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Librarian’s advice: we read a series of books about animals with kids, and serious novels with teenagers.

On weekends, the staff of the capital’s libraries talk about books that are best read with little ones and discussed with older children. Alena Shcherbakova, who works in Library No. 255, has chosen several works that will definitely interest young readers.


“Emotions of Gaston” by Aurelie Shien Sho Shin

Under the general title “Emotions of Gaston” is a series of nine books – “Gaston is offended”, “Gaston is shy”, “Gaston is jealous” and others. The works of the contemporary French writer and illustrator Aurelie Shien Sho Shin help children learn to understand and manage their emotions.

Our little readers immediately notice these books in the library. They are very attracted to the main character – the unicorn Gaston. He is faced with the most common feelings: jealousy, embarrassment, resentment and others, and sometimes he does not always understand what is happening to him. Together with him, the child will explore his feelings and get acquainted with exercises that will help to cope with negative emotions.

“Karlchen” Rotraut Susanna Berner

The books of the German artist and graphic designer Rotraut Susanna Berner from the Karlchen series are very popular among the readers of our children’s library. Stories about bunny Karlchen and his family captivate kids and their parents from the first line. The main character is the same as all children: sometimes he is not averse to being naughty, does not like to go to bed, and prefers sweets to healthy dishes. The author in this series very accurately reflects the inner world of the child, and it is fascinating. It also makes you smile constantly while reading.

Rotraut Susanna Berner is the recipient of the prestigious international Hans Christian Andersen Prize and other literary awards.

Older guys

“Anya of Green Gables” by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Amazing, sincere, light and memorable – these words can describe the story written by Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery. The story of a ginger fidget who ended up at Green Gables Farm after the death of her parents was first published over 100 years ago, but still resonates with readers around the world. By the way, the book was filmed many times – it was used for filming feature films, TV series, and anime.

How to keep kindness in your soul even in the most difficult and, at first glance, hopeless situations? The vivid imagination of the little orphan amazes the minds of the inhabitants of Prince Edward Island, the Canadian province where the farm is located. At first, not everyone likes Anya, but in the end all the neighbors will sincerely love her. This wonderful book about friendship, support, help and understanding will leave a lasting impression and make your children look at the world around them from a different angle.

“Goalkeeper and the Sea” by Maria Parr

Goalkeeper and the Sea is a sequel to the acclaimed book Waffle Heart, with which the Norwegian writer Maria Parr debuted in 2005. The main characters – 12-year-old schoolchildren Trille and Lena – find themselves in new troubles, meet amazing people and go through various trials. They again embark on a journey along the already famous bay of Sliver Matilda, and the crazy ideas that go through their heads will surprise you. The guys will definitely show their abilities and show their character. And once again they will prove that with a friend the sea is knee-deep!

This book can be read even if you are not familiar with the first part. If you like The Goalkeeper and the Sea, then you will be equally happy to take on the Waffle Heart to find out where it all began.


“Money, mongrels, words” by Evgenia Basova

A book that touches a living – regardless of the age of the reader. This is not just a story about the eighth-grader Valya Samukova and her mother, who work part-time on weekends at a dog shelter. Evgenia Basova touches upon various social and philosophical topics, but the main thing is that she talks about the human attitude towards each other and towards our smaller brothers. The writer once collaborated with a dog shelter, so she knows exactly what she’s talking about.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The novel, which won the Pulitzer Prize to American writer Harper Lee in 1961, is the ideal book to start exploring the world of serious adult literature.

Time of action – the mid-1930s, the era of the Great Depression, the place is a fictional town in the real state of Alabama, at the time, gripped by racial segregation and age-old prejudices associated with it. Raised by an African American nanny, little girl Jean Louise Finch, nicknamed Scout, witnesses a lawsuit that will change her life forever. In the dock – an African-American worker, unjustly accused of a serious crime. All the evidence speaks of his innocence, the lawyer – Jean Louise’s father – is ready to stand up for him with a mountain, but the jury still pass a unanimous verdict “guilty”.

Harper Lee said that her own father became the prototype for Finch’s lawyer, and she copied Dill, a friend of the main character, from her friend Truman Capote. The future creator of Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a neighbor of the writer.

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