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Students, as well as representatives of different professions – teachers, engineers, logisticians, economists, accountants help doctors and other citizens in the workplaces of the mobile vaccination teams.

For two months more than three thousand volunteers have joined the campaign “Vaccination Helpers”. They help mobile medical teams who vaccinate townspeople against COVID-19. Sergei Sobyanin announced this on his page on the social network. “In contact with”.


The Vaccination Helpers campaign began on January 18th. More than 50 educational organizations have become its participants, so most of the volunteers are students. Also, doctors are helped by representatives of various professions: teachers, engineers, logisticians, economists, accountants.

You can find them out by special equipment. They are wearing lilac jackets with the Moscow Volunteers print or white and orange sweatshirts with the inscription #We are Together, and there are also individual badges.

Today, mobile vaccination teams work in GUM, the Helikon-Opera theater, VDNKh, the Depo food mall, Afimall City, Columbus, Kaleidoscope, Shchelkovsky, Evropeyskiy, Gagarinsky, Riviera, Rio, Domodedovsky, shopping centers Vodny, Kaluzhsky, Dubrovka, Krug, Troika, Kuntsevo Plaza.

“The volunteers devoted over 20 thousand hours to helping the doctors of mobile teams and supporting Muscovites who decided to take this important step. Volunteers are the liaison and face of the entire event: they answer questions about vaccinations, inform about opening hours of mobile points, and are engaged in navigation. Registration is open on the site “Mosvolontera”. All volunteers are provided with food, equipment and personal protective equipment, and distribution to the points takes place taking into account the wishes of the volunteers themselves, “said Dmitry Pokrovsky, director of the Mosvolonter resource center.

Volunteers remind visitors to maintain social distance and use personal protective equipment. In addition, they tell you where to go: when a person leaves the doctor’s office, he needs to go to the treatment room, where the vaccine is given. Many, especially older people, may mis-orientate and need help. During some shifts, volunteers and team leaders take more than 30,000 steps a day.

Chain of good

A volunteer shift lasts six hours. Each of them undergoes mandatory instruction on functionality, etiquette of communication with citizens and stages of vaccination.

Shamil Narchaev is a volunteer of the Vaccination Helpers action. He joined her almost at the very beginning, on account of his more than 100 hours of volunteer assistance as a team leader.

Shamil Narchaev learned about the action to help mobile brigades in the association of his college “Volunteers 26 frame”. He is interested in the social and environmental areas of volunteering, so he actively participates in the collection of waste paper and travels to animal shelters, where he helps with the socialization of pets. Also in February, he joined the Sated Hare charity event as part of the # 7 Years of DobrykhDel festive program for Mosvolonter’s birthday. As a result, we managed to collect 265 kilograms of cabbage, carrots and apples for hares in the green areas of the city.

“Get involved!”: A program for future volunteers starts in the capital Mosvolonter launches a training program for organizers of volunteer activities

According to Shamil Narchaev, the decision to support the Vaccination Helpers campaign was obvious to him, because he loves to help people, and now many need support to take an important step – to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

“Being a Vaccine Helper is a big responsibility for me, I help as a team leader wherever needed. So, since the start of the action, I have already managed to attend shifts at several points. I especially like to volunteer at the Depot, because there are many people there, they come up to you, ask questions, ask questions. I always try to answer about the vaccination process according to my knowledge. If the question makes me difficult, I turn to an employee of the MFC, he can explain in more detail. Often we also help to deal with filling out the documents. The townspeople who come for the vaccination are always positive and inclined to communicate. Thanks to this project, I was able to communicate with a large number of Muscovites, develop communication skills, ”said the volunteer.

He added that there is a friendly atmosphere among the volunteers – they support each other and, if necessary, anyone is ready to replace a colleague.

Volunteers who have just joined the action are helped by more experienced volunteers. An atmosphere of support and mutual assistance also reigns among the team leaders. So, according to Shamil Narchaev, Olga Sorina always helps with a kind word and advice, they met while working in the L-153 shopping center.

Olga Sorina was one of the first to join the Vaccination Helpers campaign, she has about 200 hours of volunteer assistance. At first she was a volunteer, but soon realized that she had the strength and desire to be a team leader.

The girl has already worked at five sites with vaccination points.

“In all points where volunteers help, it is very convenient to work, it is cozy and there is a friendly atmosphere. A special recreation room has been allocated for the volunteers, and I am very pleased with the organization. I joined Vaccination Helpers because I believe that in such a difficult period it is necessary to take off the masks as soon as possible and return to normal life. I also want to help young guys who are just taking their first steps in volunteering – for me it is a great responsibility. This way I can be sure that I am spending my time with benefit. The concept of “the hand of good” is important for me, I help those who need help, ”Olga Sorina shared.

According to her, volunteers are most often asked questions about how to get to the vaccination point, where else it is possible to get vaccinated and what documents are required for this.

Olga Sorina takes an active part in patriotic and social volunteering events in the capital. Now she is waiting for when she can again become a team leader in the procession of the “Immortal Regiment”. During the pandemic, almost every day, the girl helped her friends, neighbors and acquaintances, brought medicines, took people to clinics.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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