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This species is listed in the Red Book of Moscow.

During the winter registration of animals in the natural and historical park “Moskvoretsky” Mosprirody managed to find a rare feathered predator – short-eared owl (Asioflammeus). The species is listed in the Red Book of Moscow under the zero rarity category. The last time nesting of these birds was seen in 1996-1997 in the floodplain of the Moskva River. The appearance of the short-eared owl in the capital probably indicates that habitats suitable for this species are being restored.

How to recognize a short-eared owl

The short-eared owl is slightly smaller than a crow: its body length is 34–42 centimeters, its wingspan is 90–110 centimeters, and its weight is 230–430 grams. It looks like a long-eared owl, but it has long, feathery ears and a black spot around its yellow eyes. Males are smaller than females, but they are similar in color.

Short-eared owls often hunt and walk during the day. You can distinguish a short-eared owl from other species by its atypical flight: soft, silent, unhurried. She can also be seen sitting on the ground or on a small hill.

Like other birds of prey, short-eared owls maintain ecosystem balance. Most often, they feed on murine rodents and large insects.

In 2020, other species were discovered in the capital birdswho were considered to have disappeared from Moscow. This is a gray duck and a wasp. In total, over 40 species of birds and over 10 species of mammals listed in the Red Book of Moscow have been recorded in the natural territories of the capital.

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