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Under the heading Pulse of the Capital, Muscovites answer questions related to the development of urban infrastructure, cultural and leisure activities, environmental projects, as well as sports, innovation and educational programs.

For seven months of work the heading “Pulse of the Capital” of the project “Active citizen”scored a million ratings. It gives residents an opportunity to express their opinion on how Moscow is changing and learn about the latest news and achievements of the city.

Since the start of the rubric, Muscovites have been asked to assess the main directions of the city’s development and receive useful information in an interactive format. During this time, the project participants answered 53 pulse questions.

How the pulse of a city is measured

Authorized users of the site and application “Active Citizen” are invited to answer questions-pulses that come across in random order. The heading is marked with a purple banner: on the site it appears in the upper right corner, in the application – in the main feed.

To evaluate the proposed question, you need to click on the banner and select one of the emoji emoticons corresponding to a scale from one to five. For answering a question, the participant is automatically awarded five points. After the assessment, the user can read a brief informational note about the development of the sphere to which the pulse question belongs.

During the work of the heading “Pulse of the Capital” 64 facts-pulses were published on a variety of topics, including the development of urban infrastructure, as well as cultural, leisure activities, environmental projects, sports, innovation and educational programs. The list of topics is regularly expanded, supplemented and updated.

“Since the opening of the“ Capital Pulse ”rubric,“ active citizens ”have expressed their opinion more than a million times. The addition of this heading to the project increases the interest and involvement of citizens in the process of city management and allows you to quickly receive feedback from residents of the capital. Muscovites not only give a personal assessment of the level of satisfaction with one or another metropolitan service, project, innovation, but can also learn about city events. Receiving subjective assessments of the townspeople and understanding the level of satisfaction of residents, the executive authorities of the city of Moscow can respond precisely and make timely decisions, “said Alexander Pischelko, head of the New Management Technologies State Institution.

The project participant who gave the jubilee millionth grade in the heading became Diana Denisova… She received a “Pulse of the Capital” badge and five thousand points, which she can exchange in reward store.

A special prize was awarded as part of the action “Keep your finger on the pulse of the city”… The competition was held among “active citizens” who rated them under the heading “Capital Pulse”. 100 winners, selected using a random number generator, also received additional points for participation.

“Pulse of the capital”: dynamics of measurements

For seven months of work of the “Pulse of the Capital” column, the top questions with the highest ratings of the project participants have been formed. The highest mark – 4.62 points – was given to two questions: “How willing are you to recommend to your friends in Russia to come to Moscow, take a walk and get to know the city?” and “How comfortable are the new trains on the Moscow metro?” 4.6 points received the question “How comfortable is it for you to use the Vityaz-Moscow trams?”

The leader in terms of the number of assessments was the question “Rate the convenience of city electronic services for Muscovites”. He appeared in the section in July 2020 and during this time he scored more than 98.9 thousand ratings. In second place is the question “Evaluate the interactive and educational programs organized by Moscow museums for students and youth”. He received over 98.4 thousand ratings. Third place for the question: “How do you assess the projects that are being carried out by city libraries?” It was appreciated by more than 53.9 thousand participants.

“Pulse of the Capital”: a new service about the development of the city in the “Active Citizen” projectResults of 2020: the most popular votes of the Active Citizen project

Heading “Pulse of the Capital” appearedin the project “Active Citizen” in July 2020. It allows Muscovites to find out what happened in the city, evaluate the innovations and achievements of the capital in a game format, and give feedback. Residents will help to draw up an objective picture of the state of various industries and urban infrastructure.

The Active Citizen project for online voting on urban development issues was launched in 2014. It is being developed by GKU “New Management Technologies” together with Department of Information Technologies of Moscow… For six and a half years, the project team has conducted more than 4.8 thousand votes and collected over 153 million opinions. More than 4.8 million people have become project participants.

By voting, the project participants decide which streets, courtyards and parks need to be improved, how city polyclinics, libraries and public service centers should work, and also express opinions on many other issues. At the end of 2020, a new option appeared in the Active Citizen project – now participants can send their accumulated points to charity.

How the voting in the project influenced city life can be seen on the special online map… More than 1.6 thousand objects that have appeared or changed in Moscow thanks to the “Active Citizen” are already marked on the diagram.

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