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It is planned to transfer to the station some trains going to Adler, Anapa, Belgorod, Vladikavkaz, Volgograd, Yeisk, Ivanovo, Kislovodsk, Makhachkala, Nizhny Novgorod, Novorossiysk, Chelyabinsk and other cities of Russia.

The Eastern Railway Station, which will operate as part of the Cherkizovo transport interchange hub (TPU), will receive its first passengers in May 2021.

“For the first time in the history of Moscow over the past 100 years, a new station is being built for both short-distance and long-distance trains,” noted

Sergei Sobyaninwhile inspecting the station building under construction.

According to him, this became possible thanks to the creation of a unified transport infrastructure, which includes the Moscow Central Circle (MCC), metro, railroad, Moscow Central Diameters (MCD), and Aeroexpress.

“All this is combined into one transport hub, and there is a huge number of opportunities for local residents and great opportunities for those who come to Moscow,” added the Mayor of Moscow.

The Eastern Station is being built as part of the Cherkizovo TPU, which unites the Cherkizovskaya station of the Sokolnicheskaya metro line, the Lokomotiv station of the Moscow Central Ring and stops of surface urban transport.

It is planned to transfer 27 pairs of long-distance trains to Vostochny, arriving at the Kursk railway station, including the Lastochka and Strizh trains, following the routes Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow – Ivanovo, as well as transit trains from St. Petersburg and Murmansk, which travel through the capital to Adler, Anapa, Belgorod, Vladikavkaz, Volgograd, Yeisk, Kislovodsk, Makhachkala, Novorossiysk, Chelyabinsk and other cities of Russia.

For the passage of long-distance trains to the Vostochny station, the third (transit) main track of the MCC will be used, which will in no way affect the schedule of passenger trains on the ring.

“Of course, this is of great importance both for the railway communication throughout the city and for the entire transport hub, because trains will partially pass through the MCC – on a separate, dedicated line – when moving from the south and north directions to the east. This is a large complex project, which, of course, will have a great impact on the transport situation not only in this region, but also in Moscow as a whole, ”said Sergei Sobyanin.

Oleg Toni, Deputy General Director of Russian Railways, said that the construction of the Eastern Station began in the second quarter of last year. “The work is progressing according to the schedule, equipment and documentation are provided. The commissioning of the facility is scheduled for May 1, and the first passengers on May 29 will already use this state-of-the-art infrastructure, ”he added.

Modern passenger terminal

In terms of comfort, Vostochny will be a modern city station of the European level.

The total area of ​​the complex will be 9.6 thousand square meters, including a modern passenger terminal (4.2 thousand square meters) and two new passenger platforms (5.4 thousand square meters) – one island and one onshore with full-length canopies protecting passengers from rain, snow and sun. The station interiors will be made in light colors with lots of open spaces and natural light.

The building of the new station will have two exits – towards the Cherkizovskaya metro station and the Lokomotiv stadium and towards the Amurskaya street.

Passengers will be able to transfer to the metro and the MCC in a matter of minutes through a new overhead pedestrian crossing 50 meters long, organized according to the principle of “dry feet”. Natural ventilation, anti-sun glazing and infrared emitters to prevent ice formation will make the transplant comfortable in any weather.

Thanks to the transfer to the MCC, long-distance train passengers will be able to quickly reach the airports. For example, a trip to Okruzhnaya station for a transfer to the Aeroexpress at Sheremetyevo airport will take 18 minutes, a trip to Verkhniye Kotly station for a transfer to an Aeroexpress at Domodedovo – 29 minutes, a trip to Andronovka station for a transfer to a train to Zhukovsky airport – only 10 minutes. After the opening of the fourth Moscow Central Diameter (MCD-4) Kievsko-Gorkovsky, passengers will be able to transfer from the MCC to Aeroexpress trains going to Vnukovo.

It is planned that residents of the Nizhny Novgorod region arriving in Moscow will be able to pay for trips to the MCC, metro or ground transport using a Troika card purchased at their place of residence. For these passengers, the fare will be lower due to free transfers available with the Troika card. An agreement on its use in passenger transport in the Nizhny Novgorod region was recently signed between the transport departments of the two regions.

The exit towards Amurskaya Street will provide comfortable access to metro and MCC stations for tens of thousands of current and future residents, including those who will settle in residential complexes under construction. The way to the metro for them will be cut by about half – from 25-30 to 12-15 minutes on foot. For this, a pedestrian zone with bike paths, bike rental points and parking lots for bicycles will be created between the station and residential areas of Golyanov.

