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From 2018 to 2020, 125 buildings of art schools were repaired, about 10 thousand musical instruments were purchased.

The project “Art for Children” continues in the capital, within the framework of which the city is putting in order the children’s art schools. At the moment, 70 percent of the planned work has already been completed. The project will be completed in 2022. Told about it Sergei Sobyanin while visiting a secondary school with additional education “Class-Center”.

“We work a lot on schools, on schools of art. Huge program. Probably, I don’t know, there are few such programs in the world, where at the same time 150 buildings were reconstructed, repaired, or the school was given new premises. Not an accidental story, not exclusive. Your school is unique in itself, ”said the Moscow Mayor.

Sergei Sobyanin also congratulated Muscovites on the Day of Cultural Workers. He expressed gratitude to those who are involved in this holiday for their great work and wished to quickly go through all the difficulties associated with the pandemic.

“Tens of thousands of people work in this industry – in theaters, museums, libraries, art schools. And this is such a pivot of the cultural, spiritual development of Moscow. These are people who give their heart, creativity, skill and talent to the Muscovites, ”said Sergei Sobyanin.


Story“Class-center” began with the creation in 1981 of a children’s theater – a satellite of the Moscow Theater for Young Spectators, which then became part of a unique school opened in 1990 in the north of Moscow at the address: Bolshaya Akademicheskaya Street, 11a.

Teaching in the “Class Center” is carried out according to the author’s methodology “Theater as a system of humanitarian education.” It was developed by the permanent director of the school, Sergei Kazarnovsky. In parallel with the study of general subjects, students receive additional music and theater education here. They learn to play the piano, violin, flute, saxophone, trumpet, accordion, guitar, percussion and other musical instruments, as well as study solfeggio, musical literature, the basics of acting, dance, stage movement, stage speech, art, vocals and other disciplines …

Today, 427 people study at the Klass-Center, 41 teachers, 64 teachers of creative disciplines and seven accompanists work. Many of the teachers have the honorary titles “Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation”, “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation”, “Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation”, “Honorary Worker of General Education of the Russian Federation”, “Honorary Worker of Education of the City of Moscow” and others.

Students of the “Klass-Center” have repeatedly become winners of international and All-Russian competitions, prize-winners of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren. Some school graduates choose a creative profession and enter leading specialized educational institutions, demonstrating a high level of professional training.

In 2019–2020, within the framework of the “Art for Children” project, work was carried out on a comprehensive renovation of a five-story school building with a total area of ​​6.6 thousand square meters. A major overhaul of the facade was carried out, which was decorated with decorative lighting. The entrance lobbies, roofing, floors and ceilings in the premises were repaired, doors, windows, heating devices and utilities were replaced.

“The school has changed very seriously in recent years. Modern renovation, aesthetics, new equipment, new musical instruments, ”Sergei Sobyanin said.

Within the framework of the Art for Children project, new musical instruments were purchased: a grand piano, two pianos, an accordion, a vibraphone, two guitars, a synthesizer, as well as furniture and educational equipment.

The students of the school told the Mayor of Moscow how they practiced acting during distance learning, how they told the texts and got used to the images.

“Of course, the best thing here is to communicate with each other, with teachers. Moreover, art, of course, requires direct contacts and communication. So thank you for surviving this period of time with dignity, thanks to the team, ”added Sergei Sobyanin.

According to the Mayor of Moscow, the city is trying to remove the imposed restrictions, but the situation still requires control, and much will depend on the epidemiological situation.

The workers also improved the surrounding area: they replaced the curbs and existing pavements of paths and sidewalks, sports and playgrounds, installed new hockey boards, and laid out lawns.

For the performance “Romeo and Juliet”, a set of decorations was created in the school yard – a rotunda “Summer Stage” with a turntable with a diameter of 8.6 meters, a colonnade, entablature, porticoes, a dome and other elements. The rotunda dome is equipped with modern lighting equipment, which allows creating various light and visual effects.

Project “Art for Children”

In 2018, the Moscow Government launched the Art for Children project. It involves a comprehensive renovation of the material and technical base of creative education of children. A project of this scale is being implemented in the capital for the first time.

In all city art schools, the most comfortable conditions for learning and creativity will be created. The interiors of educational institutions will be decorated in a single corporate style. Children will be able to play high-quality professional musical instruments, including concert grand pianos.

In the period from 2018 to 2020, within the framework of the project, 125 buildings of art schools were repaired, about 10 thousand musical instruments, 30 thousand sets of special furniture and more than 5.2 thousand pieces of technological equipment (musical equipment, sound and light equipment, easels, muffle ovens and more).

New premises were also selected for 14 art schools that operated in poorly adjusted buildings. These are the Moscow Choreographic School at the Moscow State Academic Dance Theater “Gzhel”, the Moscow State Choreographic School named after L.M. Lavrovsky, children’s art schools “Youth”, “Start” and named after S.T. Richter, children’s art school No. 7, as well as the following children’s music schools: named after V.P. Solovyov-Sedoy, No. 8 named after Arkady Ostrovsky, named after T.A. Dokshitsera, no. 4, 35, 42, 64, 91.

