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A comprehensive modernization of the chain’s cinemas began four years ago. During this time, we carried out a full-fledged rebranding, carried out local repairs of facades, foyers and cinemas, installed modern cinema equipment. In 2021, work on the renovation of cinemas will continue.

Moschino today is a whole structure that organizes and coordinates filming in the capital, provides financial support to filmmakers whose films help popularize the image of Moscow in cinema, and oversees city projects. And “Moschino” is, of course, 13 cinemas with a special repertoire approach and a new design for each building.

In 2017, Sergei Sobyanin approved a program for the modernization of city cinemas that are part of the Moschino network.

New life “Moschino”

In 2017, after a major overhaul, the Tula cinema was opened. The only cinema in the Pechatniki district was built in 1988, and joined Moschino in 2003. Until its temporary closure in 2015, it had never been renovated.

The main changes, of course, took place inside the building. The old ceilings were replaced with suspended ceilings, the walls were painted, the granite slabs on the floor were cleaned and polished, and new furniture was installed. Instead of one huge cinema hall, three were made – a large concert hall, a small hall and a hall for chamber screenings and creative meetings.

The cinema has also become accessible to viewers with disabilities – the stairs are equipped with ramps, there are places in the halls for those who move in a wheelchair. In addition, equipment for audio commentary was installed (description of visual elements of the film that are incomprehensible to visually impaired visitors).

The building houses the Moschino Film Fund storage facility, the second largest film storage facility in Russia. In 2018, new racks were installed there for storing almost nine thousand film copies of Soviet classics.

In 2019, the adjacent territory and the facade of the building were put in order. It was cleaned and covered with three-color porcelain stoneware panels, new asphalt and tiled surfaces were laid around the building, footpaths were laid, lawns were laid, and benches were installed. It is planned to build a skate park in the future.

In 2018–2019, the modernization of cinemas continued. Cinema halls and foyers were repaired, interiors were changed, instead of old checkout windows, open reception desks for administrators and cashiers were installed, facades and entrance lobbies were restored in several cinemas.

“Youth” and “Star”

In 2018, the renewed Yunost and Zvezda opened.

The facade of the Yunost cinema, which is located near the Oktyabrskoe Pole metro station, has a new signboard and modern light boxes for posters. The distance between rows in the cinema hall was increased by 120 seats, new chairs were installed. Comfortable furniture was placed in the lobby for comfortable waiting for the session.

The Zvezda Cinema was opened in 1954 on the first floor of a residential building after residents at a general meeting voted to create a cinema instead of a grocery store.

Author’s films in a cozy atmosphere: how the Zvezda cinema will look after renovation

Now “Zvezda” is not an ordinary cinema, but a modern cinema cafe where you can watch a movie sitting in armchairs at round tables.

A new sign was installed on the facade of the building, the main entrance and ticket offices were moved towards Bolshoy Kazenny Lane. Inside, the interiors of the foyer were updated, new furniture was installed. In addition, the historic stucco ceiling, hidden under layers of paint and drywall, was cleared.

The cinema hall was equipped with new lighting fixtures and curtains to block out daylight. The arrangement of tables and chairs remains the same.


In May 2018, after the renovation, the Fakel cinema, located near the Aviamotornaya metro station, started working. This is also one of the oldest cinemas in the chain, it was opened in 1957.

During the restoration process, the interior was improved, new comfortable chairs were installed in the cinema hall, and the rise of the rows was designed. In addition, the lighting systems were updated, and there were places to wait for the show in the lobby of the cinema. The ventilation system was also replaced.


In November 2018, Kosmos returned to work – one of the city’s largest film platforms.

The cinema now has two halls – for 496 and 20 seats. The large one is equipped with a projector for showing films from 35 mm film and for the rare 70 mm format. In addition, a 4K projector was installed, providing maximum naturalness of the image and color reproduction.

Convertible chairs with the ability to tilt the back were mounted in the cinema hall. In the last rows there are seats with double seats.


In November 2019, after a three-month hiatus, the Molodezhny cinema was opened on Lyublinskaya Street. The facade of the building was renovated and decorated with lighting, and a coffee shop was opened inside.

As for the internal changes, they primarily affected the large hall, which can accommodate up to 270 spectators. The space between the rows has been increased and new chairs have been installed with bowls in the armrests for drinks or popcorn.

For the convenience of viewers in the cinema, the steps are equipped with lighting.


The Salut Cinema is located near the Akademicheskaya metro station. It was built in 1953 and was called “Lightning” until 1970. Salyut opened its new form a year ago. Now there are two comfortable rooms, each of which can accommodate 90 people. Viewers watch movies in comfortable chairs, and for couples there are double seats in the last row. Both halls are equipped with new acoustic systems and digital equipment. And you can have a snack or drink coffee before or after the session in the lobby where the coffee shop is open.

Cozy cafe, two cinema halls, comfortable armchairs: what does the Salut cinema look like after renovation

Continued modernization

In 2020, the cinema modernization program continued. Redecoration took place at the Berezka cinema in the Novogireevo area, as well as partial repairs of the roof and facade of the buildings of the Berezka and Tula cinemas. The basement rooms were repaired at the Vympel cinema, and the entrance lobbies at the Sputnik, Fakel and Molodezhny cinemas.

“The foyer with equipped café areas, cinema halls with new comfortable chairs, modern sound and film projection equipment – all this allowed us to attract new viewers and create a cozy atmosphere. The work carried out to modernize the cinemas is the result of the close-knit activities of the entire Moschino team, ”the Moschino press service noted.

Cinemas will continue to upgrade this year and next.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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