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On the fourth day of the “Warrior of Peace” military professional skill competition, held from March 22 to March 27 at the base of the Tula Guards Airborne Force within the framework of the International Army Games-2021, the strongest team and participants at the “Sniper” stage were determined.

In accordance with the regulations on the competition, the participants had to overcome an obstacle course and go through the military medical complex “Individual skill”.

At the first stage, servicemen competed in a set of combat training exercises, which included elements of an obstacle course, overcoming a trench in a gas mask, logs, a blockage, carrying boxes with zinc cartridges of 5.45 mm with overcoming a ditch, overcoming a labyrinth, a destroyed staircase, a conditionally contaminated area terrain and other obstacles, as well as incomplete disassembly and assembly of the AK-74M assault rifle, throwing knives at the target and grenades for accuracy.

In the course of overcoming the obstacle course, special attention was paid not only to the time of its passage, but also to the correctness. For each mistake when overcoming obstacles, penalty points and seconds were awarded.

In the second substage, the participants competed in the “Individual Skill” military medical complex. According to the conditions of the substage, the participants had to run closer to the conditionally wounded soldier, and then take a lying position next to him (it was allowed to lean on the elbow). At the turn of the application of the tourniquet in the supine position, head in the direction of the start, observing the rules of camouflage, temporarily stop external bleeding of the hand using a hemostatic rubber tourniquet above the elbow joint with the date and time of the tourniquet application, while not removing the clothes from the wounded soldier.

After that, in compliance with the rules of camouflage, it was necessary to drag the wounded away on his bellies, on his back or on his side until the bandage was applied, while the wounded should be completely beyond the designated line, which was recorded by the field referee.

In the course of a stubborn struggle, the team of the Kamyshinsky Separate Guards Don Cossack Unit won the stage, the hosts of the competition were paratroopers from Tula, and in third place were representatives of a separate guards unit of special purpose from Kubinka near Moscow.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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