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Librarian’s advice: kind Soviet and foreign classics, as well as one modern fairy tale.

Employees of Moscow libraries talk about books that are fun to read with kids and interesting to discuss with older children. Olga Khlystova, who works in the library № 266 named after K.I. Chukovsky, chose the works of Valentin Kataev, Martin Vidmark, Veniamin Kaverin and other writers.


“Seven-flower flower and other fairy tales” Valentina Kataeva

The fairy tales of the Soviet writer Valentin Kataev, beloved by many generations, do not need a separate presentation. I believe that this book with drawings by the world famous artist Natalia Demidova should be on the bookshelf of every kid. If you do not have it, come to our library.

One of the most famous fairy tales of Kataev, “Seven-colored flower”, is his calling card. The girl Zhenya received a magic flower that could fulfill her seven wishes. But only the performance of the latter gave her real joy – and all because she made it up not for herself, but for the lame boy Viti. Zhenya asked Vitya to get well, and now they are already running to play.

The entire collection is read in one breath, events are remembered, they are easy to retell – a useful skill that will come in handy when the child goes to school.

Pokey and All-All-All by Edgar Walter

Our youngest readers immediately fell in love with the kind tale of the Estonian writer and artist Edgar Walter about the adventures of the forest men and their friends, it never lingers on the shelves of the library. Ideal for family reading, this book features colorful and beautiful illustrations, drawn by the author himself. You can spend a lot of time looking at them.

Pokey little people look like revived bog bumps. They live next to the farm of the wise old man Peki, lost in the forest. Literally bombarding Peck with questions, they learn something new about the world around them every day. And the kid-reader learns with them.

Older guys

“The Old House Wakes Up” by Martin Widmark

Once upon a time there was an old man Larson. His wife left him, the children grew up and departed in all directions, and he was left alone in his house. It would seem like a book about sadness and loneliness? Not at all! One day a neighbor’s boy will come to Larson and ask him to look after an indoor flower. From this moment, changes will begin in the soul of the old man, which are very interesting to observe.

This is a stunningly beautiful book. A touching story created by Swedish children’s writer and educator Martin Widmark makes you think, overestimate, hope and believe. Emilia Dziubak’s illustrations perfectly convey the change in the emotional state of the protagonist and his perception of life.

The book is intended for children, but I recommend it to all readers, regardless of age. This is a story that we must not give up, no matter what happens, and that all the changes that happen to us are for the better.

The Talking Bundle by Gerald Durrell

If your child does not like to read, try giving him this work, or better read it with the whole family. In our library, this book is translated by Natalia Rakhmanova with wonderful illustrations by Mikhail Belomlinsky – I recommend it. I promise you will enjoy it immensely.

Here and travel, and various wonderful things, and dangerous adventures: the heroes find themselves in the country of Mythlandia, where they help the inhabitants to cope with the villains-basilisks. I remember that as a child I could not tear myself away from it, it is read in one breath.

Gerald Durrell is a famous English writer. In his works, he often touches on two hobbies – traveling and studying animals.


“Conduit and Schwambrania” by Lev Kassil

“Conduit and Schwambrania” is an autobiographical novel by the Soviet writer Lev Kassil, first published in 1931. Two brothers come up with their own country, located on a fictitious continent, the map of which is drawn as a real one. This game does not bother them for many years, in their country something happens all the time. In parallel with this, a revolution is taking place in Russia, which makes the brothers look at the world differently.

If your child has a developed imagination, be sure to give him this wonderful book. It will be interesting for him to follow the life, adventures, pranks and games of peers from the distant past, to find out how the guys studied and spent their time when there were no computers at all.

The book is written on behalf of children, which makes it easy and fun. After reading it, the child will probably want to draw a map of a fictional country himself or come up with funny, playful characters.

“Two Captains” by Veniamin Kaverin

A must-read classic. A novel about friendship, love, loyalty and striving for a set goal. The book is ideal for teens moving from children’s to adult literature. Together with the heroes, they will begin to better understand all the beauty and complexity of the world around them, and most importantly, the need to believe in a dream and go to it.

In the small town of Ensk, little Sanya Grigoriev finds the bag of a drowned postman, and in it the letters of a polar explorer. The boy then could not even imagine that this find would change his whole life, and the search for the disappeared expedition of Captain Tatarinov would become its goal.

“Two Captains” is the most famous work of the Soviet writer Veniamin Kaverin, for which he received the Stalin Prize of the second degree. The novel was filmed twice in the USSR – in 1955 and 1976.

Moscow “Two Captains”. 10 addresses associated with the novel by Veniamin Kaverin

More great books, verified by readers of children’s libraries and their staff, – in the rubric Librarian Tips.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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