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Under the My District program, public spaces will be improved, several social facilities will be built and modernized.

Participants renovation programs began to move to a new house built in the Kuzminki area. New building at the address: Volgogradsky prospect, 161a examined Sergei Sobyanin… The meeting was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Development Policy and Construction Andrey Bochkarevand Deputy, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Pyotr Tolstoy.

“We had a long history related to the planning project and construction documentation. In an area like Kuzminki, it was extremely difficult to do this, because there are 290 houses to be resettled, this is the largest program in our city. Kuzminki is number one in the renovation program, they can be called the capital of the renovation program, ”said the Moscow Mayor.

Sergei Sobyanin also visited the multifunctional public center “Vysota”, created as a result of the reconstruction of the former cinema of the same name. According to Sergei Sobyanin, the completion of this work made it possible to create a new point of attraction for Kuzminki residents.

For the construction of houses in Kuzminki, 19 launch sites were selected, the total area of ​​housing built on them will be 211.7 thousand square meters. Today, the construction of six houses has been completed, residents of eight five-story buildings are moving into them.

“We have developed a scheme according to which we, together with residents, look at apartments, and before they receive warrants or, so to speak, start moving, we examine all the shortcomings, some minor flaws, and then, together with the Department, we eliminate them. This very effectively removes conflict and complaints at an early stage, and such interaction, I think, in principle, is very useful from the point of view of the fact that the guarantees are met and people do not feel a hitch at the moment of moving, ”said Pyotr Tolstoy.

According to the Mayor of Moscow, there is a public headquarters in the capital to monitor the implementation of the renovation program, which is engaged not only in receiving complaints and eliminating deficiencies, but also in the preparation of all documents so that program participants do not have to contact different city authorities.

In December 2018, the settlement of the new building began on Volgogradsky Prospekt (house 97, building 3), in August 2020 – at houses on Shumilov Street (house 24a). In December 2020, the first tenants moved into new buildings on Volgogradsky Prospect (building 105a) and Yunyh Lenintsev Street (building 42). And in March 2021, the settlement of a new house on Volgogradsky Prospekt (building 161a) began.

In addition, a house on Volgogradsky Prospekt (house 103a) has been built and is awaiting the start of settlement. The remaining 13 launch sites are under construction, design, or urban planning documentation is being developed for them.

New building on Volgogradsky prospect

A two-section residential building of variable number of storeys (10-13 floors) with underground parking was built according to an individual project. For the decoration of its facade, hinged three-layer panels faced with bricks were used. Loggias and balconies of the new building are glazed, metal baskets for air conditioners are already installed on the facades.

There are 105 apartments in the building, including 21 one-room, 64 two-room and 20 three-room. Their total area is 5.8 thousand square meters. Improved decoration of apartments and common areas is made in accordance with all requirements Moscow Renovation Standard

The underground parking for 55 cars can be reached by elevators from your own floor. For the non-residential first floor, a modern stained-glass glazing system was used; technical premises and premises for offices are located here.

The main feature of the renovation program is that when moving to new apartments, the townspeople retain their usual way of life, added Sergei Sobyanin.

“People want to live in the area they are used to – near their kindergarten, school, neighbors, and so on. Therefore, the whole complexity of the renovation is that you need to build houses on the site of the existing five-story buildings. And this means what? It means that first one house was built, several five-story buildings were demolished, they were built in their place, then the next, the next, ”he said.

Like other houses being built under the renovation program, the new building on Volgogradsky Prospekt is equipped with smart household and apartment-based metering devices for cold and hot water supply, heat supply, electricity with the ability to automatically transfer data to city information systems. This will significantly reduce the cost of house maintenance and utility bills. For the safety of residents, modern automatic video surveillance systems, fire alarm systems and others were installed in the house.

The landscaped courtyard will become a comfortable and safe space for residents of the house, including small children and people with limited mobility. There will be children’s and sports grounds, recreation areas, street lamps, trees, shrubs, lawns and flower beds. Near the house there is a public transport stop, which takes five minutes to reach the Kuzminki metro station.

A high-quality and balanced urban environment will be created according to the approved planning projects for the renovation quarters in Kuzminki. In particular, seven social facilities are planned to be erected next to the new building on Volgogradsky Prospekt: ​​a general education school, a kindergarten, a multifunctional complex, an ice palace with a skating rink, two fitness and sports complexes.

Starting from March 6, 153 residents of house 161, building 2, located 40 meters from it, are moving to a new house on Volgogradsky Prospekt. This is a five-story building built in 1962 with 60 apartments. The Resettlement Information Center, where prospective residents receive the assistance they need, is located on the first floor of the new building.

One of the first newcomers to the house was the family of Galina Seliverstova and Dmitry Nazarov. In the near future, they should move from a two-room apartment with an area of ​​41.5 square meters, located on the second floor of the house to be settled, into a new two-room apartment with an area of ​​54.6 square meters on the ninth floor.

New life of the cinema “Vysota”

Reconstruction of the building of the former cinema “Vysota” (Yunykh Lenintsev street, building 52) was completed in December 2020. The work was carried out under the program of creating district multifunctional public centers on the basis of historical Moscow cinemas. They will appear in many parts of the city

The Vysota cinema was built in 1965. Over time, the equipment and the level of comfort in cinema halls no longer meet modern requirements. The building gradually lost its significance for the residents of the area.