Passengers of the Eastern Station will have a waiting room for 200 seats with USB-chargers, a reception hall for delegations, automatic lockers, universal ticket offices, a business lounge, a food court, rooms for mothers and children. There are places for placing ATMs, vending machines and machines for renting external batteries; Wi-Fi will work. The station complex will be equipped with modern ventilation, heating, air conditioning, fire and transport security systems.

The barrier-free environment, including four escalators and three elevators, will facilitate the use of the station for passengers with limited mobility – the elderly, parents with strollers and people with disabilities.

In the adjacent territory, there will be stops for surface urban passenger transport, intercepting parking, car-sharing parking, taxis and a zone for quick disembarkation of personal transport passengers.

“The station is being built according to all the standards that are already familiar to us: it is a barrier-free environment, Wi-Fi, a luxury hall, storage rooms, a room for a mother and a child, that is, everything that we are used to in the 21st century, we will see here”, – told by Oleg Tony.

Simultaneously with the construction of the station, the construction of the second (northern) terminal of the MCC Lokomotiv station with a total area of ​​3.6 thousand square meters is underway, which is planned to be completed in the third quarter of 2021. An additional lobby with a distribution hall, equipped with three elevators and six escalators, will provide a comfortable exit for passengers to Okruzhny Passage towards the Lokomotiv stadium. This will reduce the load on the main (southern) terminal of the Lokomotiv station, which is connected to the metro and railway station. In the future, the northern terminal of Lokomotiv may get one more exit towards Amurskaya Street.

Also in the future, it is planned to reconstruct Okruzhny passage and build additional passages along the North-Eastern Expressway with the organization of ground public transport.

It is expected that after the opening of the Eastern Station, the passenger traffic of the Cherkizovo TPU will increase by a third – up to 74 thousand passengers per day, including 24.5 thousand passengers on long-distance trains.

Thanks to the large-scale housing construction deployed in Golyanovo, by 2025 the population living near the TPU will increase from 18 to 81.5 thousand people. As a result, Cherkizovo can become one of the ten largest transport hubs in the city with a daily passenger traffic of 133 thousand people (including the metro and the MCC – 80.6 thousand, long-distance trains – 29.2 thousand, surface urban passenger transport – 23.5 thousand ).

After the opening of the Eastern Railway Station, the load at the Kurskaya metro stations of the Koltsevaya and Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya lines, as well as the Chkalovskaya stations of the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line, will decrease by 25 thousand people per day.

But the most important thing is that the transfer of most long-distance trains from Kursk to Vostochny railway station will increase the throughput capacity of the Moscow-Kalanchevskaya – Moscow-Passenger-Kurskaya section, along which, after the completion of the reconstruction, MCD-4 Kievsko-Gorkovskiy trains will open.

In the coming year, due to the ongoing construction work, only one track will operate on this section, along which it is planned to organize the reverse movement of trains.

Railway gates of Moscow: 10 Moscow railway stations

Today, nine railway stations accept passengers in the capital: Leningradsky (operating since 1851), Kazansky and Yaroslavsky (since 1862), Belorussky (since 1870), Kursky (since 1896), Paveletsky (since 1900), Rizhsky (since 1901), Savelovsky (from 1902) and Kiev (from 1918).

In recent years, the Moscow Government, together with Russian Railways (RZD), has modernized most of the station complexes and improved the station squares, as a result of which they fully meet modern safety and comfort standards.

With the opening of Vostochny, the number of Moscow stations will increase to 10.

The program “My District”: how Golyanovo and Preobrazhenskoye are changing

The goal of the improvement program “My District”, developed on the initiative of Sergei Sobyanin, is to create comfortable living conditions in all places in Moscow, regardless of their distance from the center.

The implementation of the program began in 2018. The specialists began to address issues of creating a favorable urban environment, solving transport problems, improving the quality of education and medical care, creating additional opportunities for physical education, improving local attractions and many others, depending on the wishes of residents.

The Preobrazhenskoye district is located in the Eastern Administrative District, and is home to 92,000 Muscovites.

Over the past three years, several important projects have been implemented in Preobrazhenskoye in the field of creating a comfortable urban environment, including the improvement of such popular recreation areas for residents as the Children’s Cherkizovsky Park and Shitov Embankment.

Two popular recreation areas for local residents were also put in order – Northern Khapilovsky square and a square on Krasnobogatyrskaya street.

Landscaping works have been completed at three schools (Devyataya Rota Street, 14a, Khalturinskaya Street, 16, Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya Street, 24b) and kindergarten No. 1505.

