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For six months, graduates and students of universities get acquainted with the work of city authorities. The best interns will receive a job offer.

200 young people are undergoing training at the Moscow Government. Since the end of December, students and graduates of universities work in various metropolitan departments and city organizations. The best of them will be offered employment after the end of the internship.

Already open accepting applications for a new internship – it will last until February 28. Young specialists will be selected and a preparatory course in the “Career School”. After these stages, 100 people will become trainees.

Read the article on how an internship is going on in the Moscow Government, what skills yesterday’s students managed to acquire in two months, and how to become an intern.

Ksenia Zolotukhina: To work in the Government, you need a desire to learn something new

Deputy Head of the Department for Innovative Development of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the City of Moscow

Trainees choose one of six areas – Media City, Social City, Comfortable Urban Environment, Legal Space, Urban Economy, and HR-City. During the internship, the trainee manages to work in three departments in his direction – each for two months. Mentors help him to get acquainted with responsibilities and tasks.

In the management of innovative development Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative DevelopmentKsenia Zolotukhina became a mentor for the guys back in 2018. Currently, one trainee is working under her supervision, and in total Ksenia has trained seven people.

“Now we have one young man who is involved in the“ Subsidy for Engineering ”project. He is the first to work remotely. The trainee processes applications for subsidies, verifies opinions, prepares analytical and presentation materials, and studies the regulatory framework. Trainees who previously worked in the office often traveled to organizations to check if they were eligible for grants. The children were very interested, they got acquainted with the work of Moscow high-tech companies, ”says Ksenia Zolotukhina.

Of the seven interns trained by Ksenia, three remained to work in the Moscow Government in the innovative development department of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development. One of them is currently engaged in grants and subsidies, participates in field events, and also checks the intended use of budget funds, the availability of purchased equipment, and the organization of production.

The interns have many tasks. This is a new area for them, so they have to learn and study a lot.

“We, of course, help, but it’s still difficult for the interns at first. We have a large volume of work and tight deadlines – this is the rhythm that is unusual for them. But interns really like it when they are given really serious assignments. Not just print the document, but as for real employees, colleagues, when they are consulted, they are asked for their opinion. Then everyone feels like a team, ”says Ksenia Zolotukhina.

According to the mentor, the main qualities for working in the Government are diligence, initiative and interest. “There should be no fear of new challenges. You should always want to learn something new, ”the specialist emphasizes.

Sanan Yusifov: I got a lot of experience in two months

Trainee in the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development (direction “Urban Economy”)

Graduates of not only the capital’s universities undergo training at the Moscow Government. Sanan Yusifov graduated from the University of Warwick in Coventry (UK), where he studied politics, economics and international relations. In the third year I chose economics as my main subject.

“I finished my studies last summer and wanted to work in Russia. I started to find out, called the Moscow Government – and they told me about the internships and where you can learn more about them. I started to get acquainted with all the available information, ”says Sanan.

The young man completed an internship in the management of technological infrastructure development, worked with the documents of companies that applied for city subsidies. He was part of a visiting group that visits the enterprise, inspects the purchased equipment, takes pictures, then studies the materials in a special department and approves a subsidy – up to 10 million rubles per company.

“During these two months, I gained a lot of experience: I prepared documents, made a 130-slide presentation on the companies to which we gave subsidies for this season, dealt with company debts, lack of documents. I also performed many other tasks in parallel, such as collecting comments from companies that received or will receive subsidies. We want to publish these materials in the business media, ”says Sanan about his responsibilities.

He already knows where he will be transferred at the next stage of his internship – to the Moscow Innovation Cluster. There is also an on-site team that checks enterprises for compliance with the requirements.

Sanan Yusifov connects his future with Moscow, and his career with the Moscow Government.

“I want to work in the Moscow Government and do what interests me. I believe that this is the place where there are opportunities for self-development and career growth. I would also like to get into the Moscow Innovation Cluster – it has recently appeared, and there are many vacancies, ”says the intern.

Students will be able to undergo an internship at the Moscow Foundation for the Support of Industry and Entrepreneurship

Anastasia Kulikova: I learned to work in multitasking mode

Trainee in State Inspectorate for Control over the Use of Real Estate Objects(direction “Comfortable urban environment”)

Anastasia Kulikova graduated from the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov – Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Master’s degree in Management. According to her, the girl always knew about the internship in the Moscow Government, but during her studies there was not enough time to try.

“Now I graduated from the magistracy, although I entered the graduate school. But there was more free time, so I decided to apply. After the selection, I got into the real estate inspection, and I like it here. I quickly got into everything, figured out everything – this is a great merit of my colleagues and mentor, they constantly supported me, explained at the first stages, ”says Anastasia.

At the very beginning of the internship, I had to learn a lot of new things. “The sphere of land relations is new to me. I have learned to work with a large amount of data, very large. In multitasking mode, when new tasks appear during the execution of previous ones. I learned a lot about property and land relations, including how the territory of our city is used, ”Anastasia Kulikova explains.

According to her, the team has become a pleasant discovery – smart and responsive people work here. “I definitely liked the team, it did not correspond at all to my ideas about the civil service. The people here are active, friendly, proactive, always ready to help, they have a good sense of humor, and it is pleasant to work with them, ”Anastasia emphasizes.

Sofya Sinyavkina: We deal with everything – orders, transfers, dismissals, labor contracts

Trainee at the Moscow State University of Management of the Government of Moscow (direction “HR-city”)

Sofya Sinyavkina graduated from the St. Petersburg University of Trade and Economics and the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of Russia, studied management in the public sector and corporations. Like Anastasia, Sofya knew about the internship for a long time, but decided to try it only after graduating from the university.

“I submitted the application through the portal

talent.mos.ruin May or June last year. Even when I entered the RANEPA, I opened an account there and wrote an essay about myself – it was so funny to read it five years later. The first stage of selection was for this account and essay. And then there were more interesting and difficult tests – tests, interviews, video interviews, business games, ”says Sofya Sinyavkina.

She chose the direction “HR-city”, and at the first stage of the internship she was the only one sent to the Moscow Government University, to the personnel department. The girl admits that then she thought that at this place she would get bored, that she would need to shift pieces of paper and fiddle with documents.

“But everything turned out to be different. The university has 750 employees, and our HR department prepares documents for all of them. We handle everything – orders, transfers, dismissals, employment contracts. I also applied for 100 trainees who came with me, ”Sophia shared.

From the moment she entered the RANEPA, Sofya Sinyavkina realized that public service is what she wants to do. “Of course, at the first stage it was difficult to help so many people, but I am an extrovert and I would love to continue doing this,” she says.

How to become a trainee of the Moscow Government

The internship program at the Moscow Government was launched in 2011. This year, two internships are planned. The first has already begun and will last until February 28, the second set starts later.

The candidates’ questionnaires will be evaluated by specialists – this is the first stage of selection. Those who pass it will be invited to an online analytical test and video interview. They will run from 15 to 29 March. The best 200 will be invited to the next stage – a training course at the Career School.

Starting this year, the “Career School” is a mandatory stage for an internship with the Moscow Government. The training lasts 10 days, the program is intensive – specialists and heads of city departments will conduct master classes and video tours. Also, students will have team assignments. All classes will take place online.

Out of 200 graduates of the Career School, 100 will get an internship at the Moscow Government. The same number will get from the second set.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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