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Non-profit organizations help socially disadvantaged groups of the population, implement projects in the field of education, health care, culture, ecology, as well as physical culture and sports.

The heads and employees of a number of the largest Moscow non-profit organizations (NPOs) engaged in social and charitable activities were thanked Mayor of Moscow… Among the awardees were employees of the Mosvolonter resource center and the Moscow House of Public Organizations.

“I would like to congratulate you on the World Day of Non-Profit Organizations. The holiday is young and, in general, was not particularly celebrated in previous years. But every year we see how the movement of non-profit organizations is gaining momentum, there are more caring people who strive to participate in the life of the city and help each other, ”Sergei Sobyanin said.

According to him, already about half a million Muscovites take part in various social projects every year. “This is great, I think this figure will grow. For its part, the city, as far as possible, helps non-profit organizations to develop by allocating grants, premises and, most importantly, opening up opportunities for cooperation, especially in such areas as health care, education, social protection, assistance to citizens who find themselves in difficult life situation, “- added the Mayor of Moscow.

Volunteers and non-profit organizations provided tangible help last year, when the city was struggling with the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

“All city services worked, as they say, at the limit. The participation of a huge number of citizens, non-profit organizations, volunteers in this difficult period was simply, in my opinion, necessary. Because, in addition to organizational issues, financial, medical, mental help and complicity of neighbors, friends and ordinary citizens are very important, ”stressed Sergei Sobyanin.

Thousands of volunteers helped those who followed the home regime, provided real assistance in obtaining medicines, delivered food, and walked pets.

“It was amazing because it wasn’t just a safe walk. This is a high risk zone. Volunteers risked their health, maybe even their lives. Nevertheless, the volunteer movement developed, and it really was an irreplaceable help, a test of our society for maturity, for the fact that we can sympathize with each other, ”said the Moscow Mayor.

Among those awarded with gratitude for their contribution to the development of civil society institutions in the capital and active public work:

– Elena Bozhok – Director of the “The Road of Mercy” charity foundation, which has created an educational and rehabilitation center for day care, training and rehabilitation of adults with autism;

– Alexander Garaiko – President of the Adeli Charitable Foundation for Children with Cerebral Palsy, created to support the community of parents with children with severe forms of the disease;

– Victoria Ivashchenko – Deputy Director of the Resource Center for the Development and Support of the Mosvolonter Volunteer Movement, Coordinator of the Volunteers of the Vaccination Helpers project;

– Alexander Ilyin – executive director of the non-profit partnership for promoting the development of cinema and tourism “KiT”, which holds the city film festival “Date with Russia in Soulful Moscow. Ecology of a metropolis “;

– Yulia Lavricheva – General Director of the Love Syndrome Charitable Foundation, which provides assistance to children with Down syndrome and their families;

– Sergey Lyangasov – President of the Association of Social Design Professionals, which implements projects in the field of education, education, health care, prevention and protection of citizens’ health;

– Nina Petrovskaya – Program Manager of the Unity Charitable Foundation, which helps people with mental disabilities and their families;

– Lesya Pogorelova – a volunteer at the resource center for the development and support of the Mosvolonter volunteer movement, a participant in the all-Russian action for mutual assistance #WeVotte;

– Anastasia Preobrazhenskaya – President of the Foundation for Assistance to the Development of Science, Education and Medicine, among the projects of the Foundation – popularization of family values ​​and support for families with children;

– Oleg Soloviev – Executive Director of the Moscow Equestrian Club of Disabled Persons, a regional charitable public organization that implements projects in the field of hippotherapy, hippo rehabilitation, therapeutic riding and sports for the disabled;

– Tatyana Kharitonova – deputy head of the educational and methodological department of the Moscow House of Public Organizations, curator of the educational program “NCO Lab”;

– Leonid Churashov – Executive Director of the New Life Agricultural Shelter charitable foundation, which implements projects in the field of social rehabilitation of homeless citizens.

To make the city kinder

There are 30,400 registered non-governmental non-profit organizations in Moscow, from6.5 thousand of them are socially oriented NGOs. The most popular areas of their work are education, health care, culture, ecology, physical culture and sports, patriotic education, and assistance to socially vulnerable groups of the population.

The Moscow government provides assistance to the non-profit sector, which is received by about three thousand organizations. The total amount of annual support is more than 10 billion rubles.

Property support

The city donated premises with a total area of ​​239 thousand square meters to socially oriented NGOs. On the basis of the Moscow House of Public Organizations, a network of 11 coworking centers has been created, located in all districts of the capital. Coworking centers provide NGOs with organizational, resource, information and educational support.

So, with the support of the coworking center team in 2020, 691 events of non-profit organizations were supported. About 60 thousand people took part in them. Public organizations that do not have their own premises can use individual workplaces, meeting rooms, concert and exhibition halls for work, holding business meetings and organizing events. In 2020, resource support was provided 4499 times, and the total number of NGO representatives who used this service amounted to 26 202 people.

More than five thousand information materials about the activities of the non-profit sector were posted in the media, the Internet and social networks. Representatives of NGOs receive assistance in organizing photo and video filming of events, and can also use the service of design and printing of information materials in the printing house of the coworking center. So, in 2020, more than 400 thousand A3 pages were printed.

A unique comprehensive program for the development of professional and personal competencies of employees of non-profit organizations “NPO Lab” is focused on different target audiences – from top managers of non-profit organizations to narrow specialists – and includes a series of lectures, master classes, consultations with experts on legal, accounting and organizational issues. In 2020, 289 training events were held, attended by 6434 people.

In addition, the NPO coworking center is holding a competition for the provision of premises to non-profit organizations for the implementation of long-term social projects “Your Home for Good Deeds”. 78 project applications were submitted for participation in the first selection. 20 projects of the winners were entitled to use the premises on a long-term basis.

In 2021, another competition will take place, in which NGO projects aimed at solving the social problems of Moscow residents will be able to participate.

Financial support

The Moscow Mayor Grants Competition is held annually, within the framework of which socially oriented non-profit organizations receive budgetary funds for the implementation of socially significant projects totaling 400 million rubles. In 2020, 183 NGOs became winners of the competition.

The projects of the winners of the competition are aimed at adapting people with disabilities, helping low-income families and veterans, working with young people, strengthening family values ​​and developing a culture of charity, improving urban areas, creating a useful and safe Internet environment.

In addition, since 2019, a sectoral competition for grants “Moscow is a good city” has been held for NGOs implementing projects in the social sphere. In 2020, the second industry competition was held in eight areas, including support for people with disabilities; assistance to mothers with many children and citizens in difficult life situations; social adaptation and rehabilitation of people without a fixed abode; support for citizens during the spread of the new coronavirus infection, related to the provision of employment assistance, psychological assistance. 123 non-profit organizations became the winners of the competition.

Resource center “Mosvolonter”

The Moscow City Resource Center “Mosvolonter”, established in 2014, is the largest center for supporting the volunteer movement in Russia. On his websiteover 120 thousand volunteers have registered. In total, over 560 thousand Muscovites are involved in volunteer activities.

Resource Center “Mosvolonter” provides information, methodological, organizational and consulting support to those who are engaged in volunteer activities. Comprehensive support is provided both to socially oriented NGOs, government and commercial organizations that develop volunteering, and to the authors of social and volunteer projects. In 2020, 2,457 people took part in the all-Russian competition of volunteer initiatives “Volunteer of Russia – 2020”, 88 people became semifinalists, and 10 became prize-winners and winners who received grant support, as well as the possibility of further support of projects in Moscow.

The resource center has more than 1,300 partner organizations, including volunteer associations based on educational organizations, state and municipal institutions, and non-profit organizations.

The Resource Center is engaged in the creation and updating of the knowledge base on volunteering. More than 35 thousand people were trained in the basics of volunteering, principles and technologies of organizing volunteer activities. Eight teaching materials were published on the areas of volunteering and key program processes.

In addition, an interdepartmental council for the development of volunteering was formed on the basis of the expert council for charity and volunteering of the Public Chamber of Moscow. It included representatives of large public organizations and city authorities.

The Resource Center helps volunteers participate in the city’s biggest events, and also fosters a culture of volunteering among residents. So, since 2014, volunteer support has been organized for more than 700 events of urban, national and international scale. Including in 2020, 113 events were supported and held, in which 8,788 volunteers took part.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the regional headquarters of the All-Russian action of mutual assistance “We are Together” has been operating on the basis of the Mosvolonter resource center. More than 23 thousand people have joined it. The volunteers completed more than 46 thousand applications for targeted assistance (delivery of food, medicine and essential goods).

On the basis of coworking centers, NGOs have deployed four call centers. More than 200 thousand calls were received in total. In addition, media volunteers photographed more than 6,000 Moscow doctors as part of the Good Badges project. More than two thousand car volunteers provided assistance using their own car. Over 410 entrepreneurs and philanthropists became partners of the campaign and provided material assistance to applicants in need. More than a thousand medical volunteers continue to provide assistance in hospitals and clinics of the Moscow Department of Health, as well as in federal centers of the Russian Ministry of Health.

February 27 – World NGO Day

World NGO Day was proclaimed by 12 member countries of the Council of the Baltic Sea States. This happened in 2010 at a forum of non-governmental organizations in Vilnius. The holiday has been officially celebrated at the international level since 2014.

This year, from 25 to 27 February, as part of the celebration of World NGO Day, the Days of Moscow NGOs are being held in the Russian capital. Among the events there are master classes, a single day of consultations for NGOs, an international “NPO Lab”, an online conference, an interactive program within the framework of an open day in the network of coworking centers of NGOs.

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