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As a rule, the reason for the appearance of aggression in animals is stress, poor health or improper actions of the owner. Read the article on what to do in a given situation and what to expect from different animals.

When starting a pet, it is important to remember: no matter how cute a pet is, it is, first of all, an animal that can show aggression. At the first stages of meeting a new family member, it is necessary to devote enough time and energy to his upbringing. After all, an ill-bred animal in the house is not only tiring, but sometimes dangerous. The whole family should take part in the upbringing, and not just one person. Otherwise, the pet will dislike a particular person and will show aggression towards him.

The capital’s veterinarians told why a pet can become aggressive, how to cope with it, and what protective mechanisms are used by different species.


If the cat begins to bite or scratch, you need to find out the reason for this behavior. Often, the matter is in the disease of the animal – the instinct of self-preservation works in the cat, it makes it clear that it should not be touched again. In this case, the pet must be shown to the veterinarian.

Sometimes the cat will show aggression while playing. You need to stop this behavior right away. To do this, it is best to stop playing and let the pet know that he is guilty. Since cats don’t like loud noises, you can sharply raise your voice or hit the floor with some object. Another option is to spray with a spray bottle. In no case should corporal punishment be used. And for the right actions, the cat can be encouraged with a treat.


The dog needs to be taught from puppyhood to proper communication with people. The most important thing is to teach her forbidding commands such as “fu” and “no”. For disobedience, the animal must be taken by the withers, patted and pressed to the floor – this is how dogs punish the guilty members of the pack. Therefore, the pet will quickly understand what he did wrong.

Large or active dogs must be dealt with and walk as long as possible so that energy is wasted. Their emotional state depends on it.

Often a dog tries to bite strangers when they want to touch it. This is a normal reaction of an animal to a possible threat. The owner must follow the rules for walking the dog and minimize contact with other people. If someone wants to pet a dog, it should be warned that the pet may react badly to this.

If you can’t cope with the dog on your own, you need to send it to a canine school and take short-term courses on raising an animal.

Raccoons and ferrets

Ferrets and raccoons are best rewarded for doing the right thing with treats. You can hide the treat in a fist and remove your hand if the pet behaves aggressively when trying to get food.

It is important to remember that in the spring, raccoons can be aggressive due to the mating season. Female raccoons can also show unreasonable aggression during pregnancy – in no case should they be punished in this state. Better to wait out this time and not disturb the animals.

The most effective method for correcting aggressive behavior in animals such as dogs, cats, raccoons and ferrets is castration and neutering. After the operation, the animal becomes calmer and almost does not show aggression.


Reptiles are generally not tamed. Sometimes they can show loyalty, as they perceive a person as a source of food. But even while feeding, a lizard or a snake can accidentally bite the owner. Therefore, it is better to feed the reptiles with live food or with tweezers.

There are often cases when a python or a boa constrictor, smelling the smell of food from the hand, bit the owner very strongly. It is better not to take reptiles into your hands once again – they can experience stress and become aggressive.

Tarantula spiders

More and more people have tarantula spiders. It is important to know that these pets are impossible to tame. Whether a spider is aggressive or calm depends not only on temperament, but also on the species. It is best to familiarize yourself with the specific features of tarantula spiders in advance and choose the least aggressive one.

Nevertheless, even the calmest spider should not be handled. This will provoke stress in him, he will try to protect himself. Tarantula spiders have several defense mechanisms: they can bite, or they can throw poisonous hairs from the abdomen. Tarantula venom is usually not fatal, but it can cause an allergic reaction, itching, irritation, and even fever or muscle cramps. How dangerous spider venom is also depends on the species.

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