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Snow, blizzard, drifts – it doesn’t matter. Moscow coaches train young athletes in alpine skiing and snowboarding in any weather, temper them, prepare them for major world competitions. It is not surprising that such professionals receive the highest awards.

On the eve of February 23, we met with two real men. Both work as coaches: one is a skier, the other is a snowboarder. A week earlier, they received awards from the city of Moscow for merits in the field of physical education and sports. Read about how to prepare champions, withstand any bad weather, overcome steep slopes and conquer peaks in the report.

At top speed

On Vorobyovy Gory this day a blizzard. The subway announces the imminent closure of the cable car due to bad weather. Ministry of Emergency Situations warns of snow drifts. Indeed, the eco-trail from the Vorobyovy Gory metro station to the observation deck is covered with snow, the steps are buried under snowdrifts. An icy wind is blowing. But this does not stop Viktor Pyatakov, the master of sports of international class in alpine skiing, the head coach of the Moscow junior alpine skiing team – he is already on the slope. Originally from the Magadan Region, Victor has been accustomed to overcoming difficulties since childhood.

“I was born in a settlement at a gold mine, in the taiga, on the border with Yakutia. We have minus 60 in the winter, plus 40 in the summer. The Bears. Large mosquitoes. Today’s Moscow weather is not a hindrance for me, ”laughs Victor.

He started skiing at the age of 10 and fell in love with skiing from the first downhill. In 2000 he became the champion of Russia and took part in many international competitions. In 2002, he took up coaching, at the same time performing at competitions. “I have enough energy. Mountains, fresh air … “- says Victor. He has been in Moscow for 11 years. Now he prepares athletes aged 16 and older for competitions.

“These guys are professionals. My leading students are in the Russian national team. Some of the athletes went abroad as part of the Russian national team. I undertake to train only those who already have prospects of showing results. I see who has potential. Once a boy, Andrei Voyakin, came to me. He did not reach the prize-winning places, after a cycle of planned and methodical training at last year’s Russian Alpine Skiing Championship he became one of the strongest athletes! ” – says our interlocutor.

Andrei Voyakin himself does not remember how the skis were on his feet. “I think I was three years old. My parents brought me here, to Vorobyovy Gory, and I went. Since then, I can’t imagine life without skis, ”says the young man.

Viktor Pyatakov’s pupils match the coach – they fearlessly go out onto the slope in a blizzard. Quick start – and now they fly down at the speed of an avalanche, deftly bending around the flags. Obstacles are needed so that the guys can build the shortest trajectory. Before the descent, each athlete fixes his number on the “Omega”: it touches the semblance of an antenna, which is attached to the device. And below it crosses the beam coming from the other two sensors. At this moment, Victor’s display records the time it took his ward to complete the task. This is an electronic timekeeping system.

Today the guys are preparing for the parallel slalom.

“Parallel slalom is one of the competition programs. Each of the rivals moves down their own track – this happens simultaneously. Then they swap places. To determine the winner, the judges consider the total time it took for each participant to descend on both slopes, “says Victor and distracts from the conversation with us to instruct his students:” The snow is soft, do not get carried away by shifting into turns, clearly into the outer ski! “

By the way, neither Viktor Pyatakov nor his charges ride a snowboard. It just so happened: for whom skis are more suitable, for whom – a board. “Skiing is closer to me, because my legs are not tied, you feel free, naturally,” says 17-year-old Yegor Milbard. Although his teacher, for the sake of fairness, notes that a snowboard is ideal for fresh, loose snow.

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Jumping up

Snowboard park on the territory of the Novo-Peredelkino sports complex, where the second hero trains young people – snowboarder Andrey Merzlikin, coach of the sports school of the Olympic reserve “Russian ski school” Capital “”feels like it is at the North Pole. And for Andrey, this is the peak of the universe.

“I sold an apartment in the center of Moscow and moved to this area to be closer to the slope,” our interlocutor admits.

Andrey Merzlikin took up snowboarding at the dawn of this sport, when it was just becoming fashionable in Russia, in the 1990s. He was not taken seriously. However, Andrei did not give up. “I got on the board and couldn’t stop,” he recalls. Now Merzlikin trains 13-17-year-old juniors. Has been engaged in this business for 15 years. Andrey’s students are members of the Russian national team and winners of the competition. So, at the recent Russian championship in snowboarding in Krasnoyarsk, three wards of the coach won: Igor Tarakanov, Yaroslava Kudryashova and Daniil Stepanov. These guys are now going to participate in the world championship.

Andrey’s students accelerate on the track, push off the springboard, twist into a whirlwind and then fly down an almost vertical slope. We are breathtaking. But a strict coach sees mistakes.

“The amplitude is not enough! .. Yaroslava, did you do three or five? Three is not enough, five is a lot … Do it again with a good grab … Seva, melon grab! Have you forgotten? You have eight years of experience! ” – Andrey shouts to the guys.

According to the coach, his wards speak excellent snowboarder slang. And especially for us, the uninitiated, he explains that the amplitude is the height of the jump. Three and five are shorthand for tricks. If an athlete jumps on a springboard and rotates 360 degrees in the air, this is a “three-ruble note”. If the turn is 540 degrees (one and a half turn) – this is a “five”.

“Grab – grabbing the board by hand. The athlete takes off from the springboard, groups up, pulls up his knees and fixes the snowboard with his hand. You can grab the toe edge with your back hand, then this is an indie grab. You can use the front hand to the back edge – this is a melon-grab. Grips are needed to show at the competition that you are in complete control of the situation while spinning in the air. And, of course, grab is an element of style, ”Andrey Merzlikin enlightens us.

To stay on top, the guys train six times a week. Before the main starts twice a day.

“I like it when adrenaline rises in my blood. Although sometimes it is scary, especially when there is an unfamiliar springboard in front of you. It seems that you get lost in the air. But if you follow the instructions of the coach, everything will work out. At the competitions in Krasnoyarsk, I took first place, although I had serious rivals, masters of sports. I’m just a candidate for master … ”- says 16-year-old Yaroslava Kudryashova.

New peaks

Both coaches were awarded by the Moscow Mayor for their contribution to the development of sports in the capital and the preparation of the sports reserve. Nevertheless, the laureates speak modestly about their own achievements.

“Nice, I was surprised. Medals and cups happened, but this is the first time I have a cash prize. This is our common achievement, ”Viktor Pyatakov briefly comments.

And Andrei Merzlikin on the eve of the ceremony returned from Krasnoyarsk. “They called me and said that I should come to the awards ceremony in a formal suit. I was impressed by the competition, did not understand anything, only then I realized that Sergei Sobyanin would congratulate me personally. Suddenly. This has never happened before, ”says the coach.

The coaches plan to conquer new peaks. Andrey is going to attract more young people to his school. In his opinion, snowboarding in Russia is still not as widespread as skiing. He also hopes that in the near future an all-season slope with artificial turf and imitation of landing on an inclined cushion will open in Moscow, where the children will be able to train even in summer. This will give the strongest impetus to the development of Moscow and Russian snowboarding! And, of course, he believes that his students will perform well at the world snowboarding championship.

Victor intends to continue training the Russian national team. According to him, now Moscow is the leader among the regions in terms of the number of strong skiers.

Athletes believe that almost any child can get on skis or snowboards and eventually join a team of professionals. Enough basic physical training. “My criterion is 10 squats. Anyone who easily performs this exercise will surely master skiing, ”sums up Viktor Pyatakov.

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