A kindergarten for 220 places was built at the address: Krasnobogatyrskaya street, house 90, building 3.

The district center of social services (1st Zborovskiy lane, house 11) was overhauled, current repairs of the building of the central library No. 70 named after M.A. Sholokhov on Khalturinskaya street (house 18).

In 2021, the largest event in the life of the district will be the opening of the new Eastern Railway Station as part of the Cherkizovo TPU. A second (northern) terminal will appear at the MCC Lokomotiv station, thanks to which it will be convenient for passengers to get out to Okruzhny proezd towards the Russian Railways Arena stadium.

It is planned to tidy up the public garden on Zhuravlev Square and start landscaping the floodplain areas of Yauza – Preobrazhenskaya Embankment and Gannushkin Embankment.

The territories of four schools will become well-groomed at the following addresses: 2nd Pugachevskaya street, house 10, Znamenskaya street, house 6, 2nd Bukhvostov street, house 6, Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya street, house 8.

Reconstruction of the Yantar cinema on Otkryty Shosse is in full swing, which is scheduled for completion this year. As a result, residents of Preobrazhenskoye will receive a district community center with cinemas, shops, a food court, and a playground.

Also, a new sports and recreation complex on Khalturinskaya Street (possession 9, building 1) will be put into operation.

It is planned to create a modern club space on the basis of the department of social communications and active longevity of the social service center (Khalturinskaya street, house 18). In 2022, the premises will be overhauled, after which the “My Social Center” will open.

The flagship center of public services “My Documents” is located on the fourth floor of the shopping and entertainment center “Shchelkovsky”. In addition to the standard list of services, there are additional useful services here.

The renovated Shchelkovsky bus station began its work in the same building in October 2020. This is the largest and most modern bus station in Moscow and Russia, which connects the capital with dozens of cities in the Moscow region, other regions of Russia and countries.

As part of the My District program, Baikalskaya Street, the territory adjacent to the Moscow Experimental Plant No. 1, and nine territories of educational institutions were landscaped in Golyanovo.

98 courtyards were put in order, 205 lighting poles, 872 benches and other small architectural forms were installed. Three sports grounds were updated.

The building of the children’s music school named after M.L. Rostropovich on Chusovskaya street (house 7, building 1).

In 2021, as part of the opening of the new station, a pedestrian crossing will appear across the Northeast Expressway. Residents of the district will be able to walk to the Cherkizovskaya metro station, the MCC Lokomotiv station, the Russian Railways Arena stadium and the Children’s Cherkizovsky park. It is also planned to improve the territory adjacent to the TPU “Cherkizovo”.

The improvement plans for 2021–2023 include Ussuriiskaya and Krasnoyarskaya streets, territories adjacent to a number of industrial enterprises, 186 courtyards, four sports grounds and other facilities.

One of the main district objects that will be put in order is Golyanovsky Park with a total area of ​​36 hectares.

“We have already discussed the improvement project with residents, we are focusing on the creation of a sports infrastructure. There will be a football, basketball, and tennis field, large workout grounds. Plus, at the request of the residents, we will build a pier here so that there is an opportunity for boating. The park will become the very center of the district in terms of landscaping, ”said Nikolai Aleshin, Prefect of the Eastern Administrative District.

This year it is planned to overhaul the children’s city polyclinic No. 122, branch No. 2 (Baikalskaya street, house 28) and city polyclinic No. 191, branch No. 4 (Amurskaya street, house 36). Current repairs will take place in the building of the library number 72 on Ussuriyskaya street (house 9).

Renovation in Golyanovo

Under the renovation program in Golyanovo, they plan to relocate and demolish 101 residential buildings with an area of ​​413 thousand square meters. These houses are home to 25.3 thousand people.

The stages of resettlement are determined:

—42 houses – first stage (2020–2024);

– 35 houses – second stage (2025–2028);

—24 houses – third stage (2029–2032).

“Taking into account the creation of such a large transport hub and powerful housing construction, one should not forget about the creation of jobs, a business environment, so once again it is necessary to look at the planning project for the entire territory, adjacent areas and create an environment where one could not only live, but and work, ”said Sergei Sobyanin.

For the construction of houses for the wave resettlement of residents of the Golyanovo district, three launch sites were selected: Shchelkovskoe highway, houses 71, buildings 1 and 73 (the approximate commissioning date is 2021), Bela Kun square, possession 1 (the approximate commissioning date is 2022), Amurskaya street , land plots 1 and 1/1, as well as ownership 1 (approximate commissioning date – 2024).

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