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March 21, 2021 09:02 am

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The bird is listed in the Red Book of Moscow.

On the territory of Serebryany Bor, a specialist Mosprirodyan amazing and rare bird was seen – a spruce crossbill, or an ordinary crossbill. This bird is listed in the Red Book of Moscow and belongs to the second category of rarity, it is considered a small species.

When mowing, the male sits on the top of a tree, sings a lot, whistling at the same time alternating with squeaks and chirping.

Crossbill is a bird slightly larger than a sparrow, diurnal, noisy and mobile. He spends almost all the time in the trees, hanging upside down from the cones with tenacious paws.

The structure of the beak is remarkable. The upper and lower beak are crossed with each other, and their sharp ends protrude at the sides. Such a beak is an excellent example of narrow food specialization and divergence in the finch family, which includes more than 230 bird species (including bullfinches, lentils, goldfinches, and others).

The spruce crossbill has a twin – the pine crossbill. Both species have such an unusual beak, which helps the birds to open the cones of conifers, getting to the tasty seeds. Their color is almost the same, so it is rather difficult to distinguish spruce and pine trees from each other. But the pine tree is larger and feeds mainly on pine cones, which is why its beak is more massive. And the spruce, as you might guess, prefers spruce cones, which are easier to open.

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