In addition, over the past 10 years, at the expense of the budget of the city of Moscow, the buildings of seven children’s music schools have been built: named after S.I. Taneev, named after V.S. Kalinnikov, named after I.F. Stravinsky, the Moscow Gnessin Secondary Special Music School, the Moscow City United Children’s Art School “Kuskovo” (a branch of the F. Liszt Children’s Music School), the Kiev Music School (moving and opening is planned for 2021) and the M.I. Glinka (relocation and opening are planned for 2021).

In 2021-2022, it is planned to complete the current repairs of 38 buildings and overhaul of 29 buildings of art schools. About five thousand more pieces of musical instruments and over 10 thousand sets of furniture will be purchased.

In addition, two more buildings will be built in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas. Children’s art schools will appear in Moscow and Mikhailovo-Yartsevsky.

“Art for Children”: the building of the children’s art school named after S.T. RichterNew Musical Instruments and Renovated Buildings: How the Art for Children project is being implemented

“My district” in Koptev

The goal of the My District program, developed at the initiative of Sergei Sobyanin, is to create comfortable living conditions in all districts of Moscow, regardless of their distance from the center.

The social infrastructure of Koptev was also developed. So, in the reconstructed building of the former cinema, the regional public center “Rassvet” was opened (23, Zoya and Alexander Kosmodemyanskikh Street). Children’s art school No. 6 (General Rychagova street, 20a) received new musical instruments, furniture and technological equipment.

Within the framework of the “My District” program, the territory of school No. 1679 (Novopetrovskaya street, house 1a) and a kindergarten (Mikhalkovskaya street, house 18) were put in order.

Two buildings of the central children’s library No. 46 named after I.Z. Surikov at the addresses: Mikhalkovskaya street, 15 and Novopetrovskaya street, 16a.

Overhaul works were carried out in the department of social protection of the population (Kosmonavta Volkov street, house 27), as of the current one – in the Moscow scientific and practical center for the fight against tuberculosis (Mikhalkovskaya street, house 65, building 1, building 1).

Landscaped 101 courtyards. The area adjacent to the Likhobory MCC station has become comfortable for passengers and pedestrians. A hockey rink with artificial ice appeared as part of the transport hub of the same name, which replaced the old ice rink, dismantled during the construction of the station.

In December 2020, the Crimean Castle festival and fairground was opened on Koptevsky Boulevard. It became a continuation of the popular Brigantine children’s town and turned the boulevard into a single public space. On the territory of the festival site, there are premises for creative workshops, a sports area, a stage, a carousel, and a shopping pavilion.

A number of works are planned in Koptev for 2021–2023 within the framework of the My District program. For example, the construction of an educational building for 300 places for gymnasium No. 1576 at the address: 4th Novomikhalkovsky proezd, possession 9a.

As part of the introduction of the new Moscow standard, the reconstruction of branch No. 3 of polyclinic No. 6 (3rd Novomikhalkovsky proezd, building 3a) is being completed. In the coming years, work will also take place in the branch No. 1 of the children’s city polyclinic No. 15 (Koptevsky Boulevard, house 18b).

A new children’s building of the National Medical Research Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after N.N. Priorov.

The building of the Koptevo branch of the Timiryazevsky territorial social service center will be overhauled.

A new pedestrian crossing will appear over the tracks of the MCC, which will connect Mikhalkovskaya Street and the Cherepanov Passage. Construction work is in full swing and will be completed this year.

Improvement of the square is planned on Zoya and Alexander Kosmodemyanskikh Street, opposite the public center “Rassvet”.

The territories of six educational institutions will be put in order, including the “Radost” development center and the N.N. Godovikova.

On Koptevsky Boulevard, a new Orthodox church of St. Spyridon of Trimifuntsky with a spiritual and educational educational center is under construction.

The children’s building of the center of traumatology and orthopedics is being reconstructed in KoptevThree sports and recreation complexes are planned to be built in Koptev under the renovation program

Renovation in Koptev

As part of the renovation program, 123 residential buildings with a total area of ​​390.4 thousand square meters will be settled in Koptev. Five of them will be preserved as having urban planning and historical value.

The move is awaiting 23.4 thousand people, that is, about 23 percent of the district’s residents. The first houses under the renovation program will begin to populate in 2022.

The stages of resettlement have been identified:

– the first stage (2020–2024) – 13 houses;

– the second stage (2025–2028) – 33 houses;

– the third stage (2029–2032) – 77 houses.

In order to organize the wave resettlement of residents, eight launch sites were selected at the addresses:

– Sobolevsky proezd, 20b (approximate commissioning date – December 2021);

– 3rd Novomikhalkovsky proezd, possession 8, building 1 (approximate commissioning date – 2022);

– passage of the Cherepanovs, possession 56a (approximate commissioning date – 2022);

– General Rychagova street, possession 14 (approximate commissioning date – 2023);

– Mikhalkovskaya street, possession 10 (approximate commissioning date – 2023);

– passage of the Cherepanovs, possession 54a (approximate commissioning date – 2023);

– Starokoptevsky lane, possession 7 (approximate commissioning date – 2024);

– 3rd Mikhalkovsky lane, possessions 17 and 19 (urban planning documentation is being developed).

Renovation program in Koptev: more than three thousand people will move to six new buildingsEducation, medicine, sports: 15 social facilities to be built in Koptev under the renovation program

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