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Khorda will run from Entuziastov Highway to Varshavskoye Highway, connecting the city’s major highways.

The construction of the South-East Expressway (SEA) is completed by one third. Sergei Sobyanininspected how work is underway on the construction of a section of the highway from the Paveletsky direction of the Moscow Railway (MZD) to the Moscow Ring Road.

“One of the main problems in Moscow – transport – we are solving, among other things, by creating a new transport frame, which consists of four chord lines. These are the North-West Expressway, the North-East Expression, the South Rokada and the South-East Expressway. The Northwest Expressway has already been completed. The Southern Rokada and the North-Eastern Expressway are two-thirds built, ”the Moscow Mayor said.

New city highway

The South-East Expressway is the largest road transport infrastructure project. The length of the main line will be about 28 kilometers. In total, taking into account the ramps and reconstruction of the adjacent road network, about 100 kilometers of roads, 55 artificial structures with a length of 22 kilometers and 11 pedestrian crossings will be built.

The opening of the expressway will complete the work on the formation of a system of Moscow expressways – new roads in the middle part of the city, which represent an alternative to the Moscow Ring Road, the Third Transport Ring (TTK) and the passage through the historic center.

At the moment, the overall construction readiness of the Southeast Expressway is 37 percent.

“Difficult work that is taking place in the corridor of the railways, – said Sergei Sobyanin. “About 50 artificial structures, which, of course, will seriously improve the transport situation.”

The South-East Expressway will run from Entuziastov Highway to Varshavskoye Highway, connecting the city’s major highways – North-East Expressway, Ryazansky Prospect, TTK, Volgogradsky Prospect, Shosseynaya Street, Kashirskoye Highway, Kaspiyskaya Street, South Rockada, Podolsky Kursantov and Lipetskaya Streets , MKAD with access to the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas through the Solntsevo – Butovo – Varshavskoe highway.

According to Sergei Sobyanin, the transport situation will improve in more than 20 districts of Moscow, where over two million people live. We are talking about such districts as Nizhegorodsky, Lefortovo, Perovo, Ryazansky, Sokolinaya Gora, Pechatniki, Yuzhnoportovy, Tekstilshchiki, Nagatinsky Zaton, Maryino, Lyublino, Moskvorechye-Saburovo, Tsaritsyno, Orekhovo-Borisovo North, Biryulevo Zapadnoye, Chertulyovoe Vostochnoye, Severnoye Chertanovo South, North Butovo, South Butovo, Danilovsky, Nagatino-Sadovniki.

The construction of the South-East Expressway is divided into 10 sections:

– from the Entuziastov highway to Ryazansky prospect;

– from Ryazansky prospect to TTK;

– from Graivoronovskaya street to Shosseynaya street;

– from Shosseynaya street to Polbina street;

– from Polbina street to Kuryanovskiy boulevard;

– from Kuryanovskiy Boulevard to Kantemirovskaya Street, including a traffic intersection at the intersection with Kashirskoye Highway;

– from Marshal Shestopalov Street to the Paveletsky direction of the Moscow Railway;

– from the Paveletsky direction of the Moscow Railway to the Moscow Ring Road;

– from the Moscow Ring Road to the Solntsevo – Butovo – Varshavskoe highway;

– from Kantemirovskaya street to the Paveletsky direction of the Moscow Railway (along the Caspian street).

The South-East Expressway will become a key road construction project in MoscowNew geometry of Moscow: how road construction is changing the city

Construction of the ninth section of the South-East Expressway

The construction of the ninth section of the Southeast Expressway began in 2019. The six-lane track, about 4.5 kilometers long, will begin in a tunnel under the tracks of the Paveletsky direction of the Moscow Railway. It will run along the tracks of the second Moscow Central Diameter (MCD-2) and reach the Moscow Ring Road at the 32nd kilometer.

In addition to the main course of the road, within the framework of the project it is planned to construct ramps to Dorozhnaya and Podolskikh Kursanov streets and to Projected proezd No. 5453, as well as to reconstruct Stupinskiy proezd.

Three artificial structures will be built on the track. In addition to the tunnel under the tracks of the Paveletsky direction of the Moscow Railways, an overpass of the main course with a length of 1.2 kilometers will be erected through the tracks of the MCD-2 near the Pokrovskaya station with ramps to Dorozhnaya Street and an overpass with a length of 301 meters near the station Krasny Stroitel. A total of 11.2 kilometers of roads will be built and reconstructed.

“Difficult work, but they must be completed on time,” Sergei Sobyanin noted.

Farit Khaidarov, General Director of Moscow Engineering and Construction Company JSC, said that work on this section of the road was organized around the clock. “350 people around the clock and 100 pieces of equipment. The work is proceeding according to the schedule, ”added Farit Khaidarov. He also said that now there is an approval process on the laying of an overpass across the railway tracks, between which one of the pillars of the Southeast Expressway will be located.

As part of the improvement of the territory near the chord, they plan to lay out 17.8 hectares of lawns, plant 1154 trees (maple, linden, blue spruce) and 1578 shrubs (viburnum, lilac, dogwood, spirea, cotoneaster). To protect Pokrovsky Park, screens with a total length of 844 meters will be installed along the route.

Now the section of the South-Eastern Expressway from the Paveletsky direction of the Moscow Railway to the Moscow Ring Road is 36 percent ready. Its opening will improve the transport accessibility of the districts Biryulyovo Zapadnoye, Biryulyovo Vostochnoye, Chertanovo Tsentralnoye, Chertanovo Yuzhnoye. In addition, the new road will reduce the traffic load on the southern part of the Moscow Ring Road, Varshavskoye Highway, as well as Dorozhnaya, Lipetskaya and Podolskiy Kursantov streets. Direct transport links from Podolskikh Kursantov Street to the Moscow Ring Road will exclude transit traffic along the local road network.

The construction of the site is planned to be completed in 2023.

Moscow chord routes

Construction of new chord highways – North-West Expressway, North-East Expressway, South-East Expressway and South Roadster – is a key project for the development of Moscow’s street and road network inside the Moscow Ring Road.

The total length of the four chords will be 133 kilometers (construction length – 349 kilometers), which is comparable to the length of four TTKs. The chords will include 186 overpasses, tunnels and bridges, as well as 79 pedestrian crossings.

The Chords will improve the transport accessibility of 73 Moscow districts, including dozens of renovation blocks. They will connect the departing highways and reduce the congestion of interdistrict roads, the Third Transport Ring, the Moscow Ring Road.

Due to the organization of traffic-free traffic on most sections of highways and the redistribution of traffic flows, the average travel time around the city will be reduced by 20-25 percent.

In addition, expressways will provide additional exits from the city to federal highways.

As of March 2021, 190 kilometers of roads (57 percent) were commissioned. Among them there are 100 artificial structures and 54 pedestrian crossings. The construction of the North-West Expressway (83 kilometers, 32 artificial structures, 30 pedestrian crossings) has been fully completed.

Traffic was opened on six sections of the North-East Expressway (75 kilometers of roads, 60 artificial structures, 13 pedestrian crossings) and three sections of the South Road (31.5 kilometers of roads, eight artificial structures, 11 pedestrian crossings).

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