possession 7). It was built by the end of the 19th century in gratitude for ridding the village of the cholera epidemic. On the “Know Moscow” portal you can read the legend according to which a miracle happened in Bibirev.

The next point of the route is Konenkova Street. In 2019, the park was landscaped here, where copies of six works of the famous Soviet sculptor Sergei Konenkov were located in the open air. This is one of the most prominent representatives of the Art Nouveau style. Then you can go to Leskov Street and see house 21, where the film actress Janina Zheimo lived. She became widely known for the role of Cinderella in the 1947 Soviet film of the same name.

The walk will end in the Lianozovsky nursery, which is famous for the Red Book plants. Along the Samoteka River, rare flowers grow, for example, yellow iris and marsh forget-me-not, and in the forest more often May lilies of the valley bloom in spring.

Black lake and alpine slide

The online guide to the Savelki area in the Zelenograd Administrative District covers 14 points. The journey begins at the arboretum on Ozernaya Alley. The townspeople will be told how Zelenograd looked on the initial projects of the architects. It was conceived as a satellite city, it was planned to relocate part of the capital’s industries here. But the direction of development of Zelenograd was changed, as a result of which the city turned into an innovation zone, a place of concentration of high-tech companies. Various factories and research institutes that specialize in electronics and microelectronics appeared here.

Also, urban planners dreamed that the city was surrounded by forests, and trees and shrubs that were atypical for the Moscow region grew on the territory of the parks. Green areas are still being developed. So, in 2019, the park of the 40th anniversary of Victory was transformed under the My District program. A wooden promenade with sun loungers, a cascading fountain and an observation deck can all be seen in the renovated recreation area.

In addition, site users are invited to “visit” the Black Lake. Due to the peat bottom, the water in it turned into an unusual dark shade. In the 19th century, such water was considered healing, so noble people bathed in it to improve their health. For example, on the Black Lake, a swimming pool of the Dolgorukov princes was arranged.

The next point of the route is the Park “Clock Square”, which from a bird’s eye view resembles a dial: in the center of the square there is a fountain, and along the perimeter there are the main numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12, lined with granite tiles. The journey through the Savelki area will end in a park with an alpine slide, where a real Mediterranean corner with a fountain and cypress trees has been recreated.

Anyone can take a walking tour through the guidebooks of the “Know Moscow” portal and see all the picturesque places and sights live. A tour of Bibirev will take more than an hour, and around Savelki – about two hours.

The cycle of virtual walks, created in conjunction with the My District program, was launched on the Discover Moscow portal in December 2020. Online excursions to the Preobrazhenskoye, Kurkino, Nagatinsky Zaton, Otradnoye, Ochakovo-Matveevskoye and Kapotnya districts are also available now.

“Know Moscow” is a joint project of the Moscow Departments of Information Technology, Culture, Cultural Heritage, Education and Science. An interactive city guide contains photographs and descriptions of more than two thousand buildings, 659 monuments, 326 museums, 78 quests, more than 140 thematic routes in various districts of the capital.

“My District” is a project whose goal is to create in every corner of the city a high-quality environment for recreation, walks and sports.

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