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There are at least 39 fish species in them, 16 of which are listed in the Red Book of Russia.

Mospriroda experts counted the inhabitants of Moscow’s reservoirs. According to their estimates, there are at least 39 fish species in the capital’s waters. Among them are verkhovka, common loach, chub, mustachioed char, nine-spined stickleback, dace, common ruff, rudd, bream, tench, burbot, perch, roach, Russian sculpin, sterlet, pike perch, silver carp, pike, ide, sabrefish, tsutsik goby , gorchak, guppy, rotan, eel, rainbow trout and many others.

Alien Fish

Among the inhabitants of the capital’s reservoirs are the so-called “alien fish”. These are the species that were artificially introduced into them. Over the past decades, the ichthyofauna of the capital has been supplemented by southern gobies – round timber and tsutsik. They prefer the waters of the Black, Azov and Caspian Seas, but they easily tolerate changes in salinity and temperature, so they quickly get used to new conditions. Chekhon was brought to the capital from the Oka and Volga, from the Amur – a rotan-firewood, from the ponds of the Skhodnensky trout farm, rainbow trout got into the reservoirs. Often fishermen or aquarists launch fish into the capital’s waters. This is how silver carp, bitterness, eel and even guppies appeared in reservoirs.

Residents of the Moskva River

The most diverse ichthyofauna is represented in the Moskva River. There, according to fishermen and employees of Mospriroda, almost all fish species living in the capital are found. Most often, roach, bream, perch, bleak and pike perch are found in the Moscow River within the Moscow Ring Road. Experts note that the number of goldfish is gradually increasing in the reservoirs of the capital.

Red Book inhabitants

The Moscow rivers, lakes and ponds are home to 16 fish species listed in the Red Book of Russia. These are sterlet, Volga podust, dace, chub, ide, rudd, asp, common minnow, tench, golden crucian carp, mustachioed loach, loach, catfish, burbot, common ruff and Russian sculpin.

The common loach is considered a lost species on the territory of the capital, but it can be found singularly in the upper reaches of the Moskva River. Podust of the Volga, ide, common minnow, goldfish and burbot in the city is practically gone. Dace, chub, rudd, asp, tench, mustache char, catfish and common ruff have become extremely rare. The gudgeon and common gudgeon also need constant control and supervision.

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Inhabitants of the capital’s water bodies are subject to strong anthropogenic influence, especially in the conditions of a metropolis. Therefore, experts urge to protect the ichthyofauna of the city and not to release alien species of fish and other animals into rivers and lakes.

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