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Modern technologies allow you to take a fresh look at famous stories and create your own cartoons.

The Soyuzmultpark multimedia center was opened at VDNKh. The opening ceremony was attended by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova. The exposition of the new leisure space was presented by Yuliana Slashcheva, chairman of the board of the Soyuzmultfilm studio.

According to Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow is now becoming one of the world’s centers for animation, and cinema and animation are one of the drivers of the development of its creative industry.

“One of the most amazing projects at VDNKh is the Soyuzmultfilm cartoon park based on the former Semena pavilion, which has been renovated and reconstructed. Together with the Ministry of Culture and Soyuzmultfilm, such an amazing, kind pavilion, a kind fairy tale, which will develop further, has been made, ”Sergei Sobyanin said.

Along with the Moskvarium, the Fairy Tales Theater, the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center and many other interesting attractions, Soyuzmultpark will become another attraction point at VDNKh for children from all over Russia. “A chocolate museum, a circular cinema panorama, a huge children’s amusement park will soon appear nearby. Gradually, VDNKh is turning into a children’s entertainment, culture and recreation center, ”added the Moscow Mayor.

Cartoon pavilion

The multimedia center “Soyuzmultpark” is a joint project of the oldest animation studio in the country “Soyuzmultfilm”, the Moscow Government and the Russian Ministry of Culture.

According to Olga Lyubimova, the new space is suitable for all ages. “It is very important for“ Soyuzmultfilm ”when the youngest children come and they are glad that they recognize those heroes whom we know and love, our parents know and love. This is the most important thing, here you can have fun, at the same time usefully and gain some knowledge, and not only spend weekends, but also get additional education on weekdays, ”she said.

Pavilion 7 “Seeds” was chosen to accommodate the center at VDNKh. It was built in the second half of the 1970s by architects Zoya Arzamasova and Tatiana Petrova with the participation of engineer Dmitry Zemtsov.

The overhaul of a three-story building with a total area of ​​2.2 thousand square meters was completed in the summer of 2020. The facade and roof were repaired in the building, stained-glass windows were replaced. The specialists put in order the main staircase and a large flower bed with spruce.

The pavilion was equipped with modern water and power supply systems, heating, sewerage, ventilation, air conditioning and fire alarm systems. The building was adapted for people with limited mobility – a lift, an elevator, ramps and tactile information signs in Braille were installed. The facade of the pavilion and the flowerbed were decorated with architectural and artistic lighting.

Soyuzmultpark has become an absolutely unique place, added Yuliana Slashcheva.

“There is no such second project anywhere, and it seems to us that everything worked out because we see the reaction of the children: they don’t want to leave here, they leave crying, trying to take those Cheburashkas off the wall with them. We see that we have succeeded. And now we very much hope that other regions will follow Moscow’s example, as is often the case, and similar parks will start opening there. And this, of course, will be very cool, Moscow is here, as always, a pioneer, ”she said.

New technologies and favorite heroes

The pavilion’s exposition included 18 multimedia attractions based on the best domestic cartoons using digital technologies of 3D animation, VR / AR, RTX (the ability to trace rays in real time, which makes it possible to create believable lighting) and motion capture (a method of character animation by digitizing movements of a real object). Playing and having fun, children will be able to take a fresh look at famous stories and, if they wish, take the first steps in creating their own cartoons.

The main attractions of “Soyuzmultpark”

“Journey Inside the Cartoon” is an attraction where two large vertical and one floor screens create the feeling of a fabulous space that changes as soon as the child takes at least one step inside it.

“Me and the Cartoon Heroes” is an attraction with four play zones based on famous cartoons: Winnie the Pooh (1969), Golden Antelope (1954), Octopuses (1976) and The Secret of the Third Planet (1981) … Players can fight the bees from whom Winnie the Pooh wanted to take honey, run through the Raja’s palace in the form of the Golden Antelope, catch fleeing octopuses, or, like Gromozek with six arms, learn to play musical flowers.

The attraction “The Land of Naughty Colors” is dedicated to the worlds of the “Secrets of the Third Planet”. Players throw light balls at robots moving on huge screens. After several hits, the robots explode in bright colors. When all the villains are defeated, the heroes release the animals from their cages and put pirates in them, and the whole planet blooms with outlandish flowers.

Having visited the attraction “Map of the land of Winnie the Pooh”, players will have to find and transfer gifts for the Eeyore donkey to the walls. After the game, you can take pictures in special photo zones.

The “Room with a flashlight in hand” attraction is based on the fairy tale “Hedgehog in the Fog” (1975). With the help of flashlights, children and adults can help the Hedgehog and Teddy Bear to find each other, and also feel like the very same horse in the fog. The mystery of the space is enhanced by the original musical composition, the author of which was the cartoon composer Mikhail Meerovich, as well as additional sound effects that arise when interacting with the projection.

“Magic Sounds” is an attraction dedicated to the cartoon “The Snow Queen” (1957). In the kingdom of the Snow Queen there is a hall with columns of numerous ice floes. Depending on the activity of the players, the sculptures change their color and make different sounds. The player’s task is to create a musical composition that will melt the pieces of ice in Kai’s heart.

In the attraction “Vovka in the Far-away Kingdom”, the guests, like the main character of the 1965 cartoon, find themselves in the Far-away Kingdom. Here the tsar will propose to check which of them is the laziest: the one who will sit on the throne the longest will be recognized as the main lazy. Visiting Vasilis the Wise, with the help of projection and soft cubes, you can choose wisdom and learn it – how to build a palace, stove or throne, how to make a trough or weave a self-assembled tablecloth;

The Flight 360 VR attraction is a five-minute airship trip across Russia and the worlds of Soyuzmultfilm accompanied by animated characters, and the Bowls is an attraction in which several bowl screens show videos with amazing natural phenomena and unusual creatures. The heroes of the cartoon “The Mystery of the Third Planet” will alternately appear in one or the other bowl. With the help of 3D animation, players will take a trip inside the body of a fictional animal from the future.

The Dome Cinema attraction is designed for 10 spectators, who, sitting on soft beanbag chairs, can watch a medley of their favorite cartoons lasting four to five minutes.

“Walking on the Roofs with Carlson” is an attraction based on the cartoon “Kid and Carlson” (1969). The children’s playroom is stylized like the roofs of Stockholm, on which you can run and find yourself near the house of the main character of the cartoon.

In the zone “Museum” Soyuzmultfilm “. Timeline ”, you can learn about the history of the creation and development of the film studio. And at the “Bring the Cartoon Characters” site to life, children will be able to paint with pencils the cartoon characters “Just You Wait!” Their drawings will be scanned and displayed. By touching the screen, you can teach the heroes to laugh and say funny phrases.

“Virtual Artist” is an attraction in which children, wearing a virtual reality helmet, will paint their favorite cartoons or simply draw in three-dimensional space. Adults can watch the creative process on the monitor.

Finding the Lost Heroes is a design for AR games. The guys will help the lost characters return back to their cartoons. This can be done using interactive racks with tablets or in the Soyuzmultfilma application, which must be downloaded to your mobile phone.

The “Stereo Mirror” attraction consists of 21 unique stereo panels with the studio’s iconic cartoons. And thanks to the “Visiting Cartoon Heroes” attraction, children can talk to characters from the cartoon “Winnie the Pooh”, “The Bremen Town Musicians” (1969), “Prostokvashino”. Favorite characters act as leading dance and play programs, reacting in real time to the movements and requests of children.

The attraction “House for Cheburashka” is dedicated to the protagonist of one of the most famous cartoons. In a special photo booth, visitors can shoot a short video using various video filters, and after a while the video will appear in the windows of the house.

In addition, guests of Soyuzmultpark can create a cartoon themselves by taking part in master classes. You can mold your heroes from plasticine, draw, paint, cut out and so on. Then the animator will finalize and edit the footage, work with the sound and indicate the names of its creators in the credits. The entire cartoon will be ready in five to seven days.

Those who are interested in the art of animation and want to get the first professional skills in this profession can study in animation workshops (in Moscow they work on the basis of the TUMO school of creative technologies), one of four children’s technoparks (Caliber, Kulibin Pro, “Science City” and “Vertical Takeoff”), as well as in numerous private studios.

Tickets to “Soyuzmultpark” can be bought at the box office or online on the website… Those who wish can also buy souvenirs with their favorite characters and take pictures in a special photo zone. The mobile application “Soyuzmultpark” will tell you about news and events, and with the help of augmented reality technologies, it visualizes the guide in the park in the form of one of your favorite animated characters.

It is expected that annually “Soyuzmultpark” at VDNKh will be visited by about 100 thousand people – mainly children and adolescents.


Moscow is the natural leader of the domestic film industry, and in the field of animation, the Russian capital is one of the global leaders. The most successful Moscow animation projects Masha and the Bear, The Fixies and others are gaining tens of billions of views on YouTube and screening platforms. Hundreds of TV channels around the world acquire the right to show them.

According to a study by the Higher School of Economics Research University, about nine thousand organizations and individual entrepreneurs work in Moscow in the field of cinema and animation, employing about 20 thousand people. At the end of 2019, the revenue of the capital’s film and animation industry amounted to almost 187 billion rubles.

The oldest animation studio in the city is the legendary Soyuzmultfilm, founded in 1936. For 85 years, the studio’s artists have created more than 1.5 thousand cartoons, many of which have entered the golden fund of world animation classics, having won more than 500 prizes and awards at international festivals.

In 2004, the film studio was transformed into a federal state unitary enterprise. In 2017, Soyuzmultfilm received its own house at 21 Akademika Korolev Street, Building 1. Before that, for decades, the film studio had been operating in premises on Dolgorukovskaya Street belonging to the property of the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, which were technologically unsuitable for further work. The building has now been returned to the Russian Orthodox Church.

In 2018, the studio released the first feature-length film in the last 30 years – “Hoffmaniada” by Stanislav Sokolov.

House of Russian animation

In May 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the creation of an animation technopark “House of Russian Animation” on the basis of the Soyuzmultfilm film studio, which should become the center of Russian animation.

It is planned that all animation techniques will be developed in the technopark – doll production, plasticine, traditional drawing and 3D animation. Special software for animation will also be produced here. In July 2018, the Moscow Government awarded Soyuzmultfilm the status of a priority investment project for the creation of a technopark, which allows the film studio to reduce the tax burden on regional taxes by up to 25 percent (land tax, property tax, and income tax incentives) and use the released funds for modernization areas of the technopark.

Currently, the film studio is carrying out a comprehensive technical modernization taking into account modern animation production technologies. For the residents of the technopark, collective use centers have been created with specialized equipment and software, including a motion capture studio, a recording studio, a chroma key pavilion, a color correction complex, a scanner for creating digital archives of 35 and 16 millimeters of film, and a render farm.

Collective use centers created in the “House of Russian Animation” will allow small animation studios and independent animators to use the most complex and expensive technologies.

At the moment, the technopark is resident in six companies, which employ 150 people. Among them:

– animation studio “Frodo” – creates short cartoons in the technique of hand-drawn animation, for example, she released “The Cure for Obedience” (2018), “Once upon a time there was a tiger” (2020) and “Airplanes” (2020). In production there is a full-length film “Ritag”, which tells the story of the pilot Pyotr Nesterov;

– Film company “Animos” – on the basis of the technopark plans to create a project “Tsyp-tsyp”, an educational cartoon “Lessons of Rocky”, as well as a part of the author’s anthology “Mirror”;

– Animated Film Association – professional association of animators;

– Film company “Magic Factory” – is engaged in the production, production and distribution of films and serials of various genres and formats;

– the company “Monsiki” – produces and produces the animated series of the same name;

– animation studio “Agama Film” – the main project of the studio, “Feyerinki”, is in active development, the first episodes are broadcast on the leading children’s TV channels.

The Soyuzmultfilm studio itself plans to release about 1,800 minutes of animated films in 2021. Now we are working on 43 projects – serials, full-length and short films. In the anniversary year for the film studio, several premieres are planned, including the full-length adventure film “Suvorov”, as well as the relaunch of the legendary Soviet animated series “Just You Wait!”

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