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More than 25 thousand residents of the district should move to new apartments.

A residential building was built in the Mozhaisky district under the renovation program. It is located at the address: Kubinka street, house 18/2.

“Only four houses have already been commissioned in the Mozhaisky District, but your house is one of the first, which was originally designed and built according to the standard of the renovation program. You see, his appearance is already different, and the first floors are designed differently, and the layout of the rooms is different, and the area of ​​the apartments, I think, is larger than yours, ”said Sergei Sobyanin during his inspection of the new building.

Muscovites, participants in the renovation program, noted the convenient layout of the apartments and thanked the Mayor of Moscow. “The elevator groups and the no-step entrance are comfortable, so I hope you enjoyed everything. As far as I know, your neighbors do not have a single refusal to move to this house, ”added Sergei Sobyanin.

In the Mozhaisk district, 148 houses are included in the renovation program. More than 25 thousand residents should move to new apartments. In the area, 11 launch sites have been identified, on which houses with a total area of ​​134.9 thousand square meters will be built.

“According to the implementation of the renovation program, Mozhaisky is one of the most active areas. In total, it includes 148 houses, residents are actively involved in the move, – said the prefect of the Western administrative district of Moscow, Alexei Alexandrov. “Today we have 10 houses in operation, six houses have been completely settled, four houses have already been demolished.”

In April 2018, the settlement of two newly-built houses began – on Gzhatskaya Street (building 16, building 1) and Krasnykh Zor Street (building 59b).

In October 2020, the construction of another house was completed at the address: Kubinka Street, house 18/2. The resettlement of residents began on December 25.

Construction, design or development of urban planning documentation for the remaining eight houses is underway.

“I hope that residents of other houses will also actively move, there are good launch sites, more than ten, construction and design is underway on all of them. In general, the Mozhaisky District is actively developing, ”the Moscow Mayor noted.

In recent years, a number of large infrastructure projects have been implemented in the region: Kubinka and Tolbukhina streets have been reconstructed, Setun and Rabochiy Poselok stations have been reconstructed. In 2020, traffic was opened on a new departure highway – General Dorokhov Avenue. This made it possible to reduce the load on the Mozhaisk and Aminevskoe highways and improve the transport accessibility of the Skolkovo innovation center.

Thanks to the organization (due to re-marking) of an additional lane on the Aminevskoye highway towards Rublevskoye highway, it was possible to increase the throughput of this highway at the intersection with Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

New building on Kubinka street

The new building on Kubinka Street is a one-section residential building. It has 14 floors, to which one more underground has been added. The house was built according to an individual project.

Against the background of gray panel five-storey buildings, most of which are included in the renovation program, the new building stands out with a facade made in orange and white tones. The facade is finished with porcelain stoneware, the loggias and balconies are glazed, each apartment has a grid for air conditioners, which will preserve the appearance of the building.

The new building has 99 apartments, including 43 one-room, 35 two-room and 21 three-room. The total area of ​​the apartments is 5.8 thousand square meters. The improved finishing of apartments and common areas is made in accordance with the requirements of the Moscow renovation standard.

At the entrance there are two elevators – a passenger and a freight one, on which you can go down to the underground parking for 57 cars.

On the non-residential ground floor with a modern stained-glass glazing system, there are technical rooms, a concierge room and a room for prams, bicycles and scooters. The entrance lobby and the halls of the residential floors are decorated with white and gray tiles.

A feature of the new building will be smart common house and apartment-based metering devices for cold and hot water supply, heat supply, electricity with the ability to automatically transfer data to city information systems. This will significantly reduce the cost of house maintenance and utility bills.

To ensure safety in the house, modern automatic systems are installed – video surveillance, fire alarm and others.

The landscaped space next to the new building will create a comfortable and safe environment for all categories of residents, including small children and people with limited mobility. The playground in the courtyard is equipped with a safe rubber coating, comfortable sidewalks and walking paths.

The planning projects of the renovation quarters approved by the Moscow Government envisage the creation of a high-quality and balanced urban environment in the Mozhaisky District. In particular, in the microdistricts adjacent to the new building on Kubinka Street, it is planned to build six social facilities, including a general education school, kindergartens, a fitness center with a swimming pool, and an art school. The development of the road network is also provided.

Within walking distance from the house is the station of the first Moscow central diameter Setun, four bus stops away from the metro station “Molodezhnaya”.

From December 25, 2020, 148 residents of house 16, building 1 (built in 1937, four floors, 40 apartments, including 14 communal apartments), located 60 meters from the new building, will move to the new building on Kubinka Street. The Resettlement Information Center, where future newcomers receive the assistance they need, is located on the first floor of the new building. All 56 families agreed to resettlement.

One of the first newcomers to the house was the family of Natalia Sheshenina. She lives with her retired mother Inna Viktorovna and her daughter Angelina. In the near future they should move from a three-room apartment with an area of ​​77.3 square meters, located on the first floor of the house to be settled, into a new three-room apartment with a total area of ​​84.3 square meters on the 13th floor.

Another family of new settlers is the family of Elena Yakhina, in which there are two adult children-students. In the near future, the Yakhins must move from two rooms of a communal apartment located on the second floor of the house to be settled into a new two-room apartment with a total area of ​​80.8 square meters on the 14th floor.

Among the new settlers is Olga Romashkina, who is moving from a room in a communal apartment located on the fourth floor of the house to be settled to a new one-room apartment with a total area of ​​40.2 square meters on the 10th floor.

Renovation in Moscow

The program for the renovation of the housing stock in the city of Moscow was approved on August 1, 2017. It includes 5175 houses – about 350 thousand apartments with a total area of ​​16.4 million square meters, in which about one million residents live.

The first new settlers moved into new homes in February 2018. The resettlement of residents of 223 houses into 76 newly-built houses is underway or completed. In total, 33.7 thousand residents are moving, of which 24.5 thousand people have already moved to new apartments.

To assist citizens in resettlement, information centers have been opened, where you can get advice from representatives of the City Property Department, the Moscow Renovation Fund, the prefecture, the management company, the general contractor and other organizations. Citizens in need receive assistance in relocation.

To implement the program, 489 launch sites were selected with a total capacity of 7.7 million square meters of housing. The sites are located in all districts of the city as close as possible to the five-story buildings included in the program.

98 new residential buildings with a total area of ​​1.2 million square meters were built. Design and construction of 278 houses with a total area of ​​4.5 million square meters is underway.

The program “My District”: how Mozhaisky is changing

The goal of the improvement program “My District”, developed on the initiative of Sergei Sobyanin, is to create comfortable living conditions in all places in Moscow, regardless of their distance from the center.

In the course of preparations for the opening of the MCD-1 surface metro line, the Rabochiy Poselok and Setun stations were reconstructed, which became full-fledged city stations serving the residents of Mozhaisky District and Kuntsev.

“To date, two stations have been commissioned and are already functioning. These are Setun station and Rabochy Poselok station. We opened them in the summer. Landscapes and pedestrian approaches to these stations have been improved for the convenience of residents. Construction of the northern backup of Kutuzovsky Prospect has begun. The construction of Kuntsevskaya and Davydkovo metro stations on the Big Circle Line is in an active stage, ”said Aleksey Aleksandrov.

Sergei Sobyanin added that the metro stations could be completed this year.

Within the framework of the program “My District” in the Mozhaisky District, several projects were implemented in the field of creating a comfortable urban environment.

“To date, we have 15 educational centers, we have equipped seven sites, the rest are also maintained in order and are planned to be updated. Here we will additionally make a stadium, a football field with artificial turf, so that both school students and local residents can use it. The second – in the plans this year – we will develop a project for the improvement of the pedestrian zone along the river to the station “Davydkovo”. We plan to start the work itself next year. This year, in the second quarter, the renovation of an adult polyclinic on Belovezhskaya Street will be completed, ”added Aleksey Aleksandrov.

Comprehensive landscaping of the park area near the pond on Kutuzov Street, public space on Grodno Street and the territories adjacent to the Setun and Rabochiy Poselok stations was completed.

52 courtyards, 83 children’s and 15 sports grounds have been landscaped. 353 outdoor lighting poles were installed at 111 objects, as well as 1374 small architectural forms.

Compensatory planting of trees along Tolbukhin and Kubinka streets was carried out.

On Barvikhinskaya Street (possession 6) a year-round fair was opened.

The current renovation of the Yu.S. Saulsky (Kozlova Street, 48) and Library No. 198 named after B.L. Pasternak (Belovezhskaya street, building 53, building 2).

32 apartment buildings were overhauled.

In 2021, it is planned to complete the construction of the Davydkovo metro station in the Mozhaisky District at the intersection of Aminevskoye Highway and Initiative Street, which will be part of the southwestern section of the Big Circle Line.

In 2021–2023, it is planned to carry out the improvement of the Dubki public garden, as well as the specially protected natural area of ​​the Setun River Valley with a total area of ​​455 hectares. The project includes the organization of pedestrian communication from the Davydkovo metro station under construction to the Vereiskaya Plaza business center, the creation of a recreational zone and the organization of a storm water drainage system on the section from the Moscow Ring Road to the Aminevskoye Highway.

This year, it is planned to put in order 39 yards, 14 children’s and seven sports grounds. Works on cleaning the ponds on the streets of Kutuzov and Krasnye Zor ‘are envisaged.

Overhaul and improvement of the adjacent territory of the Clinical and Diagnostic Center No. 4, Branch No. 5 (Belovezhskaya Street, 45) will be carried out.

In addition, in the coming years it is planned to build and commission a new ambulance stationary complex with a helipad on the territory of the M.E. Zhadkevich at the address: Mozhaisk highway, house 14, as well as to carry out current repairs of six objects of the club system “Kuntsevo”.

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