“We discussed for a long time what to do with him. There was a desire to demolish it altogether, many suggested building a residential house instead of it. We insisted that a cinema be preserved here, in which shops, cafes, restaurants would operate, and there would be children’s playgrounds. Well, and a cinema to work. Therefore, the first stage has already been commissioned, and I think that all cinemas will start working in August. So in Kuzminki you will be able to watch your films with high quality, ”Sergei Sobyanin noted.

After a comprehensive reconstruction, carried out from 2018 to 2020, the total area of ​​the former cinema increased to 9.2 thousand square meters. The historic cinema sign has been restored using 3D scanning technology, which now adorns the modern facade of the public center.

It is planned that the building will house a cinema complex with four halls with a total capacity of 228 seats, two of which are adapted for showing stereoscopic 3D films. The halls will be equipped with comfort class chairs and audio commentary systems for the hearing impaired. A new concept of a contactless cinema bar will also be implemented – it will be possible to order popcorn and drinks online, and then pick them up at a special stand in the cinema. The cinema plans to receive the first viewers in the coming months.

In addition, a supermarket was opened in the renovated “Vysot”, it is planned to locate stores of non-food products, clothes and shoes, cafes and restaurants, entertainment areas for children and teenagers.

In 2014, an open auction was held for the sale of several dozen buildings of former cinemas that were owned by the city of Moscow. The winner of the auction assumed the obligation to carry out the reconstruction of the buildings at his own expense, while preserving the cultural and leisure functions.

The architectural concept of transforming the former cinemas into multifunctional community centers was developed by British architect Amanda Leavith, the author of the project for the reconstruction of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and adapted by Russian designers to the characteristics of each of the objects.

By the beginning of 2021, the investor completed the reconstruction and put into operation seven public centers – Angara (Nagorny, Chongarsky Boulevard, 7), Elbrus (Tsaritsyno, Kavkazsky Boulevard, 17), Budapest (Bibirevo, Leskova Street, 14), “Rassvet” (Koptevo, Zoya and Alexander Kosmodemyanskikh street, building 23), “Neva” (Levoberezhny, Belomorskaya street, building 16a), “Mars” (Altufevsky, Engineering street, building 1), “Height” ( Kuzminki, street Young Lenintsev, house 52).

Work continues on the reconstruction of 23 former cinemas: “Kyrgyzstan”, “Sofia”, “Sayany”, “Baikonur”, “Ekran”, “Yantar”, “Solntsevo”, “Aurora”, “Orion”, “Baku”, “Vityaz” “,” Orbit “,” Biryusinka “,” Planet “,” Almaz “,” Prague “,” Zvezdny “,” Kerch “,” Motherland “,” Pervomaisky “,” Patriot “,” Ulan Bator “,” Dream “. It is planned to complete the reconstruction of most of the cinemas in 2021–2022.

Program “My District” in Kuzminki

City beautification program “My region”developed on the initiative of Sergei Sobyanin. Its goal is to create comfortable living conditions in all districts of Moscow, regardless of their distance from the center.

From 2018 to 2020, several large projects were implemented in Kuzminki under the My District program. The Yeseninsky and Volzhsky boulevards were improved. 36 courtyards became more well-groomed and cozy, 50 courtyards became greener. In the popular Kuzminki-Lyublino park, a new stage for cultural events was equipped and a pavilion was set up where lectures and other educational events take place.

The reconstruction of the former Vysota cinema has been completed, which will become a multifunctional public center – a point of attraction for the residents of the district.

The overhaul of four underground passages on Volgogradsky Avenue has been completed: in the area of ​​103, building 1, 104, building 1, building 118/7, building 1 and building 138, building 1.

The current repairs were carried out at the Center for Children Arts School (Volgogradsky Prospect, 109, building 6) and at the Children Music School No. 32 named after A.S. Arensky (Fedor Poletaev street, house 20, building 2, building 1). Similar work was carried out in the buildings of the library number 112 at the addresses: Zhigulevskaya street, house 6, building 2 and Volgogradsky prospect, house 91.

Branch No. 2 of Children’s Polyclinic No. 48 (12 Yeseninsky Boulevard, Building 1) was repaired according to the new Moscow standard. The building will soon be commissioned. In the coming years, two more buildings will be reconstructed: branch number 1 of children’s polyclinic number 48 (Fedor Poletaeva street, house 22, building 1) and branch number 1 of polyclinic number 9 (Yeseninsky boulevard, house 9, building 1). In addition, a new X-ray room was opened in the city polyclinic No. 9 (6 Fedor Poletaev Street).

Sergei Sobyanin noted that transport accessibility will change in the region. The Big Circle Line will pass literally across the stretch from the Kuzminki metro station. This will unload the branch that goes through the area.

“The South-East Expressway will be built here, literally along the perimeter of the district. This means that Volgogradsky Prospekt will also be unloaded, ”the Moscow Mayor added.

In 2021–2023, several more social facilities will be built and modernized under the My District program. An elementary school building for 350 children is being erected on Okskaya Street (house 16) – this is an extension to secondary school No. 825. The school is planned to be opened by the new academic year. Also, by September, it is planned to commission the building of the school number 1208 named after Hero of the Soviet Union M.S. Shumilov at the address: Shumilova street, house 9. Now there are repairs in full swing.

There are plans for the current repair of the library No. 115 on Fyodor Poletaev Street (house 28) and overhaul of the main attraction of the area – the estate of Father Frost in the Kuzminki-Lyublino park. In the park itself, a comprehensive improvement will take place, thanks to which a bathing zone will appear in the Upper Kuzminsky and Shibaevsky ponds.

Another promising project of the My District program is the improvement of Volgogradsky Prospect